Darkness On The Edge Of Town - Irish Western Feature

A teenage sharpshooter hunts her sister's killer in this violent modern Western set on the plains of southern Ireland.
Patrick Ryan
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Cleo Callahan, a troubled teenage sharpshooter, strives to avenge the death of her estranged sister after she is found murdered in a public bathroom. Unbeknownst to Cleo, her best and only friend Robin O' Riley is the murderer she's sworn to kill.
A multi-award winning script, this violent, modern Western feature will shoot in August 2013 under Lagoon Pictures, the production company of Irish filmmakers Patrick Ryan and Tommy Fitzgerald.
The first few pages of the screenplay are available for a gander here -
Cleo and Robin


We're going to make this film come hell or high water. Our total projected budget is €30,000. €10,000 of that is coming from our side, but we need your help to make up the remaining €20,000.

We know it's a lot, but we want to do this script justice and make it properly, from every aspect of production. We've been working towards this for the past two years, and intensely for the past six months. We plan to take the finished film as far as it will go, and we're ready for it.

With our €10,000, we're going to pay our cast and crew, house them, and make sure everyone's covered by insurance.

The remaining €20,000 will divide between camera, sound and lighting costs, catering and transport, production and costume design, post production costs and distribution fees for festivals. You can find a graph detailing the division of funds in our gallery!


Just the facts - we are already in pre-production. Once our campaign wraps up in early May, we'll kick it into high gear. We shoot from the 2nd to the 26th August. Editing and post work will be completed by the end of October, and from there it's a steady send out to festivals the world over.


A film like this has never been made in Ireland before. We're taking Irish film out of the inner streets of Dublin city and landing it in the stunning, desolate surroundings of deep south County Kerry. Clint Eastwood once said of prison films, 'there's not enough sprawl in 'em'. We feel the same as ol' Clint about Irish films. So we're going to inject a little sprawl into our cinema.
But this isn't just a film for Ireland. It's a film we hope and intend everyone, everywhere will enjoy. A genre revenge piece that aspires to the visual and thematic sensibilities of an art film, 'Darkness' utilises two strong female leads, Western undertones, violent overtones, rural Irish landscapes and a tragic, gut wrenching revenge plot.
We've turned down offers on the screenplay in order to make this thing the way we want. It's ready.
We've got our leading heroine, Emma Eliza Regan, and our leading villain, Emma Willis, two super talented rising Irish stars. They're ready.
We've got our crew in place, a crack team of the most skilled and exciting up-and-coming filmmakers in Ireland. Most of them have been working with us for years. They're ready too.
The final piece is this campaign. If you can help us raise the money we need, we promise to deliver a tense, emotional, bullet-ridden, bloodstained Irish Western drama, and we will do it to the absolute best of our ability.


Goes without saying that times are tough at the moment. We're not expecting everyone to be able to contribute, but that doesn't mean you can't help us if you think we're onto something with this thing.
You can give us a hand by sharing, linking, blogging, tweeting; anything at all that gets the word out there! We appreciate everything.
If you want to get in touch with us about any other ways you might like to help, or if you simply want to find out more about us, throw us an email at lagoonpictures@gmail.com.
This train's runnning all the way to end of the line. Climb aboard.
Patrick and Tommy
Once Upon A Time The South
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  • €10EUR

    A THANK YOU in the end credits and a high resolution POSTER emailed to you!

    55 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • €50EUR

    For 50 euro you’ll receive an HD download of the feature length MAKING OF, as well as a host of AWESOME PRODUCTION IMAGES; concept art, storyboards, costume designs, shotlists, stills AND you get everything above!

    20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €100EUR

    100 gets you a T-SHIRT emblazoned with an epic image from the film. Probably involving guns and rugged Irish landscape. ALSO we’d like to give you an extra thanks for your kindness, so you’re going up in the credits under ‘SPECIAL THANKS‘! PLUS, naturally, all of the above!

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    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €200EUR

    At 200, things get personal. We’re going to send you a one of a kind THANK YOU VIDEO from one of the cast or crew, PERSONALISED for you. We'll also send you a PRINTED POSTER signed by everyone we can fit on it (everyone involved in the film that is)! AND everything above!

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €500EUR

    2 tickets to come on down to our PREMIERE in Dublin in the Autumn. You can meet the gang and we’ll have a great old time! Travel and accommodation not included, BUT, we'll send you a FRAMED PRINTED STILL (one of thirty different one-of-a-kind shots) from the film, AND you get everything above too!

    4 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €1,000EUR
    Pale Rider

    EXCLUSIVE -- ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit (IMDB/film credits) an invitation to attend ANY AND ALL SCREENINGS of the film as part of the crew, (travel not included), a copy of the award-winning script SIGNED BY THE GANG! ALSO, we'll send you a classy HARDCOVER BOOK of the pre-production materials, inc. concept artwork, storyboards, shotlists. AND everything above!

    0 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €1,500EUR
    Lone Ranger

    We’d like to meet you. So why not come up and celebrate with the cast and crew at the WRAP DINNER AND PARTY in Dublin in September! AND you’ll get a signed copy of one of the SHOOTING SCRIPTS used by the actors, director, producer or cinematographer, complete with whatever ingenuity we’ve happened to scribble down upon them! (Travel costs not included, but overnight accomodation provided!) ASSOCIATE PRODUCER credit, and you'll also get everything above, apart from the exclusive!

    0 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • €2,500EUR
    The Wild Bunch

    EXCLUSIVE -- LAGOON PICTURES offers its services to you. Whether you are a band in need of a MUSIC VIDEO, a business looking to PROMOTE or anything inbetween, we will help you. Including HD EQUIPMENT, A FULL DAY'S SHOOTING, CREW and EDITING, we will creatively realise your project from start to finish!! Contact us at lagoonpictures@gmail.com if you want to discuss!!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • €5,000EUR
    Fastest Gun In The West

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDIT on the film’s credits and IMDB page. You’ll not only be invited to attend the PREMIERE in Dublin, but we will bring the film to you and have it SCREENED in your home town too (Ireland only)! ALSO, everything above, bar the exclusives!

    0 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • €6,000EUR
    The Man With No Name

    This is a bit mad. We'll GIVE you a CAR. At the end of the film, a large shootout occurs, involving said car. After we've riddled it with a few bullets, we'll give it to you! Also, you can come and VISIT THE SET in beautiful Kerry during the shooting of the final climactic scene!! Travel (within Ireland) and accomodation included! Also EVERYTHING ABOVE including the EXEC PRODUCER credit, bar the exclusives!

    0 out of 1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
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