Dawgtown: The Animated Motion Picture - PHASE 2

Hand-drawn indie animated feature film about a young Pitbull trying to escape from the brutal world of underground dog-fighting.

PHASE ONE funding was a success!  Your pledges hired our first star!  

PHASE TWO will allow us to hire our second!  

If you love traditional, hand-drawn animation and want to see it make a comeback, then this is the film for you!

"With a contemporary spin (it's ghetto-tastic) and maybe a touch of Bakshi, DAWGTOWN offers a more pointed appeal than the often indistinguishable mush of family CG films."


"A dark, edgy, animated feature that will give my generation something to think about."



(above) Jason Beghe, the star of NBC's Chicago P.D.  (below) Jason Beghe recording the voice of Mauler in Dawgtown.


"Dawgtown" is the story of a young Pitbull named Max who is taken from his owner and forced into the brutal world of underground dog fighting. As a competitor in the most well-funded pit-fighting organization in the world, he becomes a symbol of hope to the others, and must lead them in a dangerous fight for freedom. It’s "Gladiator" meets "Animal Farm".

Refreshing about "Dawgtown" is that it is being produced in the style and technique of traditional hand-drawn animation, which audiences are seeing less and less of these days with the proliferation of CG.  I have chosen an angular style that is inspired by urban and graffiti art. 

The Impact

This is indie film-making.  It’s done all the time with live action, why can’t it be done with animation? I have the talent on board, and the technology makes it possible now. I love Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney, but there should also be other options for moviegoers who love animated features. This is PG-13 material, and it deals with socially relevant issues.

In essence, this is the Pre-Production Phase, and that is what you will be helping me fund.  The film is 80 minutes, and will require a lot more capital to complete, but this phase will help to hire more of the cast for the voice recording.

The Theme of DAWGTOWN

The godly care for their animals, but the wicked are always cruel.

-Proverbs 12:10

1) On the surface, DAWGTOWN is about animal cruelty. Illegal dogfighting is one of the most shameful and brutal crimes committed against animals in this country; they are tortured, abused and killed by the very people who are supposed to care for them.  The Pitbull Terrier used to be the American family dog (remember Little Rascals, and Buster Brown?) and for many it still is, but the breed has had to live with the cultural stigma that has been thrust upon it as a result of dog-fighting. Many live in fear of these animals because of their unfair portrayal in the media.

A culture that abuses and brutalizes such a loyal and trusting animal is morally sick, and such people not only pose a danger to these helpless creatures, but to society as well.  DAWGTOWN does not glorify dog-fighting; it shows it for what it is, and it is a damning exposition of the people who engage in it.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.


2) In the subtext, DAWGTOWN is about security verses freedom. I think we can all agree that today we live in a society where our freedoms are being eroded every day, and usually it is in the name of keeping us safe.  Benjamin Franklin said, "he who would trade his freedom for security will lose both, and deserves neither."  Many of the dogs in Dawgtown have been under the system for so long that they don't even know they are slaves.  It takes an outsider like Max to come into their world and show them that there is a better life, if they will only gather up the courage to stand against their oppressors, and break their chains. 

We all want to be free.  Dawgtown is a reminder that freedom has to be demanded, or those in power will eventually take it away.

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