Amanda and her friends discover a boat run aground in the secluded bayou, thinking they found the ideal party spot. Unknown to them the boat is home to Cutter.
Daniel R. Barker
United Kingdom
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About Cutter

Tagline - 'Some Scars Never Heal'

Blood! Guts! Girls! ...and rabbits! Cutter has a bit of everything to entertain you horror lovers out there. The slasher genre has thrived, demised and revived itself during the twentieth century and continues with its formidable nature to date. Forget about the supernatural monsters, possessed children, myths and legends of things that go bump in the night. Cutter is old school horror you do not want to miss. Returning to the classic style of slasher carnage and mayhem, one real, frightening man will exact a reign of terror from the darkest reaches of the Mississippi swamps. Help us make this nightmare come true...


Artists imagining of what Cutter will look like

Cutter is a feature length American Horror, produced by London based company One Eyed Dog Films, set and to be shot in Canton, Mississippi. The film has a fantastic cast and a great production team on board and is looking for that extra bit of help and to give back to fans of the genre with some great perks.

It is the nature of horror films to portray a villain as epitomising everything that is wrong with society. Box office baddies are bloodthirsty murderers and rapists. As a rule they have generally lost sight of their humanity and are not able to comprehend the consequences of their actions. This is why Cutter stands out and goes against the grain. For the first time cinema audiences will find themselves questioning their own beliefs and principals when they are confronted by Cutter himself.



A group of young, twentysomething friends take a trip into the Deep South to get away from it all, party and have a good time. However, their plans are thwarted when they unwittingly cross paths with Cutter: a mysterious, deranged man living in the wilderness of the Mississippi swamps. Upon discovering by chance a seemingly abandoned trawler in a secluded bayou, the happy-go-lucky posse fall victim to the feral psychopath who has been living in the dilapidated boat in isolation, cut off from the world.

The film is set deep within the Canton Mississippi bayou

When the lone survivor and heroine of the piece, Amanda, is captured and kept alive by Cutter we are able to delve deeper into the mind of the serial killer and gain an insight into his past and why he has evolved into an emotionally and physically scarred homicidal maniac. It soon becomes evident that Cutter is not the only villain to fear when a bounty hunter and the local law enforcement arrive, seeking the fortune of what is hidden in the depths of Cutter's lair and proving the morals of man are ambiguous and not so black and white.

The narrative explores the psychoanalysis of abuse, comparing both our main protagonist Amanda and her adversary Cutter, clashing with the superficial gluttony of the outside world. This climaxes in a violent bloody showdown, pitting the transgressors against each other where the hunger for riches conflicts with the primal urge to survive in the hostile backwaters of civilization and humanity.Storyboard which details the events in which Cutter was kidnapped from his family before he was turned into a monstrous killer

Will good conquer the two evils or will right and wrong remain as grey and murky as the treacherous marshland...?

About Us

One Eyed Dog Films’  is an independent film company based in London with an experienced team whose vision is to make films that will inspire and excite. The company aspires to involve the best directors from around the world who specialise in the appropriate genre for the project at hand, to cast believable talent, and to involve investors who have passion for productions.

One Eyed Dog Films creates visual projects that win awards and that people love to watch. They are experts in Film, Television, Music Videos, Theatre and Advertising. The company has a number of different projects in production at the moment one that film on location all over the world one of the being Cutter.

Cutter will be produced in collaboration with EQ Films which stands for Equilibrium. Founded by film executive Paul Desira, EQ believes that all films, must have the perfect harmony between art and entertainment in order to appeal to a wide audience as possible. That there must be the perfect synergy between script, performance, music, sound and cinematography in order to make the best film possible. 

Built on the success, well respected and hugely successful Timereel documentaries brand, EQ films aims to bring you fictional stories that cause a stirring experience for the viewer.

EQ films is fiercely independent, but with a commercial aim and a broad market appeal. We help support local and international talent will focus on the skills of an actor, rather than their reputation or their box office draw. Our dream is to create iconic stories which last eternally within its chosen film genre to entertain, enthrall and amuse millions.

The Team

Aubrey Reynolds - Director

Aubrey Reynolds is a very talented and creative writer/director from Liverpool, UK. His short film, Leashed which was funded by The UK Film Council and Vision+Media and produced by Project Monkey, was screened at a number of film festivals including Grimm Up North (UK), Screamfest (USA) and Thriller! (USA) and is also in competition at Clermont Ferrand 2012.

Leashed on Vimeo

Aubrey is currently working on a feature film version of Leashed for Project Monkey Productions and will be utilizing his experience within the genre to direct Cutter for One Eyed Dog Films.

Monte Moore - Writer

For nearly 20 years Monte Moore has been a driving force in the comics, gaming and entertainment industries as an illustrator, writer and designer. His impressive client list includes top-tier companies like Lucasfilm LTD., Paramount, Sony Online, DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment and many more. 

Since turning his focus on the film industry in 2008 as a screenwriter and art director, he has sold three script options, and within the last year has had 2 additional feature films, End of the Road and Screamplay, produced from his scripts. Monte's writing can also be seen in award-winning short films such as TK421, and in any one of the half dozen books that have been published exclusively featuring his artwork.

Monte's Website:

Olga Barr - Executive Producer

Olga Barr is at the top of her vast career. Through involving herself in the film world she has made leaps and bounds on both the financial front and the creatively inspired arena.  She has directed over 25 commercials and films, produced 30 commercials and written hundreds of scripts. She has won two Cannes Silver Lions, one Cannes Bronze Lion, five Effies and three Ad&D awards.

On the film investing front, she has worked on a variety of films including Junebug and Master Harold and the Boys - these only a couple of her most recent endeavours. As noted by most, this landed Amy Adams an Oscar, as well as being a financial success for all concerned. The latter is regarded with much excitement amongst the filmic community in anticipation for its release.

List of other crew:

Svetlana Barr - Producer

Patrick Stephens - 1st AD

Scott Fort - Line Producer

Matthew Morgan - Casting Director

Sasha Barr - Assistant Art Directior

Editor - Chris Gill

SFX - Duke Cullen

Find out more about them in the gallery!

The Cast

Jason Flemyng as Cutter

Jason is a well-respected British actor and long-time fan favourite since his early work in films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Deep Rising.  Jason's roles and character breadth has continued to grow, garnering him roles in Hollywood Blockbusters such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, X-Men: First Class, Transporter 2, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and many others.

Jason is sure to bring a stunning portrayal to the complex and disturbing title role in Cutter. Despite his big name credits he is a great supporter of smaller productions bringing to them his amazing talent, presence and star quality.

Isabelle Francke as Amanda

Isabelle is a German born British and American actress and will be playing the lead female role of Amanda in Cutter. Isabelle is an up and coming, talented actress new on the scene who now has the great opportunity to work with other big acting names in the industry.

She's received  an International Baccalaureate Award, is on the UNC Deans list for academic achievement, an AP scholar and national Honor Society member.  Isabelle speaks three languages, and has been featured in a successful Post Cereals ad campaign, and is attached to star in additional upcoming feature films.

Crispian Belfrage as Able

Crispian will be playing the character Able in Cutter. He has appeared in over 25 films and has had numerous TV appearances beginning with his appearance as Lt. Harris on U.K. TV's Soldier Soldier as well as producing two films. Among his recent film appearances are The Dog Problem, The Donner Party and As Good as Dead.

List of other cast:

TBA as Terry

Marc Sivertsen as Frank

Gracie Tyrell as Summer

Alison Caroll as Michelle

TBA as Matt

TBA as Dean

TBA as Trip 

TBA as Rod

Scott Thompson as Dan

Kevin Wayne as Dink

Find out more about them in the gallery!

Cutter key-chains are one of the many rewards for supporting the campaign seen here worn by people a Comi-Con

The Campaign

This campaign is a great chance for us to involve you the audience in the making of our film, to inspire and excite you about being part of the production of Cutter.

Not only do we have some amazing opportunities to work on the film itself as one of our special prizes for contributing  you also have the chance of picking up other rewards such as props from the film or a chance to be one of the extras in Cutter's dark and scary lair.

Not only will contributing help promote the film and involve those whom it is for but it will also allow us to create an even better film. With your help and enthusiasm we will be able to create fantastic costumes and sets and the possibility for you to say "I was a part of that" as an added thank you to everyone for helping.

                   Thank you to those who have already supported the campaign!

                       Horror Kick                                                       Horror News

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                  Watch My Movie Trailer                                       A Southern Life

                           Links are in the updates so go and check them out!

The Budget

For the campaign we are looking for $500,000 to cover the gap in funding for us to be able to finally make Cutter. The money from the campaign will be used for some crucial things like equipment rental, wardrobe, location, sound stage & music. If the target is not reached the money raised will still go fully towards these aspects needed to make the film but we are counting on you to help make this happen.


Inspiration for Cutter's wardrobe comes from such dark and gothic pieces seen on the catwalk


Other Ways You Can Help

Don't forget to share the campaign with friends and help support the film.

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We thank you for supporting the project and hope you are as excited as us!

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  • $20USD

    Personal thank you + Cutter keyring + Poster

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  • $50USD

    Personal thank you + Cutter keyring + Poster + PRODUCTION STILLS

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  • $80USD

    Personal thank you + Cutter keyring + Poster + Production stills + LIMITED T-SHIRT

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  • $100USD

    Personal thank you + Cutter keyring + Poster + Production stills + Limited T-Shirt + ITEM OF CUTTER'S JEWELLERY

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  • $200USD


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  • $250USD


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  • $300USD

    YOUR NAME and IMAGE FEATURED IN THE FILM (in grocery store scene where your name and image will be featured on the shelves cereal boxes or soup cans etc)

    0 out of 20 claimed
  • $350USD

    A ONE DAY VISIT TO SET where you can take a tour and mingle with the starts of the film all day long (Mississippi ONLY, Travel not included)

    0 out of 25 claimed
  • $400USD

    BE AN EXTRA IN THE FILM (Mississippi ONLY, Travel not included)

    1 out of 100 claimed
  • $500USD

    BE AN EXTRA IN CUTTER'S LAIR where you will play one of Cutters bloodied up victims (Mississippi ONLY, Travel not included)

    0 out of 10 claimed
  • $1,000USD

    CUTTER'S KNIFE PROP (Must be 16 or over)

    1 out of 2 claimed
  • $2,000USD

    1 WEEK INTERNSHIP ON SET where you will get experience as an ASSISTANT PRODUCER credited (Mississippi ONLY, Travel not included)

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • $4,000USD

    1 MONTH INTERNSHIP ON SET where you will gain experience as an ASSISTANT PRODUCER credited (Mississippi ONLY, Travel not included)

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • $6,000USD

    LIMITED RING PROP FROM THE FILM as seen in the poster which is a piece of valuable and crucial memorabilia within the film.

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • $10,000USD


    0 out of 1 claimed
  • $15,000USD

    WRAP PARTY TICKETS + 1 GUEST where you can spend the night socialising with the starts of the film (Mississippi ONLY, Travel not included)

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • $20,000USD

    PREMIERE TICKETS + 1 GUEST where you can spend the night feeling like a star and getting the A-list treatment (London, Mississippi, New York)(10 Tickets Available for each location, Travel not included)

    0 out of 30 claimed
  • $35,000USD
    Serial Killer

    WRAP PARTY and PREMIERE TICKETS + 1 GUEST where you can mingle with the starts of the film and receive the A-list treatment (London, Mississippi, New York)(5 Available for each location, Travel not included)

    0 out of 15 claimed
  • $50,000USD

    Wrap Party + Premiere Tickets+ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER CREDIT + 1 GUEST where you can mingle with the starts of the film and receive the A-list treatment and be credited as Executive producer for the film (London, Mississippi, New York, Travel not included)

    0 out of 5 claimed
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