Devious - Story driven turn based RPG game for PC

Devious is a video game for PC with a strong focus in story and gameplay.
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We kindly welcome you to this campaign to get funding for Devious. We need as much help as possible to make this project see the light of day. Your support is much appreciated as we will continue to grow and make this project a reality.

Of course we encourage you to tell your friends about this if you think they can find it interesting!

Devious is a 2D story-driven turn based RPG game. Basically, we have a mix of many classic RPG elements and a modern plot with a lot of features and twists. We take influences from the most relevant and important RPGs from both West and East. 

Our ideal is to revive the turn based combat that we all love and bring it to computer gaming, wrapping it in with a deep concept, story and beautiful 2D graphics.

The player will take the place of agent David Doyle of the CDA in his attempt to capture a dangerous criminal, with the help of the advanced and classified intelligence system: OUTLAW Project.

1951, United States. The CIA conduced several experiments which lead to the creation of the MK Ultra Project. Its purpose was mind control over subjects through the use of substances, psychotherapy, sensory deprivation and many other questionable techniques.

A few years later, the project was halted due to the controversy generated, and nothing else was known about it.

What people didn't know was that the government of the United States created another agency whose sole purpose was to be the research and testing of experimental weapons and equipment for warfare. It was named by the cover code 'CDA'.

This organization was kept in secret and used for the most obscure operations. Using mind-controlled criminals and innovative weapons they were the unofficial unit for the most important off the record manhunts of the nation.

Devious will tell the story of one of the seven Project OUTLAW operatives, a man called David Doyle, who is assigned to capture the ex-CDA agent Raymond Clement.

A few years ago, Raymond Clement disappeared in a mission. Apparently, intelligence determined that he defected and joined an unidentified extremist group. Fast forward to present time, the President was kidnapped and he was seen on scene soon after. David will have to find the president and eliminate Raymond, keeping the kidnapping a secret to prevent the CDA existence to be revealed to the public.

What is Raymond motivation? Is there anything else that we don't know about this CDA agency? There's only a way to figure it out. By playing the game!

David Doyle (35): Agent of the CDA, expert in the use of OUTLAW technology. Before joining the agency he was part of the US Marshals Service. After his brother committed suicide, he was deeply depressed and couldn't keep the job. He was fired and the recruiters decided he could be an useful agent. He also wears a moustache. Although that's not really relevant.

Raymond Clement (48): Former CDA agent, now missing and extremely dangerous. Joined the OUTLAW Project after losing his eye in a military operation as a Navy SEAL sniper. He's the main antagonist of Devious.

Rebecca Templeton (29): Neuropsychiatrist assigned to David's command in order to tune the control technologies he employs.

Kai Hale (27): Intelligence operator and coordinator assigned to David's command. She will help him through the missions giving important insight.

Hans Nilsen (29): The young son of the Elkhound Security company. Hired by Raymond to recruit his mercenaries. He doesn't care about anything but money.

Nika (25): Raymond's right hand and formidable assassin. Trained by Raymond after he saved her from a Russian prison. She's devoted to him and would follow every order. She blames the world for the torture she suffered which lead to her losing the left arm.

Bertrand (Unknown): Mysterious looking man working for Raymond. His intentions are unknown, and he goes by the codename of 'Bertrand'. Nothing else is known about his past.

Laureen (24): One of the controlled criminals deployed by David. Daughter of a politician, she used to be an arsonist. Cheerful and odd person, might get in troubles sometimes but definitely a reliable resource when it comes to combat.

There are many more characters that will get announced every week through updates. Stay tuned for that!


We want to focus in a dynamic gameplay. Usually, for most people, turn based combat RPGs translates to slow, press 'any button' to win or just 'grindfest'. So we try to work on a system complex enough to make the battles strategic but at the same time fast and reactive. 

First of all, the battles are going to be hard. The player will be heavily punished by taking the wrong decisions. If you are losing a battle it will not be as easy as dropping a Phoenix feather or throwing a Potion to make a comeback. 

We took many elements from some AAA classic RPGs that everyone loves and improved most of the boring factors.

  • There will be no levels for all the party. But that doesn't mean the player cannot 'train' or 'grind'. The only character that will level up is David. The others will need to be synchronized with his level, using special points. That will allow certain level of customization to secondary characters skills. And since they are 'mind-controlled' by the main character, that means it creates a synergy between them.
  • You can combine weapons to make combos on the fly. Throw a grenade, use the shotgun or the assault rifle all in the same turn. As long as you have enough Battle Points to do it.
  • Speaking of which! There is no Mana Points or anything similar. There's a shared thing called 'Battle Points' that all characters in battle will use for skills and normal attacks. If you deal a good amount of damage, you will increase your party points by the end of the turn. On the other hand, if you are getting stomped by the enemy, you'll lose points.

Most of these systems are still being polished to be fully functional. Formulas need to be flawless!


Full city to explore. You can find secrets and unlock around 50+ side-quests for items, house customization objects and characters to recruit. Find different shops, upgrade your weapons and play different mini-games. It's not an open world, but you can get access to new areas by progressing through the story.

Devious team is integrated by people who love both playing and making games. The members are from all across the Earth, from South America to United States and many more. We believe this mix can offer the best results.

More about our the team will be released with updates, so you can know about the members outside a simple description on this section. 

We want to keep working on the project no matter what. That's why we choose Flexible Funding. In the case we are not able to reach the proposed goal, the development of Devious will proceed -- at a lower rate, of course. It will take more time to be released, but eventually it WILL be released.

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