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Quality graphics for indie game makers and authors at affordable prices. You will not believe what you can get and for how much!
Palace in the Sky Productions LLC
Laguna Niguel, California
United States
1 Team Member


If you made a contribution to our campaign, expect an e-mail in the next few days with details on how and when your art packs will be delivered!  In the meantime if you have questions, please contact Heavy Cat Studios at creativity at heavycatweb dot net

Introducing the DINNER TABLE EPICS!

Making a game?  Interactive demo?  App?  Web site?  Are you in need of low-cost fantasy adventure creatives?  Illustrations, animations, title screens, game art, maps, monsters and buildings?   Congratulations, your quest is a success!

  • Pixel Art for Pennies?

  • Illustrations for $1 each?

  • Tiles, Isometric Animations and even Trading Cards?


Who Are We?

Heavy Cat Studios (HCS) is an animation house based in Southern California near Hollywood.  We offer creative services to game developers, producers, webmasters, directors, publishers and authors.  We have a team of 44 creative professionals with a variety of specialized talents in illustration, voice acting, sound engineering, interactive design and script doctoring.

Palace in the Sky Productions LLC (SKYPRO) is our distribution division.

We have produced art, voices, animation and pixel graphics for commercial games (Flash, Apps and Steam), comics, audiocasts, ebooks (Kindle), mobile apps (iPad and Android), video productions, soundtracks, music, book covers, illustrations and officially licensed merchandise.  We've been in business since 2007 and our parent company has been in business since 1996.

Heavy Cat Studios is capable of producing up to 700 production quality color illustrations a week.


What Are We Offering?

Our studio is now prepared to make available to you for the first time, specialized packages of high-quality commerically-licensed production creatives for your independent projects.



Ten Thousand New Illustrations

  • animations
  • pixel frames
  • GUI elements
  • character sheets
  • maps
  • isometric tiles
  • outfits
  • game engines
  • sound loops
  • voice effects
  • book covers
  • adoptible pets
  • trading card graphics
  • logos
  • title screens
  • buttons
  • textures
  • tiles
  • backgrounds
  • environments
  • buildings
  • creatures
  • weapons
  • music tracks
  • music stings
  • map construction kits
  • Dragons. Lots of dragons.



Do you or your company make any of these?

  • Video Games
  • Game Apps
  • Flash Games
  • Board Games
  • Pen and Paper Role-Playing Games
  • Card Games
  • Adoptable Pet Games
  • Browser Games
  • PC Games
  • Cafepress Stores
  • Zazzle Stores
  • Pinterest Blogs
  • Fiverr Products
  • Ebay Stores
  • Wordpress Blogs
  • Blogger Blogs
  • YouTube Channels
  • Twitter Pages
  • Facebook Pages
  • Ebooks
  • Animation
  • Video Productions
  • Podcasts
  • Dramatic Audiocasts
  • Audiobooks
  • iTunes Products
  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Kindle Apps

If so, you may very well find something you can use among the Dinner Table Epics Series.


The Dinner Table Epics are Just The Beginning!

Science Fiction, Steampunk, Modern Urban, Zombies, Horror, Pirates, Imperial Chinese Era Warfare, Robots, Post-Apocalyptic, Cute Pet Worlds.  It's all coming soon, and you will have a chance to choose from any theme you like!

What do you mean by $1000 worth of graphics for $20?

Pro quality custom graphics take many many hours to produce.  128x128 pixel art tiles can take a couple hours each to assemble pixel-by-pixel.  Our studio list rate for such tiles is $9 each.  If we sold 100 of them on rush delivery with commercial rights, it could very well add up to $1000 to do custom tiles.  But we're making exactly the same graphics at the same or better quality available in our shop for $20 during our campaign.

Here's how it works.

We are going to use the funds we raise to produce packages of creatives (what we'll call "packs") consisting of sets of graphics, audio effects, Flash/HTML5/PHP source, animations, music tracks, sets of pixel art tiles, etc. 

Each pack will be designed to fit a particular need.  For example, if you are creating a fantasy adventure game with pixel art graphics, you may find a pack of pixel art tiles including terrains, animated monsters, animated player characters, buildings, trees, fences, lava craters, etc.  When you buy that pack, you will be able to drop those graphics right into your game and start playtesting.

Each pack will be licensed by SKYPRO on a non-exclusive no-royalty no-compete commercial basis.  SKYPRO will retain copyright, trademark rights and ownership of the graphics and other materials in each pack.

  • Commercial means you will have the right to use the graphics in any kind of project:  commercial, non-commercial, academic, whatever.  You can also resize, modify, composite, munge, puree and stir them too.  
  • No-compete means you can't re-sell or sublicense the packs themselves to a third party.
  • Non-exclusive means multiple developers will be able to use the same packs.
  • No-royalty means even if you make money on your project, you will not be required to pay any percentage of your earnings to SKYPRO.

The trade-off here is pretty simple.  You will get professional-quality graphics at a ridiculously low price.  In exchange, we give you non-exclusive rights to the graphics themselves, as other developers may be using them in their own projects too.

We plan to produce hundreds of graphics packs on an ongoing basis, so there will always be something new, and therefore you will always have a wide selection to choose from.



Dinner Table Epics Graphics Store

Once our packs are released, we will be opening a new store where creative professionals will be able to find and buy packs in the future under the exact same terms and for the same ridiculously low prices.

In the store, our basic pricing formula is to offer packs that would normally be $1000 worth of custom art services for $50 each.

For color illustration work (characters, environments, title screens, book covers, etc.) you will get two full pages (eight million square pixels) of illustrations, up to 70 individual designs, for $50.

For pixel art, you will get 200 32x32 frames/sprites/tiles or 100 128x128 frames/sprites/tiles for $50.  Pennies for a sprite?  Yep.

The Store Will Help All Independent Creative Professionals

By making a contribution, you are helping to create a great resource for all kinds of independent authors, developers and producers.

Heavy Cat Studios will use all contributed funds to produce more materials, more art and more cool stuff for you to use.  We're always coming up with something new!  And you will have access to it all for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to commission each illustration as a custom work.

However, it gets even better! 

During our IndieGoGo campaign, if you help us start our project off by making a contribution for a pack, you will get an additional 60% off, making your packs only $20 each.  That's 98% off our list rates.  Three professionally illustrated game characters for a dollar?  Yep.



The DINNER TABLE EPICS Introductory Catalog

These packs come in the following configurations (one per pack):

  • Top-Down 128x128 Pixel Art Sprites
  • Top-Down 32x32 Pixel Art Sprites
  • Isometric 128x128 Pixel Art Sprites
  • Isometric 32x32 Pixel Art Sprites
  • Top-Down 128x128 Illustrated Sprites
  • Top-Down 32x32 Illustrated Sprites
  • Isometric 128x128 Illustrated Sprites
  • Isometric 32x32 Illustrated Sprites
  • 750x1050 Trading Card Illustrations (300 dpi)


Pack #1 "The Dungeon Club" Six Four-Direction Animated Characters (Walk and Attack): DumDum and his Clubclub, Gloria Dawnhalo, Sticky McSticker of the Stickies, Snitch the Witch, Nancy Swiftarrow the Frumpy (Don't laugh, she's a Ranger), Johnny Threechord and his Lovely Lute

Pack #2 "We Need Dragons. Lots of Dragons." Six Four-Direction Animated Dragons (Walk and Attack)

Pack #3 "Dumb as a Post" Six Four-Direction Animated Barbarian Monsters (Walk and Attack)

Pack #4 "Ham Bone Connected to Da..." Six Four-Direction Animated Skeleton Monsters (Walk and Attack)

Pack #5 "Pointies!" 100 Weapons:  Swords, Maces, Daggers, Staves, Shields, Bucklers, Bows, Crossbows, Spears, Flails


Pack #6 "Tin Can Alley" 100 Armor Pieces:  Helmets, Boots, Tunics, Mail, Plate, Splint, Leather, Capes, Leggings, Cinches, Gloves, Bracers

Pack #7 "Dungeon Elegance" 100 Basic Objects:  Chests, Tables, Chairs, Debris, Doors, Floors, Pillars, Gates, Fences, Walls, Ceilings, Tunnels

Pack #8 "It Makes a Village" 100 Static NPCs: Blacksmiths, Guards, Merchants, Stable Hands, Shady Types, Cobblers, Armorers, Weaponsmiths, Beggars

Pack #9 "Let There Be Flight" Six Animated Avian Creatures:  Eagle, Bat, Hawk, Mini-Dragon, Pegasus, Hover-Skull  (Fly, Attack)

Pack #10 "Who Could Ask For More?" Six Animated Undead Creatures:  Skeleton, Zombie, Mummy, Specter, Vampire, Ghoul


Pack #11 "Uh, Do You Guys Make Like, Tiles?" 100 Outdoor Terrain Tiles:  Grass, Desert, Snow, Forest, Jungle, Lava, Badlands, Town, Road, Stone Path

Pack #12 "Little Twisted Evil Bastards" Six Animated Evil Bastards: Ankle Chewer Vine, Rabid Gibberer, Rolling Skull, Furball of Blood, Death Shoe, Clump of Grabby Hands

Pack #13 "Knights of the Holier Table" Six Animated Paladin Characters: Sir Gleaming Teeth, The Beard, Gladhand of the Gloves, Sir Prancealot, Sir Virtuous Lighthaven of the Loquacious Goldencurls, Clark

Pack #14 "Irresistably Adorable Adorables" Six Animated Pets: Pink Sphere of Fuzzy, Chirpy, Mr. Turtle, Enchanted Chartreuse Pony, Bitties the Kitty, A Dog Named Ralph

Pack #15 "Uh, Do You Guys Make Like, Other Tiles?" 100 Indoor Terrain Tiles:  Stone Floor, Wood Floor, Dirt Floor, Wet Stone, Metal Floor, Dusty Floor, Waxed Floor, Marble Floor


Double-Pack 16 "Big Building Right Hand, Small Building Left Hand" Six Large Buildings 25 Small Buildings: Forest House, Village House, Hermit Shack, Haunted Manor, Merchant Shop, Guard Tower, Marketplace, Trade Shop, Stable, Motte and Bailey, Shrine, Fibblebibble and Tragicmagic's Sundae Bar

Pack #17 "And Now Our Feature Terrain Presentation" 100 Naturally Occurring Terrain Features:  Rocks, Trees, Bushes, Shrubberies, Flowers, Grass, Puddles, Ponds, Debris, Fossils, Fungus, Swamps

Pack #18 "Beware the Land-Mark" 100 Landmark Terrain Features:  Fence Sections, Fountains, Wells, Lampposts, Gates, Signs, Benches, Abandoned Carts, Farm Equipment, Troughs, Hitching Posts

Pack #19 "Youuuu Shall Nooooot Caaaaaaast!" Six Animated Spellcasters:  Sparkbeard the Arcane Arsonist, Fibblebibble and His Magnificent Canivorous Hat, Wendell Tragicmagic, Maude of the Inappropriate Gesture, Chumpy the Foodbringer, Dave the Hermit

Pack #20 "Six Pounds of Tropes in a Five Pound Room" 100 Static Wizard Lair Furnishings:  Tables, Chairs, Bookcases, Desks, Alchemy Labs, Cauldrons, Spellbooks, Crystal Ball, Maps, Armchair, Couch, Rodent Cage, Skull, Treasure Chest




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    Double Chuck a Buck

    One Static Sprite and Trading Card Illustration of your choice (same design)

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    The Abe Deal

    One Animated Sprite and Trading Card Illustration of your choice (same design)

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    Surprise Higgledy-Piggledy

    Five assorted somethings, all different

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    Back the Pack

    Your choice of any graphics pack (a $1000 value if custom ordered) with standard licensing

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  • $27USD

    Don't see a pack you like in our catalog? Grab this perk to request one! One pack of any one size, perspective and style per request.

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    Stack the Packs

    Your choice of any three graphics packs (A $3000 value if custom ordered) with standard licensing

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $98USD
    I Want it All

    All graphics packs of one type (size, perspective and style) with standard licensing. For example, this perk would get you all 20 packs in 32x32 size, top-down perspective, illustrated style.

    6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $497USD
    And Chili Fries Too

    All graphics packs of three types of your choice with standard licensing. A good option would be 20 packs, 128x128 and 32x32 size, isometric perspective, illustrated style plus the trading card illustrations.

    0 claimed
    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $999USD
    Dwarfs is Serious Bidness

    The $497 reward plus a high-resolution poster-quality custom illustration featuring any five characters from DINNER TABLE EPICS and 20% off all Heavy Cat Studios commissions including store packs for 12 months.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
  • $4,444USD
    Party Like Its Rargh

    The $999 reward plus 50% off all Heavy Cat Studios commissions including store packs for 12 months.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2013
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