Day Job: A Story of Chasing Dreams

A film that tells of the process—the conflicts, sacrifices and hardships—of chasing a dream and building a startup

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David Chan posted an announcement 4 months ago

Merry Christmas Everyone,

We are happy to release the digital copy for our early supporters. To access your private copy:

URL: Day Job Doc Digital

your login is your: indiegogo email 

your password is: dayjobdoc123

We hope you enjoy Day Job during the holidays! Don't stop chasing your dreams.


Day Job Team

David Chan posted an announcement 7 months ago

Incase you haven't heard Day Job Doc Premiere Screening!

For those who haven't heard, and if you're local to Ontario, please come out and support!  For those who "Community Manager" supporters and up, the album is hot off the press and being shipped out soon.

As always, thank you for believing!


Day Job Team

David Chan posted an announcement 9 months ago

Hey Supporters!

We've got a lot of questions to answer from you guys but none of that matters until we tell you that Day Job Doc has been picked up for distribution! 

We've been in talks for the last few months while we were still building out the movie and its officially sealed.

So whats next? We're planning our first screenings and will get you details on where and when as soon as we can. We're looking forward to the day this makes the theatres and hope that you guys can join us in what would be a very triumphant moment for all of us at Fidelity Format. 

What about the perks? We're rolling those out in two weeks, so if you've changed your address please email me your updated address. Digital copies and hard copies will have to wait a little longer. 

Thanks again to everyone who's supported us from the beginning, we can't wait to see where the journey of Day Job will take us. 

Sincerest Thanks,

Day Job Team

David Chan posted an announcement 1 year ago

Hi Supporters,

We have not forgotten you and the project continues. Like all startups we’re determined to finish this project no matter what. We just finished our new trailer to help continue our exposure through the US. We’ve since brought on an amazing graphics artist and a composer to help bring our film to life.

Thank you for your patience and support, we’re working on an efficient way to roll out your pledge rewards.

Check out our new website: www.dayjobdoc.com and continue to help share this story. http://bit.ly/15Qh0f4

Day Job Team

Elena Wang posted an announcement over 1 year ago

Thank you so much for supporting us thus far as we continue to work on this amazing project. Thank you for contributing to the campaign, for spreading the word on our documentary and giving us feedback on what we’ve been able to produce so far. It has been (and continues to be) a challenging project but working and growing with these inspiring teams has been awesome.

We’ll be sending another update soon to confirm which set of notebooks we’ll be selecting for the custom covers. We’re also working on getting something set up online for those who are still interested in pre-ordering the film.

The Indiegogo campaign is done but the production definitely isn’t. Follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/fidelityformat) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/fidelityformat) to stay updated on the production of Day Job. Stay tuned, there’s definitely a lot more to come!

Day Job Team