A science "fiction" film that is both disturbing and revelatory about the evolution, or de-evolution of humanity...that may be far more factual than one thinks.
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Hello. My name is Andrej Kojic, I am a 23 year old ,independent filmmaker from Chicago. I took some time off from Columbia College Film School to work on this project, because of my infatuation with experimental film. I shot a number of shorts and a full feature film, Gadfly, in the past three years. This time I challenged myself to create a layered narrative, which uses no dialogue, to convey an array of important symbols relevant to our current momentum. "Devoid" will use stop motion animation to provide surrealist imagery of alternate dimensions frequented by my protagonist. All of the shots in the trailer that might look like special effects are created by me in my studio, without use of computer graphics. I take  a lot of pride in my work and I will continue enhancing my techniques even more if I get the funding . One of the main reasons I am asking for your help is the lengthy process of stop motion animation that is ahead of me,  and the cost of creating very complex visuals for a multitude of scenes that need to be shot in order to follow my protagonist on his journey through multiple dimensions.

Your contribution to Devoid will allow the demanding technical production of complex stop motion animation segments, a major milestone on the way to securing financing for a feature length movie that will dare convention to keep it from one day appearing on major movie screens in wide theatrical release.

What We Need 

Budget Distribution:

  • $1,500 will go to the supplies needed to create the sets for the animation portion of the film
  • $1,000 will be invested in the completion of the traditional photography. The money will ensure that we find genuine locations to create the atmosphere of the decaying society in Devoid.
  • $1,000 will go to building a new computer. (Currently I work on a old 13" laptop with no capacity to work on fine details)
  • $500 needed to create ambiance and dynamic. I will have to find experienced composers to create language through dynamic sound.
  • $400 is to be spent on a lens capable of filming in the cell of the prisoner.
  • $400 will go to build the necessary mechanisms to film the stop motion animation : Ex. dollies, lifts, rotating sets, and mechanisms within the sets.
  • Indiegogo tax/ stipulation

 The Impact

Film  "Devoid" is a metaphor for the necessary evolution of the human consciousness as we step toward a new moment in our existence.  An evil has been conformed to meet the needs of a select few. As the laws of the universe push down on the two forces competing for power, our insignificant problems become distant. Devoid is born in silence meaning the film is fabricated completely by visuals and sound (no dialogue). It is an attempt to explore the untapped creative potential that we all posses.It is a symbol of pure unadulterated interpretation. The film blends all formats of media including Stop Motion Animation which is why I seek support from you today.

Since Stanley Kubrick broke historic ground with his 1968 release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, few if any film makers have had the audacity or the vision to attempt to create another film which--wholly without dialogue--attempts to plumb the psychic depths of human existence in the universe, where both quantum physics and the polarity of forces mold like bacterium in a petri dish...yet are writ large across the Mysterious vacuum of space and time.

Devoid is your opportunity to fund a project just this ambitious, and as promising


Risks & Challenges

 I am the sole creator of the Devoid project.With the help of my actors I have completed a little under 20% of this film with absolutely no funds. Over the past year I have completely immersed myself in the symbols and metaphors of this film. I've reached the point where my budget to create optical illusions has run its course.  The financial support I seek will be completely invested in completing the creation of the unknown prisoner's decent into alternate dimensions which will take the format of stop motion animation. I am trying to raise the funds to complete this project which means a lot to me. I have given this idea my every bit of creative energy, but I intend to persevere until I see my project complete. If you can not afford to send me a modest monetary contribution... I understand completely, but please…. please, share a link and spread the word about this film. Thank you in advance.

Here you can see some of my past projects:

Animal Collective Music video (2013):

Gad Fly Trailer (2011) -Cinematography


 Other Ways You Can Help

You can always help us by sharing this link on your Facebook , Twitter, Pintrest or any other social platform you might decide to use.

Your help will be greatly  appreciated!

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    Thank you

    A heartfelt thank you for having confidence in this film, as well as thanks on the "Devoid" Facebook page.

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    Film link

    One time access to the film link when the film is completed.

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    Author signed film DVD, credit on the film's special thanks selection, "DEVOID"promotional poster, a T-shirt and a special inivitation for the first movie screening

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    Great package

    All of the above plus a special invitation to a dinner with he director and the crew after the first film screening.

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    All of the above plus the Associate Producer status.

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