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Culturebot is launching its Citizen Critic Project at Seattle's On The Boards in March continuing into 2013 & beyond. Help us reboot the arts operating system!

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CULTUREBOT, your online resource for contemporary performance since 2003, is launching our biggest initiative yet and we need YOU to help us reboot the operating system!

The arts in America are in crisis. Large, unsustainable institutions consume too many resources while artists and smaller organizations struggle just to get by. At the same time, there is a crisis in criticism as mainstream reviewers fade into memory and the establishment resists the rise of the citizen critic: the passionate, informed, educated “amateur” who is in the trenches daily, advocating for the art and fostering meaningful conversations beyond “thumbs-up/thumbs-down” reviews. In other words: YOU.

THE CITIZEN CRITIC PROJECT is a new initiative that involves public conversations, collaborative performances, and embedded criticism – all integrated with and shared on Culturebot’s website. We are creating a platform to bring artists, audiences and citizen critics together – in real life and on the web – to provoke conversation, encourage dialogue, and engage new audiences. 

We’re launching two events this spring to kick this project into gear, and we need your contribution—as artists, audiences, citizen critics and supporters of the arts.



THE CITIZEN CRITIC PROJECT will kick off with Culturebot’s “Everyone’s A Critic” performance event on March 7, 2013 at On The Boards in Seattle, and will continue at The Fusebox Festival in Austin, Texas in April, 2013. The project will continue unfolding throughout the next year with a new year-long project being developed with The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn called CCCP (The Culturebot Congress of Contemporary Performance) and will include public convenings, performances and new, special writing initiatives.

Since Culturebot launched 9 years ago, we have been a completely volunteer effort with no outside funding. We have interviewed hundreds of artists and art workers, and covered just as many performances, events and scenes, often giving emerging artists their first coverage. We’ve broken news stories, sparked controversy, built knowledge and awareness while bringing people together. Now we’re expanding, ready to build a way to share knowledge and resources, fostering national – even international – conversations about the issues that are important to our community. We are using the wisdom of the crowd to devise new models for collaboration and cultural production, putting the power to control the conversation back into artists’ hands.

THE CITIZEN CRITIC PROJECT needs resources to support:

  • Artist fees for writers, performers and production team
  • Development space for workshop and rehearsals
  • Travel and accommodation for the collaborative team
  • Equipment (hardware, video & audio software, etc.)
  • Web Development/Site Design & Build


  • $1500 will cover video and audio editing for the performance event or one year of web hosting on a dedicated web server
  • $3000 will cover the fees, travel and accommodations in Seattle for ONE of our six Team Members or basic production costs for 6 public gatherings
  • $5000 will cover hardware and software to support basic multimedia content development or the first phase of essential site upgrades

THE CITIZEN CRITIC PROJECT is not just a single project: it is a launching pad for Culturebot’s future. Your support is not just about getting us to Seattle for “Everyone’s A Critic”, it is about helping Culturebot grow to develop the practices, tools and technology to continue serving artists, audiences, citizen critics and the performing arts ecology at large.*



THE CITIZEN CRITIC PROJECT is about bringing passionate, creative people together to change the way the arts are valued in our society by changing the way they are written about and discussed; the way they are funded, produced, framed and shared with our communities. This is about creating a shared platform to promote creativity & the arts as a way of life, as a system for engaging in public discourse on the major issues, ideas and direction of our times.

For the past nine years we have been making this happen in NYC and we continue to expand both nationally and internationally. The demand for what we do has far outstripped our capacity to do it. The time is now. With your support we can make a difference - your participation is essential as we come together to create change.

To be honest, the actual amount of funding we need to make this happen is in the neighborhood of $50K+. We’re hoping to raise $10K just to get the ball rolling, bring people together and demonstrate what is possible. If this is a success, we know we will find other forms of support that are currently beyond our reach. Suggested giving levels are listed but larger gifts are gratefully accepted, perks to be determined from producer credit to naming rights to sections of the website. Seriously.


Even $10 will help, but if financial support isn't possible at this time there are other things you can do:

  • SPREAD THE WORD! Whether you can give money or not, help us spread the word of this campaign to all your friends and acquaintances far and wide: artists, writers, arts lovers, everybody! Use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • VOLUNTEER your time and skills. We need people with web design skills, particularly WordPress and social media. We need administrative support as the logistics of managing the organization become daunting, we need strategic advice from business people to help develop our strategy. Join our team and be a part of building the change.
  • IN-KIND DONATIONS: Do you have equipment you don't use? Space you can donate? Airline miles? Unused gift cards? Software licenses? Country estates where we can retreat to write and plan? We'll be glad to figure out how to use whatever you can donate.
  • NETWORKING: Do you know people who should know about us? Funders, universities, festivals, presenting institutions - anywhere that would be interested in or value the work that we do? Do you know business people or start-up people who could advise us on planning or getting access to capital? Introduce us!

The world is changing and now is the time to come together and redesign the operating system for the arts. Whatever way you join us, through financial support, volunteering or networking, we are grateful. Together we will make this happen.

*Here's the perk breakdown, based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs:

  • up to $50: listing on website supporter section with link
  • $51 - $100: One of three titles from 53rd State Press
  • $101 - $250: One Year Streaming Subscription to OTB TV
  • $251 - 500: One of three titles from 53rd State Press + Culturebot T-Shirt (see photo gallery)
  • $501 - $1000: A Night Out with A Culturebot
  • $1001 - $1500: Special VIP event with Culturebots + Friends
  • 1501+ : Please Ask! Naming Rights available!

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