Disc Golf Road Trip

Take a virtual road trip to a course near you.

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It all started through social networking channels, two enthusiastic programmers from across the globe joined forces and created a unique partnership. Cueva Digital Studios in league with GThree Productions presents; Disc Golf Road Trip a virtual disc golf gaming experience.

GThree Productions presented the original game concept and start up funding to the wonderful team at Cueva Digital Studios and they in turn provided the knowledge and the personnel to bring the game to life. Together in a few short weeks we have produced some fun and addictive game play elements that is easily seen from the early prototype.


Raise money to fund the expenses needed for Game Programming, Software Licensing, Music, Course Design and Art assets to complete the final game.

Watch the project evolve over the next few months as we continue to develop the game. The end result will in turn introduce people of all ages to ever expanding "Disc Golf" community throughout the world and hopefully they will “Go out and play some Disc Golf!”. By sponsoring as little as $1 to as much as 50$ you'll receive some awesome "in game perks." If you look on the right side of this page you can find more details regarding these amazing perks.


Disc Golf Road Trip is a virtual disc golf gaming experience with both real life style courses and extraordinary over the top style courses. The game is played in 3rd person view and users have the ability to throw with different techniques, which allows the user to have a blast. The final game will contain the basic game for free. The player via Facebook will be able to purchase and unlock new content, new courses and unique discs. Also via Facebook the player will be able to track players stats, and post to other players walls.


Career Mode: Players will travel to real “life like” style courses were the players abilities and throw distances will be similar to reality. Join clubs, follow clubs news, and compete in special tournaments and events.

Extraordinary Course Mode: Players will travel to extraordinary over the top style courses scoring as many points as possible by flying through special targets before hitting the basket. Players will have access to special power ups enhancing the players abilities. Exotic world locations, urban areas, even the moon and more imaginative locations are planned for this exciting new twist on disc golf.

Speed Golf Mode: Players will play the course as fast as you can and chalk up a quicker time better then the rest of the pack.

Note: We plan on incorporating new modes, new courses, and tweak the game play mechanics as the game evolves.

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