DANGER! Police Involvement in Mass Deportation

Support graphic novel that uses art and political education to organize against discriminatory policing and mass deportation!
Pooja Gehi
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Short Summary

We are Mizue Aizeki from the Immigrant Defense Project, Lynly Egyes from The Sex Workers Project and Pooja Gehi from the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. We need your support for our graphic novel, DANGER! Police Involvement in Mass Deportation. We work with immigrant communities to help navigate the intersections of criminal and immigration laws. We work specifically with defenders, people who engage in sex work and low income transgender immigrant communities to educate, represent and fight back against deportation. In doing this work we are all too familiar with the ways in which discriminatory profiling and policing and the growing collaboration between police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) devastates already marginalized immigrant communities - folks who are engaging in survival economies, LGBT people, youth, homeless people, poor people and people of color. 

We came together a few years ago as a group of anti violence advocates to fight back against the introduction of Secure Communities (S-Comm) in New York City. S-Comm is the most recent Federal program that effectively brings immigration enforcement into every police precinct in the nation. 

Why We Need To Fight Back

We continue to witness the devastating effects of these policies as our community members are disappearing into immigration detention facilities and into permanent exile. Obama has deported close to 2 million people during his presidency. More people have been deported in the past 10 years than in the previous 100 years!

The so-called "criminal alien" is now the government's primary target for deportation, and immigrants with convictions have been widely vilified, even by those who support immigrant rights, as those who are not worthy of protection. As a result, our folks who are constantly profiled, policed, harassed and discriminated against continue to be trapped in the web of criminal-legal-immigration system. 

Our work is to fight for the rights of all immigrants and as we have gotten increasingly  frustrated by our current political landscape, we decided to switch gears and use public education and art to create a graphic novel that will provide an analysis of the politics around immigration and will guide community members on how to protect and expand their rights. Our novel is a choose your own adventure featuring five characters - who represent a range of ethnicities, immigration status, class, and experiences with the criminal legal system. 

DANGER! Police Involvement in Mass Deportation is being illustrated by Bishakh Som. Bishakh’s work has previously appeared in Hi-horse, (a four-person comics anthology of which he was a co-editor and contributing artist), Blurred Vision, Pood, the academic journal Specs, The Brooklyn Rail and Volume 3 of the much-lauded Graphic Canon series. He received a Xeric grant in 2003 for his comics collection Angel and has exhibited his paintings in a solo show at ArtLexis Gallery in 2010 and in a group show at Rhode Island College. He lives in Brooklyn, NY. You can see more of his paintings, comics and illustrations at www.archicomix.com.


What We Need & What You Get

We are in the preliminary stages of production. We have developed three characters, and a small booklet. We need your support to complete, produce and distribute the booklet and eventually our graphic novel!

We need $ to pay our brilliant artist bishakh k som for initial drawings and to complete the graphic novel!

We need $ for production/publication AND $ for mass distribution! 

(Eventually we also hope to raise $ to develop a web-based interactive version of DANGER! Police Involvement in Mass Deportation)

This graphic novel will use text and images to accomplish multiple aims including: 1) explain how ICE uses the criminal legal system to target deportees and provide Know-Your-Rights information at different stages; 2) illustrate how individuals will have different outcomes in the criminal legal system based on factors such as immigration status, gender nonconformity, class, and ethnicity; and 3) provide an accessible analysis to the political history of exclusion and deportation in the U.S. and how U.S. imperialism and neocolonialism leads to massive global disruption and migration. DANGER! Police Involvement in Mass Deportation will serve as an effective community-education tool, and will also have a broad distribution - especially if we are able to raise funds to convert it into a web-based format

We really want our graphic novel to be easily accessible (and the booklet to be FREE!) for community based organizations, immigrant communities and folks working on the ground ! We hope to use it as part of a broader struggle to END S-COMM and criminalizing legislation

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute you can TOTALLY help us by distributing this fundraiser to folks who can support us. Post it on your social media and spread the word about why its so important to resist the criminal-legal-immigration-deportation systems !

END NOTE:  all donations are tax deductible  and are being processed by SRLP on behalf of the book's creators! This is a collaborative project of SWP, IDP and SRLP. 

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