'Des Gars Beurs de Neuf-Trois' or 'Some Arab Guys from District 93'

A documentary film about Algerian Muslims in Paris, crime & Islam- by a homeless, disabled survivor targeted by sex traffickers
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  • $1USD
    Good karma magick spell :)

    If you give $1 or more, I'll automatically include you in a pagan 'blessing' spell for health, prosperity, happiness, home & love. Ritual to be completed on next full moon :) I will do this for all of my supporters giving any amount. If you DON'T want this with your donation, please let me know, thanks :)

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  • $5USD
    1 question answered by psychic

    Ask me any single question & I'll answer via private comment on this site, twitter or email (your choice). I worked professionally as a psychic, astrologer & tarot reader for about a decade before 'retiring' ;) (See my bio at bottom of page) Also makes a great gift! :)

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  • $10USD
    'How to Escape the Mafia' book

    For $10 you get a copy of my finished book 'How to Escape the Mafia' by Violet Bramble.. (estimated completion date: June 2013) See my crowd funding page about this book! All of these perks make great holiday gifts! :)

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  • $30USD
    DVD of 'Gars de Neuf Trois' :)

    DVD copy of completed 'Des Gars Beurs de Neuf Trois' documentary video :)

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  • $75USD
    60min tarot reading :)

    A professional tarot reading by me :) Tarot reading in person (in San Francisco) or by phone or web- can focus on questions/issues of your choice and yes, I CAN typically answer very specific questions & give time frames, physical description of people etc.. ;) Can optionally be delivered online via private video message- you send me the questions, I record the answers etc.. your choice! Can be given as Christmas/ Holiday present! 45 or 90 min tarot readings also available on book campaign page!

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  • $150USD
    Astrology natal/birth chart :)

    The natal, aka ’birth’ chart gives you insight into your personality, qualities and potential as a person. Astrology charts are NOT read live but will be given as a 60-90 min .wav file with a copy of the chart used (can be uploaded online or snail-mailed to you worldwide). You need to provide: your birth date (month/day/year), time of day born, and place born (city/country) for me to complete an astrology chart for recipient (can also be given as gift to others).

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  • $250USD
    Custom film/video vlog review

    Great for film fans/promoters: I will record a vlog (video blog) film review of a video/film of your choice (any genre.. features, shorts, animation, you name it!) I will use this as part of a re-launch of my vlog/film reviews online on a prominent web site and will send you a copy of the review. My usual areas of focus: international, South Asian (including Bollywood ;), Arab, queer interest, documentary, shorts. But I’ll review (almost) anything. SEE BELOW FOR RELATED FILM REVIEW PACKAGE!

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  • $1,000USD
    Indie feature film 'extra''

    Get a bit part in upcoming indie film: single line one scene part in ‘Soufi and Me’- my anti-sex trafficking feature film (no acting experience required). People of ALL ethnicities/ages/genders/sexual preferences/types/abilities (including disabled :D etc) welcome as actors. SF is very diverse-criminals of ALL descriptions here ;) There are MANY incidental characters in the film- don’t worry if you think you can’t act, we can ‘fix’ that ;) See related perk below for more

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  • $1,500USD
    Indie film spoken dialog part

    Small (2-4 spoken dialog lines part) in ‘Soufi and Me’ independent film scene- my anti-sex trafficking feature film (no acting experience required). PLEASE NOTE: you will be required to transport yourself to/from San Francisco, CA, US for the shoot. I’m hoping to make this film in 2+ years, so be sure I can stay in contact with you for that period of time. This is a ‘low budget’ (well under $1M) feature so…‘nuf said! ;) See related perk above for more details! :)

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  • $2,500USD
    *10* film/video vlog reviews

    For film fans/promoters-or anyone who loves film! I'll record up to 10 vlog film reviews of the videos/films of your choice (any genre..features, shorts, animation you name it!) I'll use these to re-launch my vlog/film reviews online on a prominent web site. SEE $250 PERK ABOVE FOR DETAILS. Promote your own distribution company or film festival! Or just watch me ‘dis’ a list of great (or not so great) movies from any culture/genre! ;) My favorite pastime! (Especially old Shah Rukh Khan films

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  • $4,500USD

    FUND ENTIRE PORTION OF THIS CAMPAIGN =GET MAJOR BLING! :) You get 30 signed copies of my anti-sextrafficking book, 2 astrology charts (for you and a friend) AND 2 tarot readings, multi-scene reoccuring extra part in ‘Soufi & Me’ film, credits thanking you as funder (in list at end of film-credit can name you/your business- NO crime/sex industry/gambling etc..). Non profits, especially abolitionist movement, highly encouraged! Can give non-profits larger end credits logo for this perk!

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  • $40,000USD

    Angel peeps! You can have 100 signed copies of my book, PLUS 30 tickets to the world premiere of the ‘Des Gars Beurs’ film OR your own private showing of completed film *sneak preview BEFORE World Premiere* for yourself and a theatre-full of your friends! Either in San Francisco, your hometown, or your choice of location worldwide (but its BYOF-you transport the friends to location) AND- WAIT! YOU ALSO GET: 10 tickets to world premiere of ‘Soufi and Me’ anti-sextrafficking feature film.

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