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Pre-Orders for our Deep House Lounge CD on DeepWit Recordings. Including extra's from DeepWit Stickers to Coffee Mugs and T-Shirts alongside this Exclusive CD.

The CD Is Now Avialable To Purchase at our Bandcamp page. Please keep in mind this is a physical only release, with no digital downloads. 



About the Label:

DeepWit Recordings caters towards noncommercial, resonant, innovative and intelligent deep house sounds. Bringing together talented producers from around the world who with their music will inspire your soul. The label was born out of a passion and love of all things deep and needing to share that passion with other like minded individuals. 

The label is run by Sierra and Alvaro Hylander, who were brought together by the music and with a passion and need for great music in our lives. We run the label with the idea that music makes family, welcoming everyone from our artists to our supporters with open arms and love to share. 

We need deep thoughtful and well produced music. Music to live our lives to, from nice mellow grooves to drink our coffee to in the morning, to music that just makes us dance. With that, we wanted to provide all of you with our idea of true quality music that makes life all that much sweeter. 


What We Are Doing:

DeepWit Collections is a 10 track exclusive and limited edition Deep House Lounge CD with 9 brand new unreleased tracks alongside the track from Andre Detoxx "Over The Hill" that inspired the entire flow of this release. There will be a limited number of CD's printed (300-500), with no reprints. If we do decide to go digital in the future, it will be well into the future. We want this to be something specially dedicated to all of you that have made the label what is. 


  1. Andre Detoxx - Over The Hill (Original Mix) 
  2. David Oniani - The Journey (Original Mix) 
  3. Davide Dallomo - Floor 12 (Original Mix) 
  4. Max Volkholz - Reference (Original Mix)  
  5. Microphunk & Houseriders - Inner Peace (Original Mix) 
  6. LoveSound - Moon Light (Original Mix) 
  7. Tek Killa - Downtown Groove (Original Mix) 
  8. Distortion - Hard Lovin' (Original Mix) 
  9. Alfred R - Floating Waves (Original Mix) 
  10. Harold Health - Ice cream Killer (Original Mix) 

You can listen to the previews of the tracks here - SOUNDCLOUD PREVIEWS

By contributing to our first physical release and allowing us bring to all of you the feel of holding the music in your hands and making memories to it, you are also helping us to achieve a dream we have had since we started the label two years ago. From the CD we will launch into releasing other physical releases both on CD and ultimately on Vinyl. 

What we would love to get from all of you is your support. Everything from just sharing what we are trying to do with your friends to chipping in and donating to our cause.  


What It Costs us to Print this CD:

Producers Time, Energy and Equipment to Produce this Great Music - Priceless, but of course we want our producers to see a return on their passion, so the artists will be sharing equally the money that is raised through the CD.

Mastering - 300-400USD. A big thanks to Blacklist Mastering for helping us do this right!

Artwork - 100USD. Being an artist, musical or otherwise is, well, an art, which is what makes our world beautiful and they deserve to be compensated! Thanks Tek Killer, you don't just make great music, you are profoundly artistically talented!

CD Printing - 700-900USD, depending on exactly how many CD's we end up pressing. 

Total Cost - 1100 to 1500USD


What You Get:

Well other then our undying love and appreciation, we wanted to make sure there were some great perks to helping this project develop from a dream to a reality. 

With that being said, by donating at least 10USD you will receive the CD a week and a half before it goes on sale. Keep in mind, that it being limited edition and ONLY available on CD for at least the next half a year, this is a bit of history to hold in your hands. 

Depending on the amount you choose to donate, you get everything from the CD to our very popular T-Shirts as well. So make sure to check out the perks and hopefully it will inspire you to donate what you can! Keep in mind no extra charge is applied for shipping of the CD or of the other items. 

You can check out our DeepWit Apparel Store at the link Below where you can see the variety of T-shirts and goodies we offer both through the website and through the perks in this campaign:

DeepWit Apparel


How YOU can make a Difference:

Of course ideally we would love to have each of you donate 10USD and receive the CD before anyone else or even donate a 100USD get two copies of the CD and tons of other goodies, but if that is not an option, please just take the time to SHARE what we are doing. Every time you share our Indiegogo campaign you are not just showing us your support but allowing us to reach even more people who can help make this possible!

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