Declare Your Freedom 2.0 -Second Edition

The highly acclaimed Israel festival is back - this time, bigger than ever!
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This is the second Indiegogo campaign to help fund Declare Your Freedom. We've already raised some and we need your help to raise the rest! This year, we're pulling out all the stops and holding a spring festival filled with music, speakers, food, and an all out celebration of Israeli culture! 

 Chloé Valdary and Maor Shapira here coming to yawl from the heart of New Orleans! As some of you may know, Our team of dedicated students from Allies of Israel and with Tulane United For Israel, put together an amazing Israel festival, the first of its kind in New Orleans's history. After much success, we're making DYF a yearly tradition in our community! And with other states like Florida and Minnesota potentially coming on board, DYF is going national! 

As yawl know, Israel is a very important and dear country to our hearts.  The only Jewish state in the Middle East, Israel is a paragon of civil liberties, an amazing country filled with scientific and technological achievement, and a country that endeavors to spread good through out the world. 

But more importantly, the only Jewish state is the realization of the Dream of Redemption for the Jewish people and the fulfillment of the Emancipation embedded within the Zionist Dream.Unfortunately, Israel is surrounded by enemies that threaten its existence. So we MUST support Israel in any way we can and Declare Your Freedom is a fun festive way to do exactly that!

These days, Israel is often mocked and ridiculed on school campuses. From Israel Apartheid Week to the ever popular BDS movement, the university has not historically been a pro-Israel environment. However we're working to change that! We spend the entire year fighting slander, writing publications, and holding events, and this Spring will be the LARGEST event of the school year, put together by the University of New Orleans, Tulane University, and McNese State! It  will illustrate our strength, solidarity, and perseverance as supporters of Israel. 

We Need YOUR Help 

With your generous contribution, DYF may be able to feature the following Musicians  Speakers, and Activities just to name a few:

-SHI 360                    

-Alan Dershowitz       - Alan Mendoza

-Simon Deng              - Brooke Goldstein

And SO MUCH MORE! We're pulling out all the stops to make this year's festival AMAZING! 

We need to raise $22,000 to cover the rest of the cost of speakers' and artists' honorarium, stage rental, booth rental, food and drink costs, and giveaways for the audience! These include t-shirt, mugs, CDs by the band and much much more! 

  • Donating to DYF 2.0 isn't just a monetary investment. Its a historical investment as well. You will be able to tell your children and grandchildren that you helped make the largest pro-Israel festival in the New Orleans's history happen! And that is HUGE! 
  • Plus we have amazing Perks to go with your donations so you can have a tangible item that marks this special historical moment in your life! 
  • All Funds go towards this event, so even if we don't raise all 22K, you'll still be directly contributing to DYF 2.0! 
  • Be sure to share with all your friends and family! Spread everywhere using the Indiegogo share tools below!

The Jewish People Live!

Israel is surrounded on all sides, from Hamas in Gaza, to Hezbollah in Lebanon. She is constantly threatened by foes all over the Middle East. Yet she is strong and resilient due to her supporters both foreign and domestic. 

We at the University of New Orleans and Tulane University do this for the Children of Sderot and for the Mothers and Fathers in Ashkelon. For the Soldiers who cannot slumber. We do this for the citizens of Zion. We do this to celebrate life. Last year, we 'Reclaimed The Zionist Dream.' This year, we will proclaim loudly and proudly that The Jewish People Live. Join us! 

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    Zion Risin'

    You're awesome! You get a personal shout out on our FB page!

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    Fires of Freedom

    The above plus a one-of a kind T-shirt from the event!

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    Sparks of Jerusalem

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    Warrior Status

    The above + a signed copy of the official DYF 2.0 Music CD signed by every musician present!

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    Freedom Fightah

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