Dave's Shower Shave

Hate shaving? This is for you. Natural ingredients, fog-free mirror in a hot steamy shower. More comfort with no mess. You'll never shave at a cold sink again.

Dave's Story

Like generations of men before me, I succumbed to the mass market images of men standing in front of a cold, messy sink, spreading chemicals over their faces enduring mediocre results. Nicks, cuts and razor burn became a tolerated part of my morning ritual.

One day I asked my dermatologist: Before the shower or after? He told me that, actually, dermatologists recommend you hydrate your skin as much as possible before, after and during shaving. They recommend you shave IN the shower. I tried it and became hooked. The warm, steamy environment opens pores, softens hair and relaxes your skin. You don’t have to be a scientist to realize you get a closer, more comfortable shave. But what to use? 

There have been no significant improvements in shaving creams since Edge Gel was introduced . . . almost 40 years ago! Have you read the ingredients? I have sensitive skin, but a tough beard. I wanted pure, healthy, natural ingredients. I wanted a mirror. I wanted travel-friendly.  Most of all, I wanted a comfortable shave.

So I assembled a team of talented people, from chemists to designers. The goal was to design a product with ingredients that WE would love to use every day. Starting from scratch, we researched organic, natural oils that are proven to lubricate and nourish your skin. We chose Olive, Palm, Coconut and Jojoba oils. Shea butter is added along with essential oils like Tea Tree, Spruce, Mandarin, Bergamot Sage and Rosemary. Kaolin clay provides a gentle lather and the "slip" for comfort and closeness. We blend the ingredients by hand using a slow, cold process. 

Once molded and cured, these special bars are conveniently packaged for use in the shower. An unbreakable plastic case protects the bar and makes application easy. It contains a fog-resistant, shatter-proof mirror which is easily maintained with the swipe of a soapy finger. A suction cup keeps it on the wall. Because it’s a solid bar, it will last for two months or more and is perfect for traveling. 

Welcome to the revolution in men’s shaving. You'll love shaving with Dave's. Once you shave in the shower with Dave's, you will never shave at a cold sink again. 

Natural ingredients


What We Need & What You Get

Currently, each of our bars is made by hand in small batches, aged for 30 days or more in a climate-controlled environment then hand-assembled. We want to maintain the hand-made quality. We need more molds so we can increase the size of the batches we make.

We use high quality silicone molds so the bars will release easily. Silicone molds are durable and long lasting. but they're expensive and we need a lot of them. With your help, we can increase production and continue hand-crafting our bars. We will purchase as many mold as we can with the money raised. 

Our perks are our way of saying thanks. You will be rewarded for your help by receiving the best, most comfortable shave ever. We will ship out perks in the order they are received.

Dave's Shower Shave is also planet friendly. We help eliminate empty cans of shaving cream, our ingredients contain no petroleum products and our case is made of recyclable plastic and can be repurposed. Our ingredients are all natural so what goes down the drain will not adversely affect the environment. 

It lives on the wall.


Other Ways You Can Help

If this isn't a good time to contribute, keep in touch for future opportunities. 

Use the Indiegogo share tools to turn your friends and family on to this cool new product and healthy new way to shave. 

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