Dead Man's Land Graphic Novel

Raising the finance to adapt my WW2 Werewolf screenplay to a graphic novel to build a fan base and then, hopefully, take it to the big screen.

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Hi my name is Barry Duffield, I'm an actor and some of you may know me as Lugo on Spartacus: Vengeance and the up coming season: War of the Damned. What you may not know is that I am also an optioned screenwriter. 

My dream is to bring my script 'Dead Man's Land' to life in full glorious colour and eventually, via the Graphic Novel, get it onto a big screen near you.

The Walking Dead & Hell Boy are a couple of successful examples of Graphic Novels that have made it to TV and the big screen - There are many more. 

Graphic Novels are a great way for producers to visualize a story rather than just reading it on the page.


"A squad of WW2 Paratroopers, shot down behind enemy lines, are forced to stand against a pack of genetically created Nazi Werewolves before they can wreak havoc amongst the approaching Allied forces."

I need $35,000 to realise the dream of bringing this story to life and ultimately bringing it to the stores for you. This will pay for the...

* Script to Graphic Novel adaptation by LA based Steve Stern

--STEVE STERN, creator of Zen Intergalactic Ninja and author of the BEOWULF, A CHRISTMAS CAROL and WAR OF THE WORLDS Graphic Novels

"There’s never been a World War II story quite like DEAD MAN’S LAND.  What could be cooler than a bunch of courageous paratroopers in bloody combat with  a pack of genetically-altered Nazi werewolves, with the outcome of the War in the balance?  This is going to make a great graphic novel, and one hell of a film!"

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* Publisher [self funded first run] 

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I have no doubt that each and everyone of you have a dream. I need your help to achieve mine.

If you can't help with funds please pass this forward to your friends. Your word of mouth could make all the difference.

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