Damon Janes & Noggin Sport- Doing Our Part In Protecting YOUR Brain

Noggin will donate $5 to Damon Janes foundation and 1 Noggin to you or a Minor sports team of your choice for every $40 raised


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A personal note from Noggin Sport:

 Over the past few days and weeks we have come to get to know a young man named Damon Janes and his family and friends.  It’s amazing to me, what started out as a simple gesture of kindness has now turned into a full-blown passion to pay it forward.

 After speaking to Damons family and friends, I have come to know that Damon is someone who lived life to the fullest and always gave  110% to the fullest meaning of the expression


As the saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I have found this to be very true in this case from speaking with his parents and friends. They have a passion for Damon and a drive that is also 110%


From riding to football, to helping friends and making them smile and laugh. It seems to me that Damon did it to the fullest and from the footage and messages I have seen and read its clear his friends held him in highest regard. He was truly loved by the people around him.

 110% is not just a number it’s a commitment, a passion inside you that is contiguous. It seems that Damon was that for sure.  In reading all of the letters of support its clear to me that Damon was and will be remembered for being a go getter and person of respect and a passion for life.  This is true of his parents, the apple they raised was a golden one for sure.

 On a personal note this passed week has inspired us to try and achieve more in life by contributing to try and make a difference in young mans and his families life so that he not be forgotten.

 To his parents Dean and Penny my thoughts are with you, to Mark who seems to be to be the rock and foundation that is in place and the shoulder to lean on and ear to listen when times are tough.  I have heard you say to me several times now, “we thank you for trying to make a difference”, but I can honestly say it is you that I thank. This story of your son has touched us. I have not met you or your son and though we are in different countries I can tell you for sure, 110% that Damon will with out a doubt have a long and lasting effect on those he touched and knew him, and those like me, who wish I had the chance to.

 Thank you for allowing us to take part in this small way to try and make the world we live in and the sports we love to partake in, safer and better for everyone.


We are there for you 110%

 Never forgotten and always remembered DJ 25


Noggin Sport is a company in Ontario Canada that is looking to make a difference in sports and safety, in regards to concussion awareness and CTE. The Noggin is a fully tested piece of protective garment. Everyone knows someone who has had some form of a concussion either from sports, a slip or a fall. They know firsthand the devastating effects it can have on your body and mind.


Every year millions of head injuries happen in sports. Millions of dollars are lost in pro athletics salaries, regular salaries, as well as medical expenses.


More importantly the youth of today are at risk for more head trauma. Games are faster, athletes are bigger and equipment needs to catch up.


The Noggin`s goal is to make the Noggin a mandatory piece of safety equipment in all contact sports that require helmets.


With your contribution, we can help provide an athlete with more safety and awareness and help minimize the risk of concussions and long term CTE.


Millions of athletes today play contact sports and think, "I will never get hurt", and have a, "I will live forever" mentality. The fact is concussions and CTE’s are becoming a major concern in the sporting world and medical community.


What Noggin requires and what you get in return.


Noggin is seeking to raise $80,000 dollars to provide noggins to players in minor sports, globally. This money raised will help us provide players with better head protection and additional research and development to find new and better ways to try and prevent concussion related injuries 


No donation is too small or too large. The plan is to make sure that for every $40.00 generated Noggin will donate $5 directly to the Damon Janes Foundation and will either send you 1 Noggin skull cap  or donate it to a minor sports team of your choice. Most importantly we will be creating awareness for CTE and concussions.


The money generated from this drive will go to the Damon Janes Foundation and  back into noggin for more research and development. It will also go into creating a partnership with much needed groups that are in support of concussion research and CTE.


Many levels of donations are accepted. You also have the ability to be able to help provide a full team or league with a minimum order of 600 Noggins. The Noggin company will put your company logo and branding on each noggin bands for all players to see and use for the entire year.




Noggin is fully aware that the prevention of concussions is an on going fight. But we firmly believe this product will help with the long term fight against head trauma and the long term effect of CTE.  Many souls have been lost to the fight of CTE.  Some famous athletes have lost battles with CTE.  Being able to provide the youth of today and the future stars with better safety equipment should be the goal of every sporting good manufacturer.


With your donation and passing on this site information  to your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers,  we can easily obtain the goal we set.  Please also remember it does not have to be just $ 80,000 raised.  The goal is to try and provide as many noggins as possible to as many kids in the next 60 days. So please pass this on.


Together we can make a difference.  Change is hard, but those with vision can accept and promote safety in sports. Lets join together to make a difference, no donation is too small, no email will go unanswered.  Pass this on, let’s lead the fight to protect and preserve the sports and athletes we love.

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