Cuttlelola- World's First Eletric Artistic Dotspen

Cuttlelola Dotspen help ordinary people realize art dream, help illustrators save time on artwork!
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The World’s First Eletric Artistic Dotspen - It's a brand-new drawing tool, can help you save much of time on drawing of stippling or pointillism, no matter you are Artist, Amateur or Students, no matter you have art background or not, you can master the stippling skills through dotspen easily and draw amazing work !

Although Stippling shows work in exquisite details,which need the drawer pay infinite patience, much of time and bravery to complete, so we all like and admire stippling work from others, but usually it’s not easy for ourselves to try .

The invention of Cuttlelola Dotspen will change current situation,let stippling art be easy and fun, which will absolutely promote pointillism /stippling art ,and make the exquisite drawing be popular.

The speed of drawing by Cuttlelola Dotspen is 10 times of the traditional drawing pens, which means the work was supposed to be complete for a week, while dotspen only need just one day to complete, it can save a lot of time. Cuttlelola Dotspen can make you have more time on creativity. 

How Does It Work? 

Cuttlelola Dotspen:  Easy operation, start the button, the nib will rapidly simulate the action as stippling, by controlling the direction and spaces of dots on paper to get the contrast of light and shade, you can easily and quickly master stippling skills even you without art background. Cuttlelola Dotspen with lithium battery for power supply. It can be charged using a simple USB connection through computer or mobile, or drawing while charging.


About Us

We want to take a moment to tell you the story bebind Cuttlelola Dotspen.

The idea for Cuttlelola Dotspen from Mr. Shuochang Song 1 year ago, he saw the stippling work of ‘Hero’ through internet  by American Artist- Miguel Endara, he became interested in stippling, so he tried to draw stippling. In the drawing process, he found stippling took huge of time,and it needed great patienceto complete a work, because there was no much time to waste, so he used the drawing time invented Dotspen, and started dots drawing by Cuttlelola Dotspen , the result of stippling was satisfied.  

So, we think of letting artists, stippling fans, illustrators from all over the world all know Cuttlelola Dotspen and use it, which has become our dream, we expect Cuttlelola Dotspen can help more people save time, to create more beautiful works.

Because the dream of calling, we couple consist of the R&D team, Magic Song is responsible for the Prototype, Designing, Engineering, Testing and I am responsible for searching for each components, right manufacturers cooperation, processing and so on to accomplish a series of work,

We are happy to see our dream is going to the real step by step, Currently mostly in trial production stage, we hope to get your supporting, Please join in ourdream team through Indiegogo, let us work together to help more people to save time, to create more and beautiful works. 

The First Handmade Prototype


Plastic Mould & Components



Cuttlelola Dotspen & a pack of 5 special refills

Development Time


Why We Need You

First of all, thank you for taking the time to check out our project. We really appreciate it. 

We’ve been developing Cuttlelola Dotspen for past 8 months, it’s now functional and ready for mass production, we now are at a stage where we need your help for our initial production run, We will supervise the initial production for Cuttlelola Dotspen, including manufacturing, assembly, and quality control. , also we expect to develop generation II for larger capacity of the battery with more fashion looking.

While we're close to entering production, your support will help fund: 

• Production  

Large Cmponents Order

More Color Ink

Support Marketing Efforts

• Certifications- CE, Rohs, FCC. 

Your support will be the key to the success or not, please help us bring Cuttlelola Dotspen to our real life !

 We would like to thank every  backer for contributions and any assistance in realization of our project, please share our project through Facebook, Twitter etc, we would be very happy for any help, if you have any questions or just say hello, be sure to contact 



1. I have not studied art, can also use Cuttlelola Dotspen to draw?

Yes, by simple learning you can use it to draw, because stippling is different from ordinary painting, when we use a pencil, because as a wrong line which make you  can not continue to paint, but stippling is different, even if you draw the wrong dozens of dots, also won't affect your whole work, which give you the confidence to complete your work.

2. Cuttlelola Dotspen allows children to use?

Absolutely, but must have the adult for guiding nearby. 

3. After refill used up, where should I buy?

At present, Cuttlelola Dotspen has its special refill, 5 pcs refill for free in the first purchase, the refill can be replaced, we are going to build up online store for selling this special refill, or to buy in the DOTSPEN appointed store in the future.

4. Will you ship internationally?

Yes. Our logistics partner is able to ship to most locations around the world.

5. How to learn to use Cuttlelola Dotspen?

A video on our website, can provide training and the way how to use.

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