Dead Space: Convergence

Fan made short sci-fy/horror film set in Dead Space universe.


Hey, Guys!

Welcome to Dead Space: Convergence Indie gogo page, home of the crowd funding. My name is Gustav Nikitin, and I 'm one of the creative leads behind this project. You most definitely haven't seen me on youtube or vimeo. Why? Because I 'm that type of guy who does all the work behind the camera, not in front of the camera. So far, I've been working on commercials, promo videos and other things. It is fun and challenging, but now I would love to do something different -  make this short film, set in Dead Space universe.

I came up with the story couple years ago and since then it has been a dream of mine to bring it to life. The creative guy that sits inside me just never lets me go, always poking me with these awesome ideas that could be made. And now, I feel is the time to put all the creativity on the table.



The story starts out like this:

Darkness. Space.Death. A huge spaceship floating in the orbit. Suddenly we see something small, like speck of dust in comparison approaching it. USM Fenix, active crew of two people. Captain Kacey Fenix leading with a pilot - Drake. The mission - delivering technical assistance in communication device repair. That is the beginning of our story.

USM Fenix, the small carrier ship named after it’s captain, fly’s in to the docking bay. “Lights are on, yet nobody’s home, cap” delivers Drake with a smirk on his face. Smoke and debris raises as the Fenix lands on it’s “feet”.

Kacey knows that something is no right, her gut feeling never lies. While being in the cryosleep on the way here, she this dream wit her sister, holding her in her hands. It was summer, grass and trees were full of live…. And then it burned!! like her sister… It was I nightmare before wake up. She was quiet that day, her past was always standing behind her, never letting go.. now it was closer then ever.

Kacey got the gear and went out side. The silence was chilling. Hundred people on an empty space ship. There had to be somebody. She went to the end of docking bay where the main gate was. Unlocked. The doors opened….


USG FENIX landing at the docking bay

I would love to tell you more, but that would be spoiling too much, and what fun is to know the ending of the movie before seeing it?


Here is the deal - WE NEED YOUR HELP!

To bring this project to life, we have to invest in to some technical aspects of it first. Working in 3d animation is time consuming and tedious. Nothing comes easy. The support from YOU will help us to star the production quicker, invest more time in it, and get the final movie faster to you. We'll be able to produce behind the scenes videos, additional content and many other things. Any help we get is appreciated.

our dvd cover art

What you get is even more  exciting - You get really cool perks for helping us:

THANK YOU: We'll thank everyone on our facebook page.

POSTERS : Small, medium or large posters with characters or scenes  from the movie.

EXTENDED CUT: Publicly we will realese a smaller version of the movie, but for our loyal supporters we will put that extra stuff that's gonna make them go crazy.

BEHIND THE SCENES: We will show you how the movie was made from the first sketch to the last frame. Everything is covered - editing, design, creation of the story, all the technical struggle, sound etc.

COMICBOOK: This one is speacial. We have a really cool comic book story for you. You want to know what happaned before Kacey got the USG Dominus. And what's up with that strange symbol? All that can be found in the comic book.

KACEY FENIX STATUE: These are hand made main protagonist statues, exclusive just for the five lucky ones. There will be no more of these!!! Will bring updates with pictures sooon.


I love Dead Space universe and to bring this small film to life would mean world to me. We will finish it no matter what and do our best, BUT with you help that will make our best BEST. We want to hear from you, your comments and thoughts, your ideas and wishes. IF YOU LOVE SPACE HORROR GENRE THAN THIS IS THE PROJECT THAT BRINGS THE BEST OUT OF IT.


We understand that not everyone will be able to help us financially, so there are other ways you can endorse our project. If you are as enthusiastic as the team of ‘Dead Space: Convergence’ you can promote and share our campaign to let others know about our project. You can tell others about us, spread th word, visit our youtube page or facebook : 





We think that working together is the key in every project and we hope that by doing so we can really put some life in to this short film for everone to enjoy.

Team on This Campaign: