Dark Potential's First Miniatures

Help us create our first starter sets for our post-apocalyptic miniature wargame.

How to Upgrade Your Perk

If you've already contributed but want to upgrade your perk, here's how you do it:

1.  If you want to upgrade to one of the limited quantity perks, then you'll need to contribute the full amount to claim the perk, and then get your other perk refunded (refunds will be given by PayPal, whether you used it or not).

2.  If you want to upgrade to one of the non-limited quantity perks (i.e. all perks at $350 or less), simply pay the difference, ignore what IndieGoGo says, and I will email you when this is all done to see if you want to combine your contributions, or keep them separate.

Update (April 13) - New Goal - $70,000

Well, it's time for a new goal.

I have a couple of great writers lined up to do all of the lore and history of Dark Potential.  If we hit $60,000, I'm going to get them to do it.

If we hit $70,000, I'll get a LOT of it illustrated as well.

This will help breathe a lot of life into the Dark Potential universe.

Thanks for all your support!

Update (April 12) - New Perks!

We've added a bunch of new perks.

We also changed the $750 and $1000 level perks as nobody wanted those, but the old ones still apply at the $1500 level (i.e. the $1500 level gets you a personal video with me taking a pie to the face and Dave taking a paintball to the bare chest).

IndieGoGo doesn't let us change the descriptions of perks that have already been claimed, and there is a limit to how many perks you can add.

A Quick Intro

It has always been my dream to create my own miniature wargame, and now with your help, that will finally be able to come to pass.

We have been working on the development of Dark Potential, a post-apocalyptic miniature wargame, for quite a while now.  However where we lack is in funding.

Our community on our MiniWarGaming forums have been fantastic in giving great ideas.  Combined with our current Dark Potential Developer's Diaries, we have been fleshing out the idea for this game for a few months now. 

That is why we have decided to start this project to fund the first five miniatures for the Dark Potential line, and we need your help!

What is Dark Potential?

In short, it is a miniature wargame set in the near post-apocalyptic future of earth, roughly in the 2500s.

Humanity had managed to spread out to several other colonies in other systems, but then met with a hostile alien race that attempted to drive them back.  This led to a war that annihilated both sides.

As most of humanity's population was still on Earth, the alien species (called the X'Lanthos) launched a virus meant to destroy all human life.  Unfortunately for them it was only 99.99% effective, and left many survivors.

Those on earth revert to a basic survival mode, and nature starts reclaiming what was once hers.

Why We Need Your Help

Producing miniatures is not cheap.  There are many costs associated, including getting concept artists, illustrators, sculptors, mould makers, and more.

We need to raise $10,000 ($2,000 per miniature) so we can produce our first set of 5 miniatures as soon as possible.  If we are able to get more miniatures created within that budget we definitely will.

Check out the video above for more details, and the perks to the right to see what you'll get in return for helping us out.

What Happens If We Surpass Our Goal?

I would love to produce more than 5 miniatures, and I would also like to produce a lot more concept and environmental art.

If we do more than $10,000, we will use the excess money to do just that.  On average every $1000 - $2000 above our goal will allow us to make another miniature (although it might be more as most of the costs will have already been covered).

Thanks in advance!

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