Deer Father - A Short Film

A state trooper. A dying deer. Sometimes you find family in the strangest places.

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"What is Deer Father?"

DEER FATHER is a short film about a man who finds his father as a reincarnated deer. Part absurdist comedy, part modern fable, it's a unique film that shows that even through death, our love for our parents, siblings, friends, pets, or even wildlife, can survive.

Filming in March 2013Deer Father is our Senior Thesis Project at Montana State University in Bozeman. It's our final film before graduation, so let's go crazy. Let's throw all the rules out the door and make something hilarious, violent, and, hopefully, moving.

Full Synopsis - Jacob, a state trooper, attempts to put a dying buck out of its misery, but in the process he finds that the deer is actually his reincarnated father. As the deer recalls his past life through surreal memories, Jacob must decide whether he can kill the deer or save his father. 

"Why help?"

I know, $5000 is a lot of money, but this is a opportunity to support young filmmakers trying to tell a truly original story. Honestly, we want to make something completely distinctive and visually unlike anything we've seen.

Also, we're shooting on Super 16 film! Sadly, it's a dying medium in the film school world. For us, this not only represents an aesthetic choice but also an experience to take advantage of before everything shifts to digital.

Deer Father is a chance for us to challenge ourselves without compromise and we want you there with us!


Yeah! You!

deer father

"What do I get?"

Besides the satisfaction of being our heroes?

Lots of awesome, personalized perks! Depending on the amount, we're offering credited IMDB roles, poems, T-Shirts, live commentary, DVDs, invitations to the premier, and a chance to have the director and producer make a music video for you of any song of your choice. Woah!

Also this amazing poster (above) made by our friend John Stortz is up for grabs too!

"Who are you?"


Roughnecks? Delinquents? Hooligans?

Maybe. But mostly we're just hardworking filmmakers from Montana with a passion for telling epic stories from small beginnings. We embrace a DIY attitude in every aspect of production and believe that everything is richer when it comes from our hands.

DEER FATHER crew: Alex Brinkman (writer/director), Katie Roberts (producer), Brandon Watson (dp), Kyle Moriarty (editor), Logan Stahley (Score), Drew Sorteberg (production design) Jeff Watterson (co-producer/AD) Matt Wheat (co-producer/UPM), and Alex Gappa (sound design).

"What's the money for?"

The money raised on Indie Go Go will be divided into various departments of our production. Most of the funds will go towards the deer prop effects that we will have to ship in from LA as well as the film stock. Here's the basic break down:

$1500 - Deer FX

$1500 - Super 16 Film/Processing

$1000 - Production Design (Sets, Costume, Make-Up, Blood)

$500 - Locations

$500 - Actor Fees

"What else can I do?"

SHARE WITH EVERYONE! Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Your Friends, Your Adopted Grandma, EVERYONE! We're trying to spread the word about our film so we can get everyone as excited as we are! We need your help!

"The Bottom Line?"

DEER FATHER represents the end of our college careers, the last project before graduation, so we're going all out to make something unique. Something crazy and funny. About the harshness of nature, and the family we find on the side of the road. 

It's a story that we hold close to us, and one we want to share with you.

As collaborators. As crew members.



The Deer Father Crew

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