Disabled Mouth Artist

I'm a disabled mouth artist trying to raise funds to upgrade my art and computer equipment and improve my life.


Short Summary

Larime Taylor is a disabled mouth artist living in California. Life on $750 a month from Social Security isn’t easy, so he supplements his income with his art. All proceeds from his art help to support Larime and his disabled artist wife, Danielle.

Larime draws with his mouth on a Wacom Cintiq tablet generously provided by Wacom. All artwork is digital – there are no ‘original’ or ‘hardcopy’ versions – and finished art is provided in hi-res, print-ready .TIF format.

He has limited access to video, so has no video to share at this time. You can see his art at http://larimetaylor.com/?page_id=7

What We Need & What You Get

All pledges will go towards the purchase of things Larime needs to better his life and improve his art. Stylus pens for his Wacom tablet, more RAM for his computer, a better video card, stock photos for referencing - it's all related to helping him be a successful artist and get off of Social Security. 

Anything over his art needs will go to towards buying clothing and household items Larime desperately needs for his family as they live below the poverty line.

Perks will be art, all drawn by Larime.

The Impact

This is about helping me become self-sufficient, helping me live a better life, and helping me to be able to provide more or my family. This is, bluntly, about changing my world and helping me get out of poverty on my own skills and talents.

I have a successful Kickstarter campaign for a comic book I'm trying to make, but those funds are strictly for paying the production costs and shipping of rewards. This is a general plea to improve my life and my art.

Other Ways You Can Help

Just spreading the word can help. Thank you all for your encouragement!

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