Death's New Lease On Life

Death's New Lease On Life is a graphic novel about the grim reaper. And penguins. So many many penguins.

Death's New Lease On Life

Death’s New Lease On Life is a comic in the making. Or Graphic Novel, if you prefer. For children. Ostensibly, at least. About Death. Or, to be more precise, the Grim Reaper. And the need to feel wanted. And penguins. Adelie penguins. So many many Adelie penguins.

It was written by me, Brendan O'Connell, to be illustrated by her, Fiona Boniwell. It's 32 pages long and tells the story of how a forlorn Grim Reaper came to a better appreciation of life and, subsequently, death. It's funny. And joyous, in it's own way. And it has penguins. Many, many penguins.

What We Need & What You Get

Death's New Lease On Life is written. The story. The jokes. The funny lines. The twists. The turns. The happy ending. That's all done. But none of that is any use unless people get to read it. And for that to happen it needs to be illustrated, coloured, lettered and printed. Which, obviously enough, is where you come in.

In return for your help we are offering our undying gratitude. And, of course, some physical rewards such as copies of the book, t-shirts, original artwork, aluminium prints and even a chance to have your likeness (or a loved one's) as a background character in the book. But really we all understand it's the undying gratitude that you're most interested in.

All original artwork, including the Look It's Me characters sketches, will be signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Why Would I Do This?

Because you're a good person. And look, see, you could make that happen. You could make the Grim Reaper so happy. You could also help a lot of hard work come to fruition. Death's New Lease On Life has been a labour of love for a number of years and now it's this close to being realised. You can be the difference.

But What If...

€10,000 is the amount we want to make this book the best it can be (and believe me it can be great). But we have been very careful to ensure that each reward/perk is self-contained and can be delivered regardless of how much we raise. If you give us €10 for a finished copy of the book, rest assured we can deliver on our promise. If you give us €150 for a limited edition aluminium print, with all the trimmings, then you will get that beautiful piece of art with all the trimmings. So, in that respect, whether we get one backer or a hundred, it doesn't matter (otherwise we would have picked fixed funding). The difference having more backers will make is simple. It will afford Fiona more time to devote to the book (finishing much quicker), give us both more control over the final printed copy and, of course, allow us to do a proper print run. The only question should be do you want to be a part of making this happen. Hint: You do.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can also help by spreading the word. Tell your friends, your family, walk up to strangers on the street. Well, maybe not that last one but you get the idea. There are even buttons at the end of the page to make it easier for you.

Even if you're poor or, you know, miserly. That's fine, just spread the word. We'll still be grateful.

* The music in the campaign video was provided by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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