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A real-life Iron Man helmet for motorcyclists.
Tyler Richárd
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Marshalltown, Iowa
United States
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Cyclecyte is a start-up venture seeking to bring Heads-Up-Display technology into motorsports in a realistic, and easy-to-use way. There are definitely other choices for HUD devices out there, but none that give a rider the same convenience to their already existing data, and in an interface that is intuitive to the rider. Hands-down, there is no other control method that will match a virtual character in terms of intuitiveness and control.

It's an interactive Heads Up Display helmet, controlled only by your voice. The CycleCyte is the first helmet of its kind to be powered completely by the user's smart-phone device. This allows the user complete access to the data and software that the rider is used to. It also allows access to your device's on-board sensors such as GPS, compass, and accelerometer. The CycleCyte uses this information to display a speedometer, a horizon safety sensor, turn-by-turn directions, track data, and much more. Unlike other helmets, the CycleCyte doesn't require charging, has constant internet connection, and can accommodate up-to a five inch display. This opens up motorcyclists to all sorts of safety features and easy-access information. Future plans of our free app will be group voice chat with other CycleCyte wearers in your area, or with specific riders across the world. Another feature is that the app will inform you if there is precipitation along your ride route, and asks if you would like your directions to be diverted to a near-by awning such as a gas station, bank, or carwash so that the rider may wait for the weather system to pass. The rider will also be able to request a gas station nearby or ask for the cheapest gasoline along the route, all of this controlled by the application's virtual character.

My name is Tyler Richard. I'm an avid motorcyclists with a background in computer engineering. I'm a 23yr old from the midwest. Having only 8 months a year to ride my motorcycle causes me to value and enjoy every minute on my bike. Riding this often segregates me from my friends and family too often. To restore that connection, I created the CycleCyte. 

My primary focus for the past seven years has been virtual displays. Having held several positions and owning a company in the field has provided exactly the experience I need to make this product a reality. I have been using and building 3D displays since my sophomore year in high school. I was invlolved in a extra-curricular virtual reality class. I went on to hold several internships with Rockwell Collins, Mechdyne Inc, Iowa State University, and taught 3D software to students around the country. 

I later went to own a 3D Display company that sold primarily to educators. This business performed very well, and I'm looking to expand my experience in this field to other areas and applications of interest to me. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 15. Nothing brings that same feeling of climbing on the bike for the first time each season. Please feel free to take a look into a couple of my portfolio samples listed on the CycleCyte webpage.

 The CycleCyte is driven completely by your smartphone device. There's no need for charging or external control components. Your smartphone device is secured into the universal mount located inside the helmet's shell. The phones image is reflected onto the Cyclecyte's visor, which is manufactured from a special beam-splitting material engineered precisely for this application. The phone is connected to the internal headset for control and audio feedback. 

The Application software is equally important in helping create the CycleCyte experience. The app is controlled by the virtual character "Adrian". He helps bring information to your attention, and organizes it how you would like it displayed in the visor. He also helps to perform the actions that keep you connected to the outside world, like sending and reading text messages aloud. This ensures that the messages do not distract you from traffic. He also performs leisure activities such as controlling internet radio. While riding, Adrian also carries out actions behind the scenes. He is checking the weather to ensure that there is no precipitation along the route. If there is precipitation, he helps either redirect you around the storm system, or directs you to a location with an awning such as a gas station, bank, or car wash.

 He also is checking gas prices along your route, and suggests stopping points when you've traveled a set distance. Adrian also helps you get connected with other CycleCyte riders. He is capable of finding anonymous CycleCyte riders within your area to voice chat with, or finds specific riders anywhere in the world. This completely eliminates the need for expensive radio systems with limited distance. At this level, Adrian truly becomes your copilot, directing you around weather, traffic, and construction. He does virtually everything but drive.

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    Keep the sun off with a CycleCyte bandanna. All Pride Apparel ships within 30 days following a successfully funded campaign.

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    Wnat to have some real pull in deciding where this product is headed? We'll send you a test-visor for your smartphone, and send you periodic installments of the CYCLECYTE app before it's released to the public. You will be able to provide direct feedback to the CycleCyte development team, and watch our supporting ideas come alive.

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    Be the first to own the CycleCyte HUD Helmet. Place your order now while they last.

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    If you missed the first wave of orders, be sure not to miss this round before our campaign ends!

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  • $700USD

    Meet the development team at a motorcycle racing event here in flat-track nation Iowa, plus get tons of free CycleCyte gear. Must provide transportation. Date TBD

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $1,000USD

    Want to be listed as a Gold Level Supporter? See your name listed on the splash screen of the pilot application, when you receive one of the first 30 CycleCyte Helmets made!

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    Estimated delivery: April 2015
  • $5,000USD

    Be the first of five people to own a CycleCyte Helmet, test the beta model and provide feedback, and star in the next promotional video as the CycleCyte wearer. Includes round-trip tickets to come see us from anywhere in the continental U.S. Also includes a two-night in a hotel, and the purchase of one of the first five units produced.

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    Estimated delivery: April 2015
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