Dale Hardshovel HD

Help Dale Hardshovel to complete the Bloomstone in this puzzle game and to complete this campaign as well

Meet Dale Hardshovel fearless australian archeologist – a mixture of characters between Indiana Jones and Crocodile Dundee.

Without hesitation Dale Hardshovel gets himself involved in his first quest to help his daughter Daisy in finding a solution to the cyphered manuscript.

Dale's most valuable tools that he uses in solving his quests are his head/mind and his hard and heavy shovel as his last name implies.

Dale and Daisy's first adventure starts in Dale's study

“It is a usual working day in Dale's study. Suddenly, his daughter Daisy rushes in, holding a piece of old papyrus with strange inscriptions. She needs it for her archaeological exhibition, but she can't translate it. Intrigued by the papyrus, Dale checks his archaeological network and finds out that the inscription is the belonging of an ancient brotherhood from Egypt, and the only key to the translation is the mysterious Bloomstone.

However, the secret is hidden in the Big Pyramid, guarded by Anubis, an ancient Egyptian deity. Now, Dale has to solve 100 puzzles that Anubis set for him, and to collect all the missing pieces of the Bloomstone. But he will soon discover that there is much more to this challenge...”

We started working on our previous version of the game in 2007. using C and SDL library – combination that made sense for that time. Game was developed only for PC and Windows OS and later ported to Mac OS X.

As time passed by, new revolutionary hardware gadgets were presented by Apple, iPhone at first, followed by iPad and later counter attacked by Google's Android. Touch gaming became very popular, and we came with the idea to remake Dale Hardshovel to suit those devices and input mechanics – mouse is just not enough for Dale.

Following touch revolution – game development engine revolution happened! Unity engine became popular and we at PHIME STUDIO stared using it. Our production boosted with the Unity engine and now we are able to port our games to many platforms as desktop PC and Mac and Linux , iOS iPhone / iPad and Android phones and tablets.

Game features over 100 of pure mind twisting levels to solve, original inhouse composed soundtracks, story based quest

Gameplay in Dale Hardshovel HD was inspired by old puzzle game by TAITO called Puzznic. Main idea in the game is that you move, drop and connect when you solve the artifacts in level.


There are two types of figurines

  • Small one with the dimensions  2.6w x 4.0 d x 5.95 h

  • Large one with the dimensions  5.2 w x 8.0 d x 11.9 h


T-shirts male/female

Large printed poster

Jigsaw puzzle with 252 pieces


The estimated date for the finished game is March/April 2013.

Team on This Campaign: