D.C. Revolutions

Redesigning Our Energy Future

Project’s Goal

First of all, thank you for checking out our project. We hope you are as excited about it as we are. Our goal is to rally support, and in the process, raise funding for the next major step in the development of our (patent pending) vertical axis wind turbine. We have made some real headway on our own, but the next stage takes quite a bit more money than out-of-pocket expenses. The first two prototypes, though functional, were aimed at developing different parts of the overall design. After raising enough funding, we will be able to finish manufacturing and test the first fully operational turbine that incorporates what we've learned from the other two. With a proof of concept, we can begin testing our design on streetlights in partnering cities.

Our Story

We’re really excited to be starting a campaign here, on IndieGoGo. Our goal is to build a vertical axis wind turbine, but our passions lie in its design and meaning. At D.C. Revolutions (Palo Alto, CA), we want to revitalize the renewable energy landscape. People should be excited and inspired by the energy of the future; just as art and design inspire us.

Our design philosophy is centered on three key concepts:

1. No one wants an ugly product. We are designing ours to enhance its surroundings.

2. The single biggest problem with renewable energy right now is that it costs too much. We’re designing our turbine to be affordable.

3. Finally, the product needs to work. Period. We’re pouring a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into the mechanics, testing, and scoping out of project sites so that we’re getting the most out of the wind and not wasting all of this potential.

What We Need

The prototype has several components that we need to optimize, manufacture, and assemble for real world testing. Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with too many details ;-) Basically, the funds we collect here will go straight into the final manufacturing, assembly, and testing of the prototype. Every dime counts in this process, and $10,500 is our estimated cost. Keep in mind that prototypes are always much more expensive than the final product.

We need your support in another way, too. You can find links to Twitter, Facebook, and our website all over this page, and we would love it if you took two seconds to connect with us. We promise updates on our progress as we reach new and exciting milestones. Plus, we have an awesome supporters page on our website where, you can immortalize your involvement among the “Star Contributors”. Also, feel free to tell people about the project and how they can contribute. We appreciate your support.


“Star Contributor” - $10

Get your name listed amongst the “Stars” on our unique supporters page. (You earn this for any contribution above $10 regardless of other rewards claimed.)


"Swag Collector" - $25

Get a sweet beanie with the D.C. Revolutions logo emblazoned on the front.



"The Connoisseur" - $40

Receive our 5” X 7” laser-etched acrylic artwork. You get to choose from three models: Gotham City, Red Midnight, or Blue Twilight.

Gotham City

Blue Twilight

"Prometheus" - $60

Give light to your world with the D.C. Revolutions Desk Lamp.


"The Original" - $90

Immortalize any image of your choosing on a 5” X 7” laser-etched sheet of acrylic. Add a custom inscription for a personalized touch.

"The Artisan" - $105

Make it 230% larger! Immortalize your chosen image on an 8” X 11” laser-etched sheet of acrylic. Add a custom inscription for a personalized touch.

"Da Vinci" - $450

We’ll work with you to make a unique, laser-etched acrylic sculpture. You dream it, we’ll make it. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill piece of art. Feel free to explore possibilities by sending us questions.

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