Defense in lawsuit by Dutch anti-piracy organisation

I'm sued by Stichting BREIN for running a TPB proxy, redirecting to it and linking to it. It's time to take a stand and fight back!


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Account name: Wisemen B.V. 

IBAN: NL78 ABNA 0422 3081 53 
Description: Verdediging/Defense Tristan Pol

The story...

A long time ago I started running a TPB proxy for people living in barbarian countries, with broken internets. No one actually noticed this, but after a while Stichting BREIN, a Dutch anti-piracy organisation, did. At the time they started to threat a lot of people, so they torn down their proxies. I told them I wouldn't. This caused some butthurt.

Recently they filed a ridiciculous lawsuit cause they not only want me to take the proxy offline; they want me to take any redirects and links to it offline, as well. They also bought themselves another ex parte order. Something which neither the proxy nor the redirect nor the link automagically affected in any way, whatsoever.

This upcoming courtcase is about fundamental rights. It's not only about the right to give people access to internet websites, but about the right to speak openly about them as well. We need to take a stand against the Orwellian internet those anti-piracy people want and battle them, to keep the internet free!

What if we don't fight back? 

If we don't, Stichting BREIN will win their case. Simple as that. The created precedent most certainly will make it easier for them to win ex parte procedures, as well as being abused against other, well known, websites such like fucktimkuik.org.

The battle!

Since the case is pending I can't tell too much about the defense. The collected money will be used to pay for legal expenses, such as the lawyer. The lawyer of choice is Mark Krul of Wisemen advocaten. He also does a similar case for the Dutch Pirateparty

When and where:
25 April 2013 (10:00 AM) - Rechtbank Amsterdam, Parnassusweg 220-228, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


If you don't want to donate money, but think you might help in any other way, feel free to contact me.

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