Day Workers of the Living Dead

DWLD is a short Latino horror parody of Night of the Living Dead. This film will be part of a horror/comedy series called Chicano Tales from the Darkside.


My name is Jesus Cruz and I'm a videographer/filmmaker based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. For the past 10 years I've been working in television production in the roles of camera operator, editor, director and producer for productions ranging from live talks shows, news, sports, magazine, reality and video work for non profits. 

I recently got back working on my first passion, filmmaking and writing, and have been an active crew member and writer for various short movies. My most recent writing and voice over work can be seen on the animated web series The Guzman Show www.theguzmanshow.com.

The campaign I'm currently promoting is to raise funds for the short horror film,   "Day Workers of the Living Dead. This is a Latino parody of Night of the Living Dead and is going to be one of four horror parodies in a series called "Chicano Tales from the Darkside".

What We Need & What You Get

We're looking to raise about $4,000 for each short movie. The money will be used for essential production needs such as:

- Equipment rental

- Special effects make up

- Catering

- Location Permits

-Pre Production costs

We've got a great professional crew that has been active in filmmaking working on this series and some talented special effects make up artists.

You can take a look at the list of perks we have to offer you for the different amounts of your contributions. If we do not meet our goal by the end of March 2013, we will use whatever funds we do acquire towards the needs listed above. 

In addition to the crowd funding at IndieGoGo we will also hold special event fundraiser such as screenings of other short movies and art shows.

The Impact

The completion of this series will be a unique contribution to the horror genre because it appeals to Latino and non Latino horror fans alike. I grew up a fan of the Tales from the Crypt TV and film series and want to add my own style and twist this genre.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to contribute through this site or at this time, we will post information regarding other fundraising methods such as art shows and other screenings.

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