DIY QoL experiments

A research-inspired collection of activities you can experiment with for improving quality of life for yourself & others.
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  • $2USD
    Curious Enough

    If you can contribute even $2, you'll be in the exclusive list for receiving updates and links to the latest posts. Plus, when I see your name as a contributor, I'll get a big smile and shout out loud: "I think [your name] is awesome!"

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  • $21USD
    Beta Tester

    In addition to shouting your name out loud, you'll be on the list to get notifications about new online QoL experiments when they're posted, with hopes you'll try them out and give your feedback to help with improving their design. Participate with any and you can add "Beta Tester for QoL Experiments" to your resume! And you'll see your name on our website in the list of supporters and beta testers

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  • $42USD
    A Vote for More Meaning

    Offered in honor of Douglas Adams & The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Beyond the premiums above, you'll be helping prioritize production of QoL experiments designed to help people get more of a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives. You'll also get a warm fuzzy feeling for being part of something designed to help lots of people be happier than Arthur Dent.

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  • $69USD
    A Vote for Sex Ed

    At this level, you'll get all the above & help me prioritize the production of QoL experiments to designed to help with better decision making when aroused and more satisfaction from your more intimate encounters. Wouldn't it be great if sex ed taught us more than human anatomy and how to use birth control? Have fun beta testing these!

    Estimated delivery: December 2012

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  • $121USD
    Alpha Tester

    Another great line for your resume! In addition to the above, you'll be in the alpha test group, first to receive notificaitons about upcoming QoL releases, with hopes that, if you have time, you can test them yourself and give feedback to help with the design before it goes to Beta. PLUS a 15 minute phone call with DrMel to discuss any goal you have and get my input on how to get there quicker!

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  • $210USD
    Project Advisor

    Very sexy on resumes! In addition to all of the above, you become part of the project advisory team, with no time commitment required, but the opportunity to contribute your perspectives and priorities before the design process gets to Alpha testing. PLUS! One hour on the phone with DrMel to talk about any of your goals & resources I can give you to help.

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  • $420USD
    Body Chemistry

    At this level, you'll get all the above & help us prioritize the production of QoL experiments that focus on helping people experiment with the latest in brain research on managing body chemistry to maximize quality of life. You'll also get a chance to spend a couple of hours hanging out with Mel in person or via Skype.

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  • $2,100USD

    All of the above and up to 21 hours of Mel's research & advisory services to donate to a cause of your choice.

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  • $21,000USD

    Be one of the biggest supporters and contributors, advising and working with Mel to develop and share resources you believe in. With this level of contribution, you'll make it possible for us to do more in the time we have, recruiting more participants in building a community movement to help promote QoL Experiments around the world. You'll also have Mel's undying love and gratitude for the big vote of confidence.

    Estimated delivery: December 2012

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