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An illustrated novel about Rome's most terrible defeat - and Hannibal's greatest triumph.
Jenny Dolfen
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€2,000 EUR goal
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This campaign ended on June 18, 2014
Select a Perk
  • €5EUR
    Sacred chicken

    You may be small and feathery, but all would be lost without you! Thank you so much. I will send a little digital surprise your way by email. Your name will also appear on the “Thank you” page of DarknessoverCannae.com. This goes for all subsequent perks as well!

    1 claimed
  • €5EUR
    With extra plumes on top

    If you have already chosen a perk below 50 €, and want to upgrade your copy of "Darkness over Cannae" to be a limited hardcover edition, add this perk! If you already donated 50 € or more, you do not need it; your upgrade will be automatical! Please do not choose this perk on its own! If you want to donate 5€, go for the Sacred Chicken perk instead.

    48 claimed
  • €6EUR
    Beyond Cannae - the booklet

    This perk gets you a booklet called "Beyond Cannae", featuring concept art, historical considerations, and guest essays/stories (tba) by authors BEN KANE, GREGORY DALY and YOZAN MOSIG! This perk gets you only the booklet. not the novel, and covers shipping. If you already bought any perk of 50€, the booklet goes to you automatically. You can choose this perk *without* the purchase of the novel!

    35 claimed
  • €10EUR

    You’re lightweight, but you’re in it for consul and country! You receive a PDF download of the finished novel.

    9 claimed
  • €19EUR
    Balearean slinger

    No helmets, no armour, no nonsense! You receive a physical copy of the finished novel. Includes worldwide shipping.

    61 claimed
  • €24EUR

    For the glory of Rome, you’ll have nothing less! You'll receive a copy of the finished novel, signed by me, Includes worldwide shipping.

    77 out of 200 claimed
  • €39EUR
    Celtic cavalry

    Hasdrubal won't keep you from getting a little extra! You receive - a signed copy of the finished novel - and I will do a small sketch for you on the first page (my choice of subject, "Cannae"-themed, like a character's face, a little elephant...), - and a bookmark. Includes worldwide shipping.

    32 out of 40 claimed
  • €43EUR
    Double envelopment

    Get two signed copies - one for you, and one for a friend on the other side of the field! Includes worldwide shipping. Both will be shipped to the same address.

    7 out of 20 claimed

    Numidian cavalry

    There's no denying it - you're the coolest person on the battlefield. You receive - a signed copy of the finished novel - and I will do a more elaborate sketch for you on the first page (my choice of subject, "Cannae"-themed, e. g. several characters), - and a bookmark. Includes worldwide shipping.

    20 out of 20 claimed
  • €90EUR
    Armful of loot

    Looting the battlefield, are we? For your fantastic support, there's a little bit of everything here: - a signed hardcover copy of the novel, - with an elaborate sketch (my choice of subject, "Cannae"-themed), - a bookmark, - two signed prints (A3 size) from ANY of my body of work (your choice, Cannae or otherwise!) Includes worldwide shipping. 5 € of your pledge will go to a WWF project saving elephants in Africa!

    12 out of 20 claimed
  • €150EUR
    The Lost Archives of Carthage

    All the originals from Hannibal's time may be lost, but here's the originals from the novel! You receive a signed copy of the book upon publication, and one piece of *original* artwork (~half-page), signed. You'll have a choice which one you can pick. Please scroll down to the description on the left! Includes worldwide shipping. 5 € of your pledge will go to a WWF project saving elephants in Africa!

    1 out of 20 claimed
  • €300EUR
    Grace of Baal

    The Gods smile on you for all your support! You receive - a signed copy, - with a full-page sketch (your choice, Cannae-themed), - a bookmark, - a signed print of “The Face of Battle” and “Across the Wild Alps”, - one piece of original artwork (~half-page), signed, from the novel (I'll try to fulfil your wishes), - you’re drawn as a character in the book. Includes worldwide shipping. 10 € of your pledge will go to a WWF project saving elephants in Africa!

    8 out of 10 claimed
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