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Just put it on to take a call or hear music on your phone or PC. No earphones required!
Mike Freeman
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More New Perks!!!

$69: Bluetooth + MP3 + Headset

Limited Time Offer!***Best Value***
  • Can't decide between the Bluetooth and MP3 module? Get both at a steal. 
  • Both modules have clips for your shirt, and both are compatible with the headset so you can easily switch out whenever you want. 
  • Going for a short run or to the gym? Leave your phone at home and just take your music along! 
  • Because the modules clip on the shirt, the headset is SUPER light on the head; even more comfortable than ear buds as there is no weight from the cable on the ears. 
  • Perfect for lots of high movement or long wears!
$24: Assembled Standalone Headset

Convert your existing Cynaps into a sleek headset version! This kit comes with the new improved headset with our newest transducers, a small adapter cable for those who use white connectors and clips to convert any Cynaps module into a shirt or bag wearable version. Clip it on and go!

$14: Headset Retrofit Kit

Use this simple kit to turn your new and improved transducers into an awesome bone conduction headset. Included are shirt clips designed to fit all previous versions of Cynaps modules. You can literally attach the clip & assemble the headset within 60 seconds. Works perfectly with bike helmets and hats without getting in the way. Super convenient! 

Check out this quick video to see how easy it is to install:

$22: Headset Retrofit x 2!

Get two of them at a steal!

$12: New and improved transducers!

That's right - we've redesigned them from the ground up to make them thinner than ever and super comfortable - while still improving the sound delivery. They're easy to place anywhere on a cap or helmet straps and are easily adjustable using the small magnetic attachments.

Look how thin they are!

This is how they attach to the cap band, using the small magnet - no more velcro!

They look AWESOME on the helmet straps! Safer and much more comfortable too, without being squeezed into the helmet structure.

We'll also send you that little attachment in the top photo to allow you to connect these transducers to any previous Cynaps device (including Bluetooth, Mint and Enhance). 
This upgrade is definitely worth it for the enhanced clarity and comfort!

$19: New & improved transducers x 2!
Just a little more and get 2 sets!$49: MP3 Headset

Leave your phone at home! This baby can store up to 1600 songs with the included 8GB Micro SD card. Like the Bluetooth version, the MP3 module also has an integrated clip on the back for your shirt or bag. Comes with leather carry case and USB charger.

$59: Bluetooth Headset: New and improved!

Here are the new features:

  • Super light headset with a new sleek look including our new and improved transducers; minimal sound leakage and awesome transmission with perfect placement on your cheekbones
  • Nearly twice the battery life as the original Mint: 700mAh
  • Improved Bluetooth reception: thinner housing near the Bluetooth antenna for dramatically increased recption over the original Mint
  • Mini headphone jack for the headset: much more stable and reliable than the original white connectors
  • Easier to access buttons on the front of the module
  • Sturdy integrated clip for optional attachment to a shirt or bag
  • Headset can be worn easily in combination with any hat or helmet!

See demo video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avFQd11BR18

Comes with USB charging cable and leather carry case

$29: Cynaps MP3 - Standalone Unit

If you've already got any of our Cynaps products, this item is literally plug and play! It easily switches out with our Bluetooth, Mint and Enhance modules if you just want to relax and listen to music or audiobooks. It comes with an 8GB micro SD card, allowing you to store up to around 1600 songs! The volume on this is incredible as well (about 3X the max volume of the Bluetooth).

We'll also send you an adapter cable with this perk, just in case you have the transducers with the white connectors.

Plug and play for everyone!

$39: Cynaps MP3 - Self-Install Kit with new and improved transducers!

Get this one to install Cynaps MP3 along with our new awesome transducers into any cap or helmet. We'll add on the extra velcro strap to make helmet installation a snap!

$49: Cynaps MP3 - Assembled Cap with new and improved transducers!

Get the latest transducers along with our newest product - Cynaps MP3. Store 1600 songs on the included 8GB Micro SD card and let your phone chill at home! 

Fully assembled and ready to go in our black, white or grey sweat absorbing caps. Default is black, so just leave us a comment if you want it in white or grey!

$50: Cynaps Bluetooth Self-Install Kit with new and improved transducers!

Get this one to install a Cynaps Bluetooth module - along with our new awesome transducers - into any cap or helmet. We'll add on the extra velcro strap to make helmet installation a snap!

$59: Cynaps Bluetooth assembled cap with new and improved transducers!

Fully assembled and ready to go in our black, white or grey sweat-absorbing caps. Default is black, so just leave us a comment if you want it in white or grey!

Product Description: 

  • Cynaps (derived from 'synapse') is the world's first Bluetooth enabled, bone conduction headset, discreetly installed into an easy to wear hat. No earphones are required.  Just wear your hat, and the sound from your phone or PC is conducted directly into your inner ear through vibration.  You can listen to music or have a phone or Skype (for PC & Mac) conversation, even while doing an activity that requires your ears, eyes and hands to be available.

    Cynaps: Ears-Free

    Running and biking are perfect examples.  Normal bluetooth earpieces cover your ear, and you lose your ability to hear exactly where other cars may be around you.  Cynaps lets you keep this crucial ability, while enabling you to discreetly take a call, anytime, anywhere, keeping you safe and giving you back all of your senses!  Also, it's not putting pressure on your eardrums like conventional headsets or handsets do, so you won't get the headaches, earaches and arm-aches you normally get after a few hours of holding and talking on a handheld phone.  You can talk for much longer with Cynaps without getting tired.  And you can freely do whatever you want, at the same time.

    The battery life of Cynaps is amazing.  Standby time is around 30 days, and the average talk time is between 6 and 10 hours.  This wide range depends mostly on the volume setting and how frequently the audio part is used.  The microphone uses up almost none of the battery life, while the audio (vibration) accounts for almost all of it, so listening to very loud music on full volume can use up the battery in just a couple of hours.  Most people will be able to talk comfortably on medium volume for about 7-8 hours between recharges.  Most people can charge it once a day, but if you practically live on the phone or want to turn the volume up extra loud, it's worthwhile to have an extra Cynaps and battery backup on hand, just in case.

    The controls are super easy. Just press the bill to take a call or play the current song on your phone or PC.  Also control the volume level and navigate your playlist, all from the simple control buttons under the bill.
    Cynaps Control Panel

    Cynaps can connect to any bluetooth enabled phone, PC or audio player.  Pairing is as easy as pressing a button to make Cynaps discoverable, then selecting Cynaps on your phone or PC.
    Cynaps: Easy Bluetooth Pairing

    Working in a loud environment that requires earplugs?  Want some tunes but can't hear them?  Now you can!  Even with protective earplugs in, Cynaps is crystal clear.  In fact, the sound is even better, richer and more pure with earplugs in!  Never miss a call, and always have some good tunes on hand to get you through the day.  Now if it could only make you coffee too :).  Perfect for any place you'd normally use earplugs: traveling, resting, etc.
    Cynaps: Bone Conduction


Tech Specs:

  • Battery: 700mAh
    Talk time: 6-10 hours, standby time: 30+ days, charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Microphone: 
    Sensitivity: -36 to -46dB, Impedance: 2.2K ohm
    Max Current consumption: 0.5mA, Frequency response: 100 to 10,000Hz
  • Transducers (each): 0.8W normal, 1.5W max
    Resonant Frequency: 16 +/- 0.5 kHz, Frequency: 300-19000 Hz 


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