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3 mini EPs are fully recorded and waiting to be completed. With YOUR participation David Hustler & The Trustworthy can complete this debut project.
David Hustler
Toronto, Ontario
1 Team Member

A Short Summary:

David Hustler & The Trustworthy are not only a band with passion and drive but more importantly, a tight knit group of friends who collectively create an emotional energy on stage and on record.

Knowing the importance of getting their music out to their listeners and future fans, the band has already laid down $5000 of their own money to fully complete the recording of their 10 best songs to date and have poured every ounce of their creative and musical energy into each song.

After 9 days at Boxcar Studio in Hamilton, David Hustler & The Trustworthy strongly believe that people will connect with the music; you are going to hear the band like you would see them live. 

This is where you come in.  The recording is complete, now comes the post-production process of getting the music into the hands of present and future fans.  With your help, David Hustler & The Trustworthy will be able to complete the mixing, mastering, and pressing of 3 EPs over the summer months while promoting and touring to their greatest potential.   

Breakdown of Costs:

Mixing:  A professional mixer has been lined up in Toronto.  It will cost $3000 to mix all 3 EPs.

Mastering:  Mastering will cost $2000 for all 10 songs.

Pressing:  To get the first run of CDs pressed and packaged will cost $2000.

Publicity & Touring:  By this point, the albums will have been professionally recorded, completed, and fully packaged.  It only makes sense to properly publicize, promote, and tour them.  The cost for the remainder of the next year to properly do this, just to break even is $5000 - $8000.


Final Word - David Hustler & The Trustworthy:

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our family, friends, and fans.  These people have made our dream of playing music a reality.  We are forever indebted to these people and this is why we continue to make the music we do and why it is so important to us to give back.

It is hard to put into words just exactly what your contributions would mean to us.  This is our dream, this is our music, this is our life.  This project is the culmination of all of our musical efforts in this lifelong journey.  We would love to share it with all of you.  In the sidebar to the right you will see the unique rewards we have come up with for your contributions.  Check them out!

Thank you so much for visiting our IndieGoGo campaign and if you like what you see here, please feel free to share it with your friends and family.

Thanks again.

-David, Jeff, Rob, Hugh, Ian 




When will I receive my EPs?

Estimated shipping dates:

EP#1 - Ships on June 22nd

EP#2 - Ships on July 27th

EP#3 - Ships on Aug 31st

When will I choose the design and receive my limited edition T-shirt?

The 3rd EPs Instagram contest will end on August 16, 2013.  You will be able to choose the designs starting on August 19, 2013.  The T-shirts will be ready to ship by August 24, 2013.

I didn't specify my name for the liner notes. What should I do?

Just send an email after you have contributed to hustlermedia@gmail.com

I forgot to add the money for international shipping, what do I do?

You can send the money via Paypal.  Just mention who you are, and the details of what you ordered.

I have questions that aren't answered here!

Email - hustlermedia@gmail.com anytime.


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$15,000 CAD goal
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This campaign ended on July 4, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5CAD
    Audience of 1000

    If you can guarantee us an audience of 1000 people to play in front of, we will play for $5. All we ask for is transportation to your location.

    0 out of 2 claimed
  • $10CAD
    Binary Blowout

    Get a digital copy of all 3 EPs 2 weeks prior to their release.

    3 claimed
  • $25CAD
    The Hard Facts

    Above + Hard copy of all 3 EPs signed by the band.

    12 out of 333 claimed
  • $50CAD
    You're full of SHIRT!

    Above + A David Hustler & The Trustworthy limited edition T-shirt of your choice. You will get to choose between 3 different designs from the winning cover photos of our Instagram contest that we are currently running @TrustHustler #TrustHustler. Contest is open to ALL... ENTER NOW!

    15 out of 75 claimed
  • $100CAD
    Let me in! Let me in!

    Above + Your name in the liner notes of all 3 EPs + FREE admission to all live shows for 2013/2014.

    7 out of 50 claimed
  • $250CAD
    "HughJ" Birthday Song

    $100 package + Jeff & Hugh will write and record a birthday song for you or a loved one

    2 out of 5 claimed
  • $250CAD
    A COMBINE'd Effort

    $100 package + Rob will let you and a guest ride with him in his combine for a day on his farm during harvest season. (travel not included)

    0 out of 2 claimed
  • $350CAD
    Cover me this!

    $100 package + David Hustler & The Trustworthy will do a their own version of a song of your choosing, video tape it and post it online.

    0 out of 2 claimed
  • $350CAD
    Culinary Contribution

    $100 package + Dave & Ian will cook you and up to 4 friends dinner, and will perform an acoustic set at Dave or Ian’s house.

    1 out of 2 claimed
  • $500CAD
    Play Us a Show 2!

    $100 package + David Hustler & The Trustworthy will play a live show for you anywhere within a 2 hour drive of Toronto at an agreed upon venue and location... Party!

    0 claimed
  • $1,500CAD
    Play Us a Show 6?

    $100 package + David Hustler & The Trustworthy will play a live show for you anywhere within a 6 hour drive of Toronto at an agreed upon venue and location... Super Party!

    0 claimed
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