Dead Draw

Dead Draw • a game of chess no one can win. They just stole 25 million dollars, but someone murdered their getaway pilot!


Michael Eklund (Mac) enters the hangar and realizes something just isn't right.

Short Summary

 "A dead draw may refer to a position in which it is impossible for either player to win, or it may refer to a position which would require a major blunder before either side would stand a chance to win."

25 Million dollars.

It’s the grab of a lifetime; get in, get out, get clean. Simple enough plan, perfectly executed.

Harrison, Mack, Dallas, and Jones are career criminals with one particular area of expertise, grand larceny. 

They’re on their way to an early retirement in Mexico, or so they thought...

Truth is they’ve been burned, back-stabbed, betrayed. Paranoia runs rampant, fingers are pointed, guns are drawn, and best friends become enemies.

Dead Draw is a character-driven crime story about desperation and dysfunction of a band of brothers gone awry.

The guys torch the evidence before trying to hop a plane out of dodge.

Who We Are

First, thank you for taking the time to check out our campaign page! We really appreciate your interest in our film, and to those people who decide to help us accomplish this dream, we are eternally grateful.

We are a group of independent US filmmakers who have an original, compelling story to tell. Producers on the film have produced the following features: Choose Connor, Getting that GirlThe Fields, ProxyInAlienableMr. Blue Sky, and Cellmates -- as well as production and consultation experience on over a dozen short films, and 200 + commercials and web videos.


Brian Klemesrud- Writer-Director. website

Brian is an award winning director out of Chicago, Illinois. As Creative Director of Adelstein Liston, Brian (BK) has directed over 200 commercial spots and has garnered 18 awards over the past 3 years. BK's passion has always been filmmaking. In the past decade he's written, produced, and directed 8 short films, and penned 5 screenplays in the interim. In addition to DEAD DRAW, BK has two other screenplays in development. When he isn't directing commercials and filmmaking, Brian can be found at home with his wife, and two beautiful young daughters. 

Faust Checho- Actor-Producer. imdb

Faust graduated with a B.A in Theatre Arts from Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. In NYC Faust spent a year training under the tutelage of Mike Nichols and George Morrison at the New Actors Workshop and went on to earn a Masters in Acting from the New School for Drama. In 2009 Faust produced his first feature film, "The Fields."  He oversaw all aspects of production and starred in the film with Academy-Award Winner Cloris Leachman, and Tara Reid. His second film, “PROXY”, an official selection of the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival is the first under his FSC Productions banner. PROXY was acquired for distribution by IFC Midnight and will have a day and date theatrical/VOD release in April 2014. Faust also works as a Development Executive for Evergreen Media Group.

Jim Timperman- Director of Photography. imdb

Jim began his career at the age of 12 when a movie production company came to his hometown in Indiana to make a film. Jim followed the camera crew everywhere since they were the ones most interesting to be around. On occasion the D.P. or the camera operator would lift Jim up so that he could look through the eyepiece and give final approval on the composition. Jim has gone on to shoot over 25 Feature films on 16mm, super 16mm, 35mm, and recently HD. He has done hundreds of commercials, including the 2009 Winner of the “Doritos Crash The Super Bowl” contest. He is always ready to stretch for new heights, and enjoys working for Directors of vision.

Our Key Cast:

BITSIE TULLOCH - The Artist (OSCAR-Best Picture Winner), Grimm - imdb

MICHAEL EKLUND - The Call, The Divide, Watchmen, 88 Minutes - imdb

GIL BELLOWS - The Shawshank Redemption, The Weather Man, Ally McBeal - imdb

SLAINE - The Town, Gone Baby Gone, Killing Them Softly - imdb

BRIT SHAW -  Nashville, Masters Of Sex - imdb

FAUST CHECHO - The Fields, Proxy, Those Who Kill - imdb

ANDY AHRENS - Jupiter Ascending, The Chicago Code, Chicago Fire, Mercy - imdb


Why 31K?

While we've already said "it's a wrap"--we need your help getting this film seen! From paying for festival submissions, to other post production and distribution costs, your donation will play an integral part to getting this film the exposure we feel it deserves.

How can I contribute and what happens to the money?

For those who submit on PayPal, we get paid instantaneously with a 9% Indiegogo processing fee, and when we reach our goal, 5% of that fee is refunded. For those who pay with Credit Card, those funds are held until the end of the campaign and then distributed to our Production bank account up to 15 days after the deadline. You are notified when the money is disbursed.

What is a “limited availability” perk? 

This is a perk that we can only offer a small quantity, so once they are gone, they’re gone!  In instances where your pledge level includes “all of the above” from previous reward levels, these will NOT include limited perks.  (The limited perks are: A Sneak Peek of the film online, a ticket (+1) to the first private screening and the after-party, the Pitch your Passion Project, Cast and Crew T-shirts, and personalized autographed still photos taken on set.) 

Can I gift an incentive?

YES!  That would be awesome of you.  If you would like to contribute to the film but give the perk to someone as a gift, go through the normal process of making a donation, for billing purposes this must be done in your name.  After our deadline, we will send a message to you through IndieGoGo to the email address you provided.  We will then request the information of the person who should receive the gift perk, and we promise to make sure your sweetness is delivered!

When is the film’s release?

The film’s release is will depend on the  date of the festival we end up premiering at. It will almost certainly be early in 2015. And everyone who contribute will be added to our mailing list and kept up to speed on the film’s status!

Team on This Campaign: