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Revolutionary Snapback: Cap with video-screen.
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             Fantastic childhood, crazy juvenility, enchanting adolescence, bright company!A team of creative, talanted friends, which did not let us sit still, made us turn on our imagination. Each one of us tried to demonstrate individuality, it was a latent rivalry, nobody said it, but everyone understood it. One of us had an idea to unite two incompatible objects: a head gear and a display. This idea inspired us to creation of an innovational product. This is when we started to work hard on creation of a snapback, which would later be called CYCLOPS. When we had the first prototype made, we put it on and visit some friends, who said: «Guys, you can suprise the whole world with it!»

So, we are trying!

“Cyclops Cap” is a snapback, equipped with a high quality plastic corps which has a built-in video screen to display any kind of video or photo to emphasize your own personality.

“Cyclops Cap” is not just a fashionable device.

It is a new opportunity for a sports fan to show everyone his own favourite team. Your child can always enjoy his favourite cartoon or comics characters. It is a great chance to surprise your friends or just passersby. What is more, at UFC fight everyone will immediately understand who the winner is.

The fields where “Cyclops Cap” can be used are endless. First, you can place the important information about special offers on the caps of fast food restaurant workers. What is more, it can be a souvenir production designed according to all the countries all over the world.
It is extremely easy to operate this device. You should simply connect your smart phone to Cyclops using Bluetooth or Wi –fi, then you choose your favourite video or photo in the appendix and you are ready to surprise everyone! Thanks to Cyclops you will never remain unnoticed!

Just the way a telephone has stopped being only a gadget to make calls, “Cyclops ” caps have stopped being only hats.

Let’s try to create the future today thanks to “Cyclops” caps!

A unique opportunity to show your individuality as well as to express your desires, interests and the brightest emotions on the “Cyclops” caps’ screen.

All you have to do is empower your imagination and you will always be in the spotlight, emphasizing your own style.                                                                                               


Cyclo-1 – is a basic model, made of good quality cotton and superlight but strong plastic. It has all the necessary functions to feel the product best. Cyclo-1 is a base for all other lines of Cyclops brand, particularly in the programme of corporate sales, that symbolizes high technical specifications of the following model and a wide range of possibilities

Exclusive collection – is an exclusive line of Cyclops, made for those, who got used to possess only the best. Exclusive collection is Cyclops made of high quality material. Each of the caps from this line has each own combination of styles. Exclusive collection is a Cyclops for true collectors and aesthetics lovers.

Examples of future models, created by Cyclops Exclusive Collection are listed below:

Cyclops Nature Line – skilfull combination of smooth and braided leather underlines your style and ability to appreciate luxury. The case, that is made from the lightest wood in the world – Balsa, with gilded fittings makes this model a worthy exhibit of modern fashion.Cyclops Gold Line is the “gold reserve” of our brand. Gold Line is an exclusive line made using elements with golden hues. This model represents glamour and beauty. High-quality materials: suede, leather, vinyl and numerous design findings characteristic of the Gold Line will not leave you indifferent.Cyclops Carbon Line is bold, blazing and right-on… It’s no secret that carbon fiber is used to manufacture the best sports cars in the world and Formula-1 race cars. Carbon is both light and strong, but in addition it has attractive texture that fans of extreme sports and urban clothing style will love to wear.

Under standing the Cyclops device will be easy for everyone as the novelty of  this device is the idea itself, the idea of merging two different things.

We took the most popular headgear, a usual snapback, and our team of designers and engineers began to work together to create the body. Upon selecting the best design, we have equipped the Cyclops with a video player especially optimized for our tasks and appearance.

Achieving the most optimal weight of our device was also a specific and important criterion for us.Then we isolated the entire device from moisture.

* At the moment, we are constantly experimenting with our device, so Cyclops specifications are subject to change. In this case, we will notify all backers by mail. 



The application is primarily designed to control the cap easily without removing it from the head. It is also used to synchronize the cap with a smart phone or a PC.

The application functionality includes:

  • Full control of the video player on the cap

  • Synchronization between the cap and a PC to transfer data from devices to the cap

  • News from the company (promotions, discounts, events)

  • Cyclops Shop (with gift certificates and an opportunity to order a cap through the application)

  • Mini Text Editor to display text on the cap screen. 

We hope that this will make communication with disabled people much easier, so we call this functionality ‘easy talk’


Cyclops is a unique and versatile product with a huge number of possible applications in various fields. It all depends on you, on your desires and fantasies. If you have decided to look into the future, then the Cyclops cap will help you with this. Let’s make together one small step on the long road to the revolutionary future of youth fashion industry.

Meanwhile, we invite you to choose a Cyclops cap that will help you and us to make this world a brighter place!

If you’re still reading this and have gotten to this part of the description then you are probably not yet sure about our product, so we can only offer you some gifts that you could get from us.








Below is a special color table from the Cyclo-1 collection. When choosing a gift, please leave a comment with the name of the desired  color of your cap.

For example:

John Travolta – Сyclo-1, Red Blood.

We are focused on the high quality of the final product.And we need to refine the product before launching it to the market.Since we plan to launch our own production, our calculations indicate that we need 250 thousand dollars for that.

Any amount collected above that will give us an opportunity to surprise the fans of our product with even more colorful Cyclops caps!

For example, if we collect five hundred thousand we could develop an exclusive collection of Cyclops with elegant and top - quality materials.

And it will also bring us closer to our plan to launch our basic concept of Cyclops with a flexible screen.

The technology of flexible displays is currently at an early stage of development across the world.In addition to numerous complexities associated with it,it also requires a lot of funding.Therefore, as soon as the amount of one million dollars is collected we will be ready at last to release a completely unique Cyclops line,which will undoubtedly be loved by everyone, so elegant,always ready to turn into a regular snapback,but with a very unusual design.Cyclops with a flexible screen, “Cyclops flex”.




Frequently asked questions.

How much did the weight of a cap increase with a case and a screen?

The mean weight of a cap is around  100 gramms. The screen added additional 56 gramms to the total weight. Yet we are still working on it!

What is the screen’s resolution?

We use screens with 960x640 resolution (326 pixels per inch), 3.5″ diagonal, which allows to have a bright image even during the day time!

Is the device water resistant? it is important!

We have thought this through at the early stages of Cyclops creation. The case is sealed and does not let water inside. Charging port is also protected by a plug. Cyclops is totally protected!

Is there any radiation emission from this product? is there any harm to the body?

Our team took this question seriously. We have spent a lot of time and funds to medical research ( and are still working and will be working on this question). We were able to decrease harmful effects on a body, mostly by using LCD display, which does not produce radiation. Our device has much less of Specific Absorption Rates (SAR), than on mobile devices, which makes it safer than your mobile phone. There is no need to worry!

What types of video format are supported?

At the moment, Cyclops support MP4, MOV, M4V and AVI video formats. Yet, we are working on creation of universal Video player! We are sure that by the time of your purchase, you will not worry about such question.

In what colors will be Cyclops available?

Our color palette is very rich. Currently, we have 4 lines of Cyclops, in each of them there will be different models, materials and colors.

  • Cyclo-1

  • Cyclops Gold

  • Cyclops carbon

  • Nature line

Official information will be available on our website very soon

Are there speakers on Cyclops?

Cyclops do not produce sound! First of all it is a questions of necessity. However, time will tell...

Is there a possibility of an electric shock?

It is not possible! All electronics is placed inside the sealed case! No need to worry!

Where and when can I buy Cyclops, outside

All of those, who do not participate in our project on indiegogo, can subscribe to our product and receive all information on

For how long does the battery let device work?

Cyclops is capable of 8 hour of non-stop video playback. We are still working on improving it.

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