DermaPaw New Product Expansion

Dedicated to helping pets, not big profits...

WHAT IS DERMAPAW?............

The DermaPaw idea was conceived 3 years ago because our dog, Godrick, lost all of the hair on his paws due to what we assumed was a grass allergy. The amount of money spent on vet visits for tests and prescriptions was over the top, with no success. We started researching and testing different topical ingredients that have been found to be both non-toxic and beneficial to the skin. We combined those that showed a significant improvement and created the DermaPaw salve.

The results were so profound that we thought we could help other people whose beloved dogs had this problem. Even if we could help one or two per month, it would be life changing for those dogs and their owners, and subsequently very gratifying for us. The demand and response actually turned into a business.


All of our customers have a similar story to ours....hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent on vet treatments, and a desire to avoid (if at all possible) steroid treatments. We know that the economy is very bad and that people have spent too much money at the vet and we strive to keep costs as low as possible for those reasons and the majority of money from sales goes right back into inventory, shipping costs, etc.  We have dedicated our time and interest to one product but our customers are pleading for a shampoo that actually works, and that is the direction we plan to take. We want to add shampoo to our product line. We hope to come up with another breakthrough blend just as we did with the salve!


We need to obtain inventory for ingredients, bottles, labeling, and packaging.

Sharing our story will help if you cannot donate. We appreciate all of you and your time. Many people cannot afford to donate but want to help animals any way they can.

If You Would Like a Sample of the DermaPaw Skin Salve.....

You will get a free sample size with a $15 contribution.

Please check out our website at www.dermapaw.com to learn more about DermaPaw, and visit our Facebook page. More helpful information can be found at www.pawlicking.com.

Some of our customers say:

I'd like to thank you for your wonderful product. I initially bought the dermapaw to stop Lady (12 yr old shih-tzu) from licking her front paws a few months ago. Two weeks ago Lady needed hip/knee surgery. Her skin was really red and sore where the bandage was torn off (some skin with it!) As soon as I took her home I cleansed her leg with cool water and put a thin layer of dermapaw with a single sock on. By the second day you couldn't tell there was any damage to her skin. The surgery was traumatic for everyone and having her skin heal as quickly as it did helped with her recovery! I recommend this product to anyone with a pet to keep on hand, just in case!! Thank you Dermapaw!! ...Lady's Mom

Your product and sock harness is helping my dog's foot heal for the first time in 2 years and saved him from having to have it amputated. …Heather

I am a doctor and have a dog with the same problems. Two vets wanted to give him prednisone. Instead, I tried a number of other things first and then found dermapaw, which worked in a matter of minutes. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to alternative medicine, but the dermapaw not only stopped my dog from chewing his paws, it cleared up his red, scaly skin and a slight secondary infection without using antibiotics. I would have never believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. He acts like he actually likes wearing it. ...Reed

......you can read many reviews on our website at www.dermapaw.com and also on the DermaPaw FaceBook page.


We are dedicated to non-toxic ingredients and relieving the dry and damaged skin that is driving dogs crazy!  :)




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