CUT: a live-action-animation hybrid

"CUT" is a live-action/animation hybrid short film by Rebecca Atkins, a senior at Regent University. This is Rebecca's final project before graduation.


"CUT" is a short film by Rebecca Atkins, a senior at Regent University. The film tells the story of Peter, a comic book artist who's about to get his big break. A publisher gives him the opportunity of a lifetime, but before this dream can be made a reality, he must cut his story down a huge fraction in length. After wrestling with the script, Peter comes to the realization that he must cut out his longest-lived character, Xander. In order to break this devastating news, Peter draws himself into his comic book and enters the world he's created to find Xander. 

As you can probably tell, "CUT" is part live-action and part animation. Our team is full of hard-working and creative individuals who are enthusiastic about independent filmmaking. We are extremely excited about this project and can't wait to deliver a completely unique live-action/animation hybrid for your viewing pleasure!


What We Need & What You Get

Like any film, there are expenses in many different areas that need to be taken care of. And if you ask any film student, there are also unexpected surprises that could potentially make us go over-budget. To ensure that we are covered financially, we've budgeted the film out to a safe place! Here's a short list of some of the expenses your contribution will help with:

  • Food to keep the crew and cast alive. And coffee to keep us awake!
  • Set-Dressing & Props representing the life of an awkward comic book artist. Think of the possibilties! Lights, paper, paint, posters, other stationary, etc. 

  • Make-up and wardrobe to transform our actors into the characters inside Rebecca's head.

  • Your gifts! A portion of the money we are raising is for you! We will need to purchase DVD's, posters, and other CUT memoribilia to ensure you get your end of the bargain. 


For every minimum amount you give (listed on the right side of this page), there are certain gifts you will receive in return. The gifts are stacked, so the more you give, the more goodies you will receive lower down on the list. 

Meet the Team

There's a pretty decent chance you're wondering who you are giving your trust and money to. Here's a bit of information about the wonderful people on our team:

  • Rebecca Atkins  - Director, Co-writer, Animator 

Rebecca Atkins, Co-writer, Director, and Animator of "CUT," realized in middle school that she desperately wanted to tell stories through art and animation, and has been drawing and writing ever since. She took her first stab at making a film in 2010. She wrote, directed, produced, and drew a five-minute film in one week, just in time to enter a competition for a scholarship. The film took 3rd place and brought her to Regent University, where she has been studying Cinema-Television for the last three years. She is ecstatic to finally have the chance to tell her second story, this time with more resources, and the help of a wonderful and talented cast and crew. She hopes this will be the first of many films where she will strive to test the boundaries of animation in storytelling.

  • Chelsea Motherwell - Producer

Chelsea Motherwell, the Producer of "CUT," is a junior majoring in Cinema-Television at Regent University. She was born and raised in sunny South Florida, but is currently enjoying her residence in Virginia Beach, as well as being a Resident Assistant on Regent's campus. Her passion for movies began at a very young age, more than likely sparked by the tyrannosaurus rex at the end of Spielberg's Jurassic Park. This passion later turned into an obsession with editing silly youtube videos late into the night, and later in young adulthood, despite her mother's dismay, became her official career choice. Her favorite project to date was being Location Manager for the Last Bison's "Switzerland" music video. She is excited to see where God leads her in this field and gives all glory to Him.

  • Adrian Isai Garcia - Actor, Co-writer

Adrian Isai Garcia, Co-Writer of "CUT," portrays the part of ‘Peter’, the awkward comic book artist. Adrian is also an awkward artist whose interests range from everything from filmmaking to songwriting to watercolors. He is a senior Cinema-Television major at Regent University. During boring classes he writes scripts. He co-founded local Virginia Beach Band, Owls & Otters, with Rebecca Atkins. At age six he decided that his favorite color was "Batman Blue" and that he wanted to be an Actor. Neither of those have changed.

  • Adam T. Sandin - Actor

Adam T. Sandin, who plays the voice of 'Xander' in "CUT," has worked as a voice actor at Studio Center Total Production since October 2007. In that time, he's voiced advertisements for companies such as Cranium and Google, and merchandise such as Ice Age: The DVD Game. He's currently getting his Bachelor's degree in graphic design and working as a Resident Assistant at The Art Institute of Virginia Beach, and is planning on pursuing a career in book illustration. All thanks goes to God, his family, and his friends.

  • Sarah-Rose Reyes - 1st Assistant Director

Sarah-Rose Reyes, 1st Assistant Director of "CUT," and roommate of Rebecca Atkins, is currently in her junior year of college. Originally from Southern California, she has moved to the East Coast to pursue an education in Film. She spends most of her time on set, or working on upcoming films with her friends. She is excited to be a part of the “CUT” team. For the past three years she has lived with Rebecca Atkins. Together they have lived through early call times, late nights, finals, and the occasional burned dinner. They have also worked on many student films together, usually when Sarah-Rose is working on Production Design and is in need of Becca’s artistic expertise.

Other Ways You Can Help

Our team completely understands that money can be tight! Hence, us launching this fundraiser for "CUT." If you are unable to help us financially, there are so many other ways you can help us out! Chances are, you're using a few different social networking sites these days (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) You can help this project by sharing this page with your friends! You may not be able to give, but there may be someone else in your life who can. 

THANK YOU all so much for your love and suppot of this film! We simply couldn't do it without you!


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