A new documentary on the student loan debt crisis. What's your part of the $1.1 trillion debt?
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This issue impacts everyone

We now owe more on student loans than we do on credit cards. $1.1 trillion as a nation. Chances are, you have a pile of debt -- most of us have about $30k to pay back.

Think about it. $30,000 per person. More than $1 trillion. TRILLION! That's 12 zeroes. 1,000,000,000,000.

A trillion dollars that should be in our economy. We should be buying houses, and getting married, and having kids, and following our dreams. But we can't. We're tied down to debt. 

How can we stay competitive in the global marketplace if we no longer have access to affordable higher education? 

$76 billion is now past due, as deferrals rise and rise. That burden gets passed on to the tax payer... but if deferrals climb higher--and they are--this could be the next crisis to topple our economy.

We've assembled the right team to bring forth this issue in a high-quality, documentary film. Help us shine a light on this issue that is threatening our future as a nation by funding our initial short film. 

This campaign for $15,000 will find a short version of the documentary, but we plan to return to expand that to a feature-length doc in the coming 12-18 months.

The team

We're a small but passionate team dedicated to pouring our resources into this film. We come from network television, feature film production, journalism, photography, and graphic design. We've produced award-winning films, cranked out some in-depth print articles, and have even been nominated for an Emmy.

But here's the greatest part -- we want YOU as a part of our team. Deferred is designed to be transparent. We're not just crowdfunding--we're crowd-filming--asking for your input, your stories, and your voice. We can not tell this important story without your help!

We're not confined to our physical location but can partner with filmmakers around the nation and the world to shoot with us and create a truly collaborative documentary. 

Check out our website here.

What we need

Chicago Filmmakers is our Fiscal Sponsor. This means every donation is tax deductible.

We are asking for $15,000 to fund a short film while we continue to research and collect stories for a feature. Best of all, your contributions will not only help us complete a short film... the funds will also allow us to start shooting video that will end up in the full-length version. We see Deferred as a high-quality, marketable, festival and broadcast-bound piece.

We need the money to tell the most compelling stories and seek out expert interviews from financial advisers, students, university officials, politicians, and movement leaders. 

Check out our perks from online shout outs, to digital downloads, to the chance to ask an interview question or invite us to shoot a segment of the feature doc at your campus.

While we will do more fundraising kicks, this first chunk will get us more than started. And if the full amount doesn't come in, we plan to proceed with whatever we do raise.

The Impact

We are looking to examine this complicated issue and present real-life answers. We've produced TV shows, documentaries, and narrative films. We can do this-- but we need your help.

Other Ways You Can Help

Share the teaser we've produced with your friends and family. Please use the Indiegogo share tools to help us spread the word. Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Every little bit helps. Send people here, and visit to sign up for our newsletter. Just think, if everyone with a student loan donated the equivalent of just one monthly loan payment, we'd be set to band together and change the country.
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    Office Hours

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    Student Loans 101

    The entire crew will Skype in to your campus or company (or other) meeting to host a discussion on student loan debt.

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    Film Class (screening)

    We'll host a screening of the final film for you in your city along with a panel discussion on student loan debt.

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