Death, Daughters and Laugh Tracks

A dark comedy about a deadbeat father who has to watch his suicidal teenage daughter for one night. (Death, Daughters and Laugh Tracks, Short Film)
Royce Dunmore
New York, New York
United States
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 Our Indiegogo campaign is now over, and was successfully funded!

We can't express enough our deepest gratitude to all the people who have contributed to our film! It's because of people like YOU that students like us are able to do our work, to tell our stories, to attempt to leave the world a better place than we found it!

We would be honored and grateful to add you to the growing list of people who've supported our film. Althugh our campaign is over, we are currently raising more money to assist with the high costs of producing the film:


The production of Death, Daughters and Laugh Tracks requires catering for four days on set, equipment rentals, and vehicle rental. Ultimately, if Death, Daughters and Laugh Tracks is to be enjoyed by audiences it must start at film festivals, which will incur significant application and shipping costs. Death, Daughters and Laugh Tracks succeeds on the page but the filmmakers will require funding beyond what they have raised and negotiated to enable this film to achieve great success on the big screen. Here is what we need:

Production Staff - $100

Food – $1,760

Camara and equipment – $3,200

Locations – $400

Art Department - $325

Transportation - $925.60

Food & Hospitality - $1,760

Festival Submission Cost - $559.08

Total Production Cost - $8,051.65


If you  missed the opportunity to pledge to the Indiegogo campaign, don't worry - you can still contribute and still get some COOL rewards that we offered through the Indiegogo!

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Our film has been covered by Tambay A. Obenson's IndieWire Blog,

"Shadow and Act (On Cinema of The African Diaspora"!!

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Synopsis : 

Death, Daughters and Laugh Tracks tells the story of Jonathan, a deadbeat father who sleeps with countless women and who verges on the edge of alcoholism. He is divorced and he is rarely involved in his teenage daughter's life due to the restrictions of his ex-wife and his own selfishness. Jonathan is now involved in a midlife crisis when he ponders suicide and how his daughter would feel about his death. Finally, at a point of loneliness and dissatisfaction with his life, Jonathan decides to take the opportunity of watching his daughter for one night in an attempt to amend their relationship. His goal is made more complicated however, when he finds out his daughter is suicidal due to a nasty break-up with a love interest. 




Director’s Statement : 


Death, Daughters and Laugh Tracks is a unique film to be made for a number of reasons. As a storyteller, the film addresses themes I’m passionate about, including selfishness, suicide and the family model. As someone who believes that daughters need their fathers just as much as sons do, I really want to explore the dysfunctional relationship between a father and his daughter. The suicidal nature of both characters challenges the viewer to decide whether the characters are just plain selfish or in desperate need of care and consideration from one another. The fact that I can explore this theme in a comedic way lends entertainment to the subject that will give it more layers and substance.

I want to attempt to cast the two leads for Death, Daughters and Laugh Tracks with black actors because I feel this smart, witty style of writing is lacking within comedies involving a majority black cast. Not only do I personally identify as black, but I also identify with the style of comedy our writer Matt Fowler has crafted. Thus I would love to see myself and the comedy I love reflected on screen. With your support, I know my team and I are capable of creating a unique film that will appeal to the universal themes of love and family that all audiences can relate to.


Royce Dunmore 



Introducing, the Crew : 




ROYCE DUNMORE (Director) is a writer and director from the Washington D.C Metropolitan Area. He has written and directed various short films and has also produced promotional videos for clients such as ALVAINA Bridge Foundation and the CMJ 2013 Music Marathon. He recently completed his latest short film, Noah Dreams of Origami Fortunes, which continues to screen at various events. Currently, as an intern at The Colbert Report, Royce Dunmore aspires to become a fulltime writer and director for film and television. With this goal in mind, Royce hopes to create character driven films that will inspire imagination and challenge stereotypes against underrepresented groups.


You can see his last film's trailer :

Noah Dreams of Origami Fortunes Trailer from Royce Dunmore on Vimeo.



Matt Fowler (Writer) was born in White Plains, New York and graduated from Brandeis University with a double major in Film and English. He is currently a second year graduate student pursuing his MFA in Dramatic Writing. His short play "Anna and Claude Talk" was selected for the 2012 Goldberg Ten Minute Play Festival and he enjoys calling movies films.



Sydney HyeWon Chun (Producer) is a filmmaker currently studying Film and TV in NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a journalism background in South Korea. Born in South Korea, she worked with Kim Ki-Duk(Golden Lion Winner at Venice Film Festival) as a production coordinator for a feature film called Present of God to be released on March 2013. While in South Korea, she had also produced simultaneously shot shorts both in New York and Seoul. She is also the creator and host of KimChigirls Korean Lessons Podcast that was aired on i-Tunes between 2007 - 2010. She is currently producing an NYU Thesis Short Death, Daughters, Laugh Tracks to be shot on April 2013 and working on a short documentary called, Student Services that investigates college students becoming Sugar Babies to find their means to continue their education.



YOONEY KIM (Producer) was born in Seoul, South Korea, but has grown up in Istanbul, Turkey for the past 6 years. She spent the last year producing a feature animated film in both American Picture Company and Wonderworld Studios. She’s currently back in the states to finish her B.F.A. in film/Tv  at New York University, where she is also  working as a director/producer of a ‘special team’, making short series of weekly screenings in Cantor Film Center. 


DOMINIC MILLER (Director of Photography) grew up in Connecticut, exploring his surroundings with a still photography lens. As a film major at The Tisch School of the Arts, he thrived in the immersive culture at Tisch and participated on many shoots in the Camera, and Grip and Electric Departments. When he spent a semester in Prague using 35mm cameras, he re-discovered his passion for image making - positive that this would be his career path.

Dominic actively works as a cinematographer where his approach leads him from doing narrative shorts with a positive world view like Noah Dreams of Origami Fortunes (dir. By Royce Dunmore), to contracted films for fashion designers, such as Eve (dir. by Zack Mcknight), to kitschy horror music videos for the band “Dead Guy.”

He is also the co-founder of a production company called Mochi Productions, that he plans on expanding after graduation. 




DENNIS HU (Sound Mixer)

As one of the few sound designers at New York University's film program, Dennis Hu has worked on some of the most prominent short films produced by Tisch School of the Arts, including Comrades and The Ninth Train, which was awarded for its sound design at the New Vision and Voices Film Festival. With ever-growing talent for visual effects and design, he promises to create films that match and even exceed the expectations forged by one's imagination, even making the fantastical real.




CHRISTOPHER ZOU (1st Assistant Director)

Christopher Zou is a film student and freelance production assistant based in NY and LA. His professional credits include The Untitled Jack Ryan Reboot, Hot Set, The Celebrity Apprentice, Piers Morgan Tonight, and Conan. He is currently wrapping up his senior year at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he found his niche as an Assistant Director (AD) on student film sets. As a 1st AD, he has steered numerous intermediate and advanced level projects to completion. Chris is a proud native of Queens, NY.


DARA GRAY (Art Director) 

As a Production Designer and Art Director, Dara Gray has worked on a number of short films, music videos and commercials. Her primary design experience comes from an extensive background in fine arts and theatre in Atlanta, GA, where she learned to design sets for various musicals and operas. As a student at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts , she has developed her artistic design talent for film by collaborating with a number of directors In the New York City area. With a unique sense of authenticity and simplicity, Dara's Art Direction is an invaluable element to the overall creative content of many short films at NYU. Most recently her credits include Almond Joy, a short independent project,  Free a short film presented by Be a Star Productions, Motel Champagne an NYU Advanced Project, and Pale of Settlement, and Award Winning Senior Thesis film.



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