Dear Pauline Jean

In the seductive city fraught with beautiful masks and stalled connections, Pauline Jean is afraid...of herself. This is her existential crisis.

Dear Pauline Jean 

It's New York City. Seductive. Claustrophobic. Over-saturated. Pauline Jean, a would-be actress is afraid to connect with others...and herself. She follows an unusual list of daily rituals that take her down a rabbit hole of dopplegangers, façades, and existential games. Along the way, she tries to navigate the waters of a murky relationship with an old friend. Is change possible? This is Pauline's emotional journey in the search for identity and intimacy in the city of beautiful masks and stalled connections. 

Director's Journey

My previous film The Things I See is currently in its festival run in the UK, Canada, the States, and throughout the Caribbean. In The Things I See, I wanted to show the natural calamities of growing up a young girl on the cusp of adolescence and an immigrant family on the verge of a turning point. EXCITING UPDATE: The Things I See won Best Narrative Short at the CaribbeanTales Showcase, part of the Toronto Film Festival! See a clip from The Things I See here below: 

For more of my past work: www.shirleybruno.com 

With Dear Pauline Jean, I'm excited to show another personal and nuanced story about a woman with a unique perspective on the world, testing and provoking the boundaries of her identity. Being raised here, the New York I know is colorful, dirty, kinetic, a place for those searching to fill a hole or transform into something...different. Whether in our work, our passions, or in relationships, we chase after that unexplainable thing sometimes slightly beyond reach. I'm interested in exploring how we get to the center of us beneath the masks (social, personal, or whichever) we can hide behind. And like Pauline's journey, it's the beautiful struggle!


We won the highly coveted Panavision Equipment Grant but this grant does not cover all of production costs. We had to secure most of production costs, our many locations, amazing props (including the brilliantly handmade theatre commedia masks) for either free or next to nothing. The support of a few family and friends has brought us this far, now we need the extra help from you all to take Dear Pauline Jean to the finish line. We need to raise $11,000 to be able to cover our remaining production costs, as well as our post production costs to help us finish the film and take it to festivals. Your contributions will go to the following: 

**Cover all post-production costs (3 months of editing time, professional sound design/mix, professional color grade, music recording). 50%

**Pay key crew from production and post production. 15%

**Cover production costs for additional shoot (camera, lights, accessories, insurance, travel) 15% 

**Pay for film festivals submission fees and publicity. 11%

**Cover Indiegogo & paypal fees - 9%

Help bring this film to fruition as well as to film festivals so it can have a real audience!


The Crew 

I am extremely excited about my talented and eclectic team of collaborators, cohorts and friends. Amazing DP Christopher Thomas who's well-versed in everything from 35mm, 16mm, Alexa, Red. His studied approach to photography shines through with this film. Creative Producer Rebecca Kent with a background producing acclaimed feature documentaries at PBS, Firelight Media, NBC; Stellar Production & Costume Designer Pei-Wen Huang who works in both theatre and film, Editor extraordinaire Nora Tennessen, and both Assistant Director Maren Woodward & Gaffer Darren Joe (who is also a wonderful DP in his own right).  With hotdog money and caviar taste, we still continue to bring life to this film and make it look amazing.

The Cast 

Pauline is played by Emmanuelle Vill, the brilliant rising star who recently played a supporting role opposite the legendary French actor Gérard Depardieu in Abel Ferrara's latest film which also stars Jacqueline Bisset. Emmanuelle grew up in Europe, Africa, Asia and the US. Now settled in New York City, we are lucky enough to claim her as our own. 

Ivan played by Ernest Waddell, the robust, talented actor/writer known for his recurring roles in highly critically acclaimed dramas such as HBO's masterful The Wire and Law and Order. Ernest is currently writing a road film, Lucid Dreaming, a feature film he will produce and direct in 2014. 

Margo is played by the incomparable Andrea Leigh, a beautifully seasoned theatre and film actress whose films over the years have gone to Sundance, Cannes, Tribeca film festivals to much fanfare. She has played in a bevy of acclaimed films including Bed of Roses with Christian Slater, Religion, Inc. with Sandra Bullock, and Marvin's Room with Meryl Streep. 

Crissy played by globetrotting Tigist Selam, a dynamic multi-dimensional actress/writer/producer who just wrapped Parameters, her newest film she wrote and directed. There's little she can't do! 

Other actors in this dedicated ensemble cast we were so lucky to have include phenomenal singer/songwriter/actress Amy D. Leon, an NYU Tisch scholarship student who is about to obliterate the music scene with her soul searing voice- her music is featured in our trailer and throughout the film; Über-talented English actor Liam Lane who currently plays the lead in the off-broadway smash, Fuerzabruta; MJ Rodriguez, a firecracker actor whose credits include Showtime's Nurse Jackie and Rent, the iconic NYC play; the multilingual Meredith Miranda, a high-energy young theatre actress with a special aura that surrounds her- Dear Pauline Jean is her first film!; Scott Barraza, wonderful, passionate NYC actor; our incredible choreographer and theatre mask coach Karen Anne Light; and finally musicians Therese Workman + Marjory Bruno who are composing for the film and soundtrack. I'm so honored to work with these beautifully talented actors and artists.

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