A VERY independent TV pilot about an all-female rock band reuniting 10 years after an ugly breakup and the mysterious death of a band member.

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Our sincere thanks to the dozens of very generous friends, family and strangers who believe in our effort to do something out-of-the-box... independently produce a scripted TV pilot.

Thanks to all of YOU, a script which we think will make a fun, terrific, really rockin' show is going to be produced and is going to get out there, be seen, AND ENJOYED!

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Our Project

DESIRE is an independent TV pilot about a fictional all-female rock band reuniting 10 years after an ugly breakup and the mysterious death of a band member. The years have passed, but the old rivalries and demons that led to Desire's downfall remain. They don't forget and they don't forgive. 

There is nothing like it on TV. DESIRE is a scripted drama with dark humor about women who rock, starring women who rock and featuring all-new music written just for the pilot.

It is a fun show... with great music.

Our Story

Hi, we're Michael and Ramona Schindelheim, the writers, creators and executive producers of DESIRE. Together and separately, we've been writing and producing television and theater for 20 years. Ramona has two EMMYs, a Peabody and a duPont for producing. Michael's produced, directed and acted in Los Angeles and New York and co-hosted a TV sports talk show.

We wrote the script for DESIRE five years ago. We first went the estabished Hollywood route. Our agent got the script read and got us a lot of meetings. Producers and network execs, both cable and broadcast, all loved the idea, the dialogue, the characters and the plot.

We’ve gotten close to selling it a couple of times. But it takes a long time to get anything made in Hollywood. 

We know this is a great script and a great idea. This is new. This is fresh. And we don’t want to wait for someone else to come along and do a similar show before we do. 

So, we're going independent.  VERY independent. The time is now.

We're making the pilot ourselves, with the help of a wonderful cast, crew and musicians. Through our agent and other entertainment relationships we've made over the years, we'll get our finished pilot into the hands of network executives and production companies to show them just what a kick-ass series this would be.

Our Cast & Collaborators

Grammy-nominee Cathy Richardson plays Hunter, the band's charismatic, yet troubled, lead singer. Hunter's killer voice drove Desire's success. Her self-destructive ways drove the band's downfall. She's struggled to turn herself around and comes back to the band a changed woman with an unexpected new partner. Coming back to the band is not easy. It's clear, she is conflicted about her new life. Will rejoining the band send her down the self-destructive path again?

Cathy's got one of the best rock voices in music today and is also an accomplished songwriter. She's Chicago-based, but is currently touring as lead singer with Jefferson Starship and with her own band, The Macrodots. Cathy's also acted on TV and on stage, getting rave reviews for her off-Broadway debut as Janis Joplin in Love, Janis.

Cathy Richardson



Jess McAvoy stars as Chrissy , a brilliant guitarist and the real creative force behind the band. Chrissy wrote the songs that made Hunter a star and she's filled with eny that she's never gotten the credit, or spotlight, she thinks she deserves. That envy led her to steal away the one thing Hunter loved more than being a star. Now, 10 years later, the old animosity is still there. Chrissy resents Hunter, especially because she knows no one breaths life into her songs the way Hunter does.

Hailing from the Land Down Under, Jess is a veteran of the independent music industry. 13 releases and impressive array of live performances under her belt, Jess has been storming stages across the world since the age of 16. From opening for international names including Ani Difranco and Michelle Shocked to sharing the stage with Gotye, Jess is no stranger to making an impression.



Jenn Brooks stars as Luca, the one band member who has gained a degree of star status after Desire's breakup. Now she's trading center-stage for her old role in the brackground. Luca says she's happy for the reunion, but her bright smile is hiding some very dark thoughts about Hunter, the rest of the band, and herself.

Jenn's credits include theater, TV, film, commercials, music videos, radio, records and reality TV. Originally from Boston, Jenn moved to LA where she worked as a session singer, actress, underground lit magazine writer and endorsed spoken-word artist. After relocating to New York, she turned her attention to songwriting and music production. Her demos attracted both indie and major label interest and led to collaborations with songwriters, producers and performers in the US and abroad. 


Jenn now co-writes music with Todd Ogrenan accomplished classical pianist, rock guitarist, funk bassist, punk drummer and vocalist. He wrote and toured with several known and indie bands in Los Angeles and the UK, before earning a recording engineering degree. He's currently the lead writer/singer and guitarist of POPULAR the band.

Joe Rosario stars as Steven, the band's manipulative manager who will say anything and do anything to keep the band together this time. In order to finance the band's comeback, Steven's made some shady deals with some dangerous characters. These deals threaten to come back to haunt him... and the band.

Joe's appeared in dozens of television and film roles. He just completed filming on the soon-to-be released "Red Butterfly" and his next film role is in "Snapshot". In addition to acting, Joe's produced and directed three short films, which have won awards at five film festivals. He's co-producing Desire.



Hanley Smith is Angie, Luca's personal assistant, chief enabler and chief instigator. Hanley is an actor and singer. Her recent credits include In the Next Room (Or the Vibrator Play)Gloryana with The Public Theater,Frog Kiss, and Into the Woods. She's just completed a successful run as Luisa in the Virginia Stage production of The Fantasticks.

The Impact

Your support will help us take DESIRE from the page to the screen. It will help us make the pilot. It will help us show the broadcast, cable and digital channels what the series would look and sound like. It will help us get the backing we need to get the series on the air or online. 

What We Need & What You Get

We've brought together a lot of very talented people -- cast and crew -- all dedicated to making DESIRE a success. The script is, in essence, a short film.

We will be shooting DESIRE in mid-May. Your contribution to the project is greatly appreciated. Each additional dollar we raise allows us to improve the quality of the show. In a few words, it allows us to get and use better equipment!

Your money will go toward:

  • Camera equipment rental
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Music (original songs, production, scoring)
  • Cast
  • Crew
  • Production
  • Set Design
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Locations
  • Permits
  • Insurance
  • Catering
  • DVDs
We're offering lots of fun perks for your help -- your own rock name, music & ringtone downloads, DVDs of DESIRE, design-it-yourself drums, a beautiful acoustic/electric guitar, and even your own private concert.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please spread the word about DESIRE.

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