Dimension Nexus Adventures

A board game and computer game with unique features meant to replicate world campaigns in multiple dimensions.


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Game Concept

Dimension Nexus Adventures is a multiverse sandbox, which will be on multiple platforms, as well as a board game. We are looking to break a few game design stereotypes like, "Throw all the pieces of every game you own on the floor and rearrange things into a new game." We want to do this by bringing you features that have never been seen before, along with some of your old favorites.

In the video game, you will be able to make everything from mineshafts, to trenches, to buildings, and even design your own buildings in full 3D using our in game editor. It is quite possible to also research and develop new forms of magic, technology, spells, items, the sky is the limit with this system. We also have winged flight, an AI driven quest engine, and a full planet (possibly solar system) and beyond for you to eventually explore. All of which will be procedurally generated.

The game comes with a fun twist; remember the comic books with villains wanting to rule the multiverse? You are in one of those stories. Every player server is its own dimension, and when you get one of these villains, he will end up transporting your players to different dimensions until you defeat him. Thus, returning you to your world, and weakening the barrier between you, and the dimensions you are connected to. Now you can develop trade, or go to war with another Dimension. You can even bring back things from those dimensions and reverse engineer them to suit your needs.

Do not like the multiverse and having to deal with too many players? You can even make a server that is private, or play solo. Even better, love doing Machinimas? Use our single player mode to bring in models to the high res world of DNA, create your town and script your NPCs. Alternatively, use single player as a proving ground for new ideas, including new races that you made. We will be linking with Steam Workshop or our own system, we have not decided yet, so that you can get races approved and available for anyone to use.

In the board game we are mirroring most aspects of the computer game in a unique way. The game is meant to be a 2 hour to infinite play game. However, not one you have to have a table dedicated for. Towns, events, dungeons, and other things slot into the game board allowing you to "save" the game. Your character sheet has slots for equipment so it can be put back in the box without losing anything. Even your character token you take out of the character sheet has wet erase on the back so you can mark where you left off.

The possibilities for making a few games, and traveling around dimensions that have been upgraded by other players in the form of a community game is also possible. Or even giving everyone a set amount of "years" to develop characters before a tournament. Our website will be an interesting aspect as well. You can design and print new cards, equipment, and other things that are balanced by our system so you can bring new game play to the environment.


We are currently Developing on Windows, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. However we are looking into making the game run on Linux right now so we can be truly cross platform. The current plan is for mobile phones to be used for a system we have called "Downtime Actions" as well as managing business, politics, or anything else you need. Server operators can also restart their server and address most server issues live from their phone.

A few people have asked for game play accessible for the mobile phone. After looking into this we will be working on a way for you to customize the user interface and play on the mobile phone.

Who are we?

We are a group of developers in the Seattle area, some of which are in school, some have worked in the industry, and some simply have the talent and want to make a great game for everyone to enjoy. Our website has an area called "Meet the Team" as well as we are doing weekly meet and greets at World Sports Bar (Formerly called Jillians) in Downtown Seattle. At 6pm, every Monday you can hear your questions answered that you send to heresy.gamedesign@gmail.com as well as new updates and general chatter with the company. Then at 9pm, we stick around live streaming World Sports Bar's Rockband night. Watch us try to sing and generally have fun.

Once we are fully up and running, meaning we aren’t holding other jobs to make ends meet, we will even live stream the studio to our founders we acquired from our alpha crowd funding. You will get to see the game being developed, as well as be able to voice concerns live to us, or ask questions. Of course, if we are coding hard there may be a slight delay in the answer, but we will get any questions answered by end of the business day.

How will your money be spent

We are currently able, with planned pay, to develop the entire game within a budget of 600k. However, every bit more we get lets us bring in more developers to the team, as well as being able to bring the game to conventions before release. Here is a quick summary of how we plan to use the money we receive:

1) Advertising our Crowd funding
2) Unity Licenses and Assets
3) Studio (2 yr lease)
4) Pay (2 yr current team)
5a) Expanding the Team (in batches of 2 year guaranteed pay)
5b) Bringing in SAG talent for some of our bosses
5c) Bringing in a band for game soundtrack

Note that 5 a through c are expansion goals past our 600k mark.

What stage of Development is the game in?

We are currently in Pre-Alpha, with planned Alpha test starting on the 25th of December. At this stage we are looking to test the Multiverse connection system, Terrain formation/deformation, Flight based character, Combat and Real Health system, Seasons, Weather systems, Snow accumulation, Terrain Collapse system, Procedural Solar Systems, Tidal Effects on water, Volumetric Water, Basic research and development system, and Peak time analysis.


The timeline is currently as follows but may change:

December 25th, 2012 - Alpha for PC, Mac and Linux
January, 2013 - Mobile connectivity and play testing of control schemes.
February, 2013 - Alpha for Xbox and Playstation
May, 2013 - Most features implemented in basic forms
November, 2013 - Features implemented and being optimized
February, 2014 - Testing hosting solutions with several companies, final tie-ins of all consoles/pc/mobile devices so they work on all servers to make a full cross platform.

June, 2014 - Closed Beta
September, 2014 - Open Beta and stress test of the multiverse system
December 24th, 2014 – Release

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