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Open-source, low-cost and low-power automation hardware and software
Sylwester Sosnowski
2 Team Members

Cumulus - The customizable low-cost home automation solution

Update: I am happy to say that we made great progress in hardware and software! Let's make this project successful!

The Cumulus is an exciting new project. It will make your home a smart home. You place one receiver in your home which receives all information from wireless, low power sensors.

So you can always check things like the temperature of your room, temperature of your fridge, see if your washing machine is done, if the light is still on, turn your lights on and off and a lot more - it's a question of your imagination! 

This is a great alternative to known exisiting closed-source solutions like SmartHome® or INSTEON®. Because this system open source, low-cost and extendable by Firmware and Software. A basic system of SmartHome® is around 500 EUR. This system would be around 100 EUR while doing the same thing.

About Me

My name is Sylwester Sosnowski and I am a enthusiastic tinkerer and I love to work on open projects. I'm working now for 12 years with open source hard- and software projects and have been building electronic circuits since I was at the age of 6. Now, after using other open source projects, I want to contribute something to the open source community.

The project's components:

Base Station

The Base Station is where all information comes together. It's an addon board for the RaspberryPi, which attaches to the Extension Connector. It contains a Nordic nRF24xxx 2.4GHz low-power transceiver.

Sensor Node(s)

This is V1 of the sensor node - V2 is even smaller and in production!

The Sensor Node is a expandable, multiple purpose sensor board, which contains an AVR ATMega328P (Arduino uses this too!) low-power micro controller and a nRF24xxx 2.4GHz low power wireless transceiver.

It provides I2C and GPIOs to attach sensors like Alarm Sensors, Moisture Sensors, Temperature sensors and many many more. The Node can be programmed using the Arduino IDE or C/C++.

What we want to achieve:

We want to build a low-cost, open source wireless data acquisition platform for anyone. The goal is to produce as many as possible boards, to get the cost as low as €5 per Node and €1 per RaspberryPi Expansion Board. We can only do that, if we get enough support from you!

The final goal for the nodes is: dropping the power usage to minimum, so the node can run 2 years on 2 x AA 1.5V Batteries - Doesn't that sound exciting?

What can you do with it?

  • Build wirelessly controlled projects
  • Set up a wireless sensor monitoring network
  • Build a simple alarm notification system
  • Build a remote DSLR controller
  • Play around with wireless systems
  • And a lot more..

Project Status

The initial prototypes are ready and working. We have manufactured the first prototypes and we are able to communicate between the nodes.

We are also working on a user-friendly web-based interface for controlling everything, which is based on heimcontrol.js - It also includes an Android App!

Debug Information during the development process :)

Shipping Info: Please add ca. €5 for Shipping in Germany. For other countries, please ask.

What your donations will be used for:

  1. Cover the Printed Circuit Board costs / Circuit Board order
  2. Order parts for all prototypes and provide boards
  3. Evaluate different versions of the RF Transceivers
  4. Finally add more features to the boards

Technical Specifications:

- Radio Transceiver: Nordic nRF24L01+
- ATMega328P (although we are evaluating MSP430 as nodes)
- 3.0V Node Power Supply (ca. 25mA power consumption on transmission)
1.12x1.24 inch (28.57x31.45 mm) Node Board size

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raised in 2 months
124% funded
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€1,500 EUR goal
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Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on April 6, 2014
Select a Perk
  • €1EUR
    Everything counts

    Every donation counts to make this project successful

    0 claimed
  • €10EUR

    Get an adapter board for your Raspberry Pi

    0 out of 100 claimed
  • €15EUR
    Bare Sensor Node

    Get a bare sensor board v2 without components.

    1 out of 40 claimed
  • €20EUR
    Basic 2

    Get an adapter board for your Raspberry Pi and a node base board (no components).

    2 out of 100 claimed
  • €25EUR
    Preassembled Node

    Get a preassembled Cumulus Sensor Node v1

    2 out of 20 claimed
  • €42EUR
    Starter Kit

    Get a kit containing all parts to assemble your own base-station pcb and a node.

    1 claimed
  • €120EUR
    Hacker Kit

    Get a kit containing all parts to assemble a Raspberry-Pi Adapter board and get 4 sensor boards.

    3 claimed
  • €160EUR
    Tinkerer Kit

    Get a ready assembled package containing the RaspberryPi-Adapter + 4 Sensor Nodes.

    3 out of 10 claimed
  • €300EUR
    Big Supporter Package

    Get a ready assembled package containing the RaspberryPi-Adapter + 4 ready to go Sensor Nodes + some spare boards! Also help us getting the board order running.

    2 out of 10 claimed
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