More than a better cookbook... a better way to cook.

Join us in revolutionizing home cooking, making farm to table a reality for you.


Share, learn and grow with your friends and family with help from the world’s leading chefs. We’re making home cooking a community building experience once again - giving you the instruction and resources to make you the top chef.


At Culination, we’re building an interactive platform that allows even a novice to become an accomplished chef by interacting with cooking superstars from around the world. Via a library of instructive content and supportive online and offline community, we'll make you into a world class chef. 
The first version of Culination is built - now we're rallying you, our first community of "Culinators", to help us create a library of lessons on Culination. You'll be the first invited on and tell us what new features you want to see.

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Why are we raising funds?

We’re building the world’s largest library of cooking lessons, starting with signature recipes from leading chefs and inviting all Culinators to build your own. As our Pioneering Culinators, you will shape the future of truly sustainable home cooking. Your funds will go to the following:

  • Lesson Production: 42%
  • Lesson Post-Production: 21%
  • Miscellaneous Costs: 7%
  • Reward Costs: 12%
  • Charity Donations: 10%
  • Fees: 8%

All Culinators are united by three strong values: community, education and sustainability. We strive to live our values both on and offline, so we have partnered with the following organizations to perpetuate healthy communities around the world:

FoodCorps FoodCorps


Along with lifetime access to Culination, reward yourself or a loved one (like your mom) with a personalized Culination chopping board.
Or one of the fantastic rewards offered by our taste experts. For those ready to shine, create a lesson with Culination with the Chef Patron reward.


To encourage a true sense of connection through Culination, we’ve also created a request tool. This allows Culinators to directly ask taste experts for new recipes, tips and tricks of the trade or for any other lessons the community wants to see on the platform.

Thank you for helping us build this culinary revolution. We’re excited to have you learn, cook and eat with us for years to come.

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