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A revolutionary upcoming zombie FPS survival horror game made by independent game developers.
Vlad Parols
United Kingdom
2 Team Members


DeadZ is an open world survival horror game developed by Mansion Gaming, an independent game developer based in London. Mansion gaming are giving you the opportunity to be put of this amazing upcoming game.  

DeadZ will contain an amazing open world that will be open to explore, with multiple maps being available to download on the first day. The multiple maps will vary in size and location with some maps being very large and set over multiple terrains, with others being smaller and more condensed but much more action packed. The multiple maps will also contain varying amounts of zombies, with more zombies spawning in locations with large amounts of people like town centres and airports.

DeadZ is being developed by Mansion Gaming, independent game developers based in the London Borough of Newham in London's East End. Mansion Gaming was founded by two friends, both who's main passion is video games and believed that using easily downloadable software availible on the internet, they could make an independent game which they would want and believe that the gaming community would love.

In 2052 a third world war broke out, every nation fired nuclear missiles and every major city was hit with a nuclear bomb. The surviving population are exposed to a horrific form of radiation, never seen before. People who are exposed cannot die. They just turn into zombies. Unaware of the massive pandemic, your plane lands safely. However things aren’t normal. You see the zombies who want to kill you, but you have no supplies. Have you got what it takes to stop them?

Who are Mansion Gaming and what do they do?

Mansion gaming are an indie developer set up in London, United Kingdom in March 2013 by two friends. Mansion Gaming produce high quality independent games which are made by the developers to meet the requirements of what they believe the gaming community want to play and share.

Who am I buying the game from?

By purchasing it from this IndieGoGo page, you are supporting the development of the game with rewards being offered that are exclusive to crowd source funding sites such as indieGoGo and kickstarter, and won’t be seen anywhere else, as well as that you are supporting the development of the game along with the advertising and marketing.

How long has it been in development?

The game has technically been in development since the 30th of March 2013. However we have had the idea and done various things for the project since much earlier, we just haven't had the chance to make those idea's a reality, like we can now through kickstarter and indieGoGo.

What were your inspirations for this project?

This game was inspired by many different things that we liked such as the Day Z mod for Arma II, Call of Duty Zombies, Dead Island and the Walking Dead TV Show. Our inspirations for this project, also helped the development slightly with references to many of our inspirations for this project, whether zombie related or not are present in the game as Easter Eggs and suttle references.

Why do you need the money?

The money raised on this indiegogo page, as well as on our website and kickstarter will be used for buying equiptment and software that is essential for the development of DeadZ. The software used will provide us the opportunity to produce our own character models for the survivors, zombies and weapons. As well as this, the money will be used to improve the website, giving it a more proffesional look, as well as the marketing of the game such as the production of posters and wristbands. But the main reason we need your money is to make DeadZ a reality, without the money we can't make DeadZ happen and that's why we need your help.

  • £65 will get us a creative commons license for the unreal development kit, meaning we can legally make money off it.
  • £70 will let us start a Steam Greenlight campaign, which will be used to make DeadZ known by a wider and more mainstream audience, as well as potentially being used to make it appear on the popular Valve Game Distribution Software, Steam.
  • £500 will get us better software for the development of character models, as well as models for the weapons. This means that the guns and characters in this game will be to our standard, and not the default standard in the unreal development kit.

What's in it for me?

By donating to this project you will recieve many rewards and gifts, some of which are exclusive to crowd force funding sites such as kickstarter and indiegogo. Another benefit of donating on this page is that you get to pre-order some of the products such as the soundtrack early, even before it is placed on the website's store. IndieGoGo and Kickstarter donaters also get  discounts on the main game itself, with bulk copies getting major discounts. Almost all of the rewards are cumulative, this means that you would get all the perks from the previously listed tier, you just don't notice it cause we've already included it in the list of items for that perk.

In the future we hope to add survivors to the game, some of which will be friendly and some, who are not. Survivors will give you tasks to achieve and will give you weapons and supplies who form a group with you, or will be aggressive and will attack you or threaten to kill you if you don’t give them supplies they want. As well as that, we also aim to add multiplayer with people working cooperatively to get further in the game or to attack other players, depending on what they feel they need to do to survive. In the future, we also aim to add a full length campaign which spans a large area, with different stories being set in different maps.  Some of the quests you get will be to help others, while others will use you to do their dirty work so the player will have to use their instincts and ideas to decide who to do quests for , and who not to. Our goals for the future will only be possible through the donations recieved through crowd source funding sites such as kickstarter and indieGoGo, so why not donate? There's never been a better time.

NOTE: The following info is the current plan on the game and this might not be accurate when the game is released. We plan on adding much more things to the game which currently will not be mentioned, however this is the overall plan of just one location and level. We plan to have many locations such as parks, roads, shopping centres, etc. One mission of DeadZ will be set in an airport after a zombie apocalypse has just happened. The aiport is covered in zombies and the passangers of the plane are the only survivors. You have to work with the survivors to try and fight your way out of the airport. You will only have the weapons that you can find and you will not automatically have a gun, so you will have to protect yourself with whatever you find around the aiport or some items the other survivors may have. There will be many types of zombies and although this is the first big game that we are planning on making, we have high hopes and expectations from it and we are sure you will love it. The game is developed by 2 people that are not yet professional game developers and we have some people willing to help us out with the model, animations, artwork, etc. Of course this will not be a huge blockbuster game, and will be an indie game, but we will make the gameplay unique and entertaining. If you have any ideas or want to help out with the project, please visit www.deadz.co.uk and use the contact us page to find our contact details and more information about the game.

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  • £1GBP
    Basic Package

    This perk is for the people who want to support the project, but can only spare a pound. In this package you get the monthly newsletter, informing you of all that is going on with World War Zombies.

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  • £5GBP
    The IndieGoGo Exclusive

    With this exclusive IndieGoGo package you recieve the monthly newsletter and a digital copy of the video game soundtrack, as well as your name in the credits.

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  • £15GBP
    Copy of the game

    This package lets you pre-order a copy of the game, your name in the credits and the monthly newsletter.

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  • £40GBP
    T-Shirt and Game

    This perk comes with a child or teenager sized t-shirt (your choice) as well as a copy of the game. Ontop of this, there is also the monthly newsletter and the opportunity to have your name in the credits.

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  • £100GBP
    Collector's Edition

    In this collectors edition you recieve item's that are rare, and will only be availible from our crowdsource funding camapigns. These include a personal letter of thanks from the developers, a copy of the game, the monthly newsletter, a t-shirt in a size of your choice, your name in the credits and access from beta onwards.

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  • £150GBP
    Joel's Collectors Edition

    This perk was specifically chosen by Joel, one of the lead developers on World War Zombies. Joel's Collectors Edition contains a copy of the game and the soundtrack in a steel case, an adult sized t-shirt, your name in the credits, the monthly newsletter, Beta Access and a zombie action figure.

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  • £150GBP
    Vlad's Collectors Edition

    This perk was specifically created by Vlad, one of the lead developers' of World War Zombies. Vlad's Collectors Edition contains: a copy of the game and the soundtrack in a steel case, an adult sized t-shirt, your name in the credits, the monthly newsletter, beta access, a poster signed by the developers, three seconds dedicated to you in the game intro and a zombie action figure.

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