Cybersports and the SportsXperience

A fully interactive, celebratory sports fan experience.

What is Cybersports?

Cybersports is the initial brand and product line of Kinetic Endeavors, Inc. We focus particularly on embedded motion sensors that accurately simulate and record motion. Cybersports combines the real with the virtual giving the consumer the best of both worlds. With our prototype baseball also known as the Cyberball (shown above), players and fans can measure their skills with those of pro athletes by accurately simulating spin axis, rotations per second, velocity and trajectory of the ball in flight. 

This technology has endless possibilities and Cybersports is currently working on incorporating the technology into all sports, from football, to basketball, to golf and many more.

Beyond being a training tool with specific and measurable results, it also provides entertaining experiences for sports fans and fun for the casual ball player. Whether used for training for organized teams or just entertainment purposes, the Cyberball will bring fans closer to the game that they love.

It is a true "Entertraining experience."

The SportsXperience

The SportsXperience is where athletic achievement will meet 21st century interactive technology, providing guest with unmatched physical, cultural and educational experiences. It will serve as a family oriented attraction paying tribute to the cherished attributes of America's favorite sports in an immersive an multi-sensory way. For years to come it will provide the NY/NJ Metropolitan area and visitors from across the country and around the world with a place to celebrate their passion for sports through various tangible, emotional and cerebral exhibits. 

The SportsXperience will include the assets we will acquire from the Sports Museum of America combined with Cybersports technology to create a fully interactive, entertaining experience for any sports fan. What sets this apart is the hands-on activity that visitors will take part in when visiting the SportsXperience. Rather than just a walk through museum, visitors participate in activities that blend the real with the virtual in order to give the consumer the best of both worlds.

Some highlights of the SportsXperience include:
1. Creating the perfect athlete
2. Separate sections dedicated to all your favorite sports
3. Sports Pioneers
4. 360 degree Immersion Theater

The site for The SportsXperience will be the American Dream Mall at The Meadowlands, projected to finish construction in 2013. The American Dream at The Meadowlands will be the largest mall in the United States and is projected to receive 55 million guests annually. It will feature five themed districts: Sports, Entertainment, Fashion, Kids Play, Food and Home and indoor water and theme parks.

What We Need & What You Get

We are currently seeking $50,000 to be used for two main purposes. First and foremost we are looking for funds to secure the assets to the Sports Museum of America (SMA) which will then be incorporated into the SportsXperience. Cybersports will also use the funds to continue production and distribution of the Cyberball. If our entire goal is not reached, we will use whatever funds raised to secure the assets to the SMA which is a priority for the SportsXperience. We will combine funds raised here with other funding sources if we cannot reach our entire goal. The campaign will continue.

Of course we have several unique perks in exchange for your contributions, outside of the satisfaction of helping to turn this idea into a reality. These perks include:

1. A promotional disc with unique content from the SMA

2. Cybersports Founders T-Shirt

3. Name on the website as a backer

4. Half off the purchase of a Cyberball

 5. The chance to be an official beta tester of the Cyberball

These perks will be shipped out one month after the project deadline, or upon completion of the production of the Cyberballs for the later two perks. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word! The best way to help is to let people know. If you like the idea be sure to reach out to anyone who you think would be interested as well. The use of social media is key in this portion. All the support and buzz we generate would be thanks to you.

Team on This Campaign: