Digital Projection: A modern necessity for a nostalgic movie experience!

Keeping our Riverside Drive-In open for future generations.

Help Keep the Riverside Drive In Theater Open!

After nearly 100 years of showing 35mm motion picture film in movie theaters, the film industry is now undergoing a mammoth change to a new format.  Studios and distributors are now making the switch to DCP, or Digital Cinema Package, a file format that is screened at theaters via a high end digital projector and server.  Movie theaters need to invest up to $100,000 per screen to convert to this new systerm.  Up to 60% of U.S. movie theaters have reportedly already made the conversion, with the bulk of those being larger corporate multiplex theaters.  The remaining 40% includes many of the smaller historic neighborhood cinemas across the country that can't afford the high cost of the switch, a good number of which have already been forced to close their doors forever. 

The Riverside Drive In Theater is part of this 40% and faces the biggest challenge of its 8 year history. The theater must go digital or go dark. 

Since the Drive In opened we have had a growing attendance of "faithful" followers.  We have done many events for our local scouts and church groups.  We host a Special Event now twice a year, April Ghouls Monster-Rama and Super Drive In Monster-Rama.  These events bring many folks from all over the world!!

The Riverside Drive In Theater needs to raise $70,000 to make the film-to-digital conversion in 2013. We now launch this Indiegogo campaign to raise the $70,000 as all other options have been exhausted.  The main reason for this is that we are a profit business and there are no programs available to help us that we have qualified for.  If every one of our Facebook fans gave just $25 we'd hit our goal and help keep the Riverside Drive In Theater open.  Please donate to our campaign today - and share and repost with your family and friends too.  Thank you!


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