Cubes and Zombies

Cubes and Zombies is a Fantasy Zombie Survival RPG game where you must protect crystal in middle of map and survive zombies as long as possible.
Matej Soják
Banská Bystrica
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Game is now on Steam Greenlight. Give me a THUMBS UP to help my game get on Steam!

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Matej Soják. I am 23 years old and I love video games. Games have been in my life from my early days. Back then, each game was unique and every game developer tried to create something new, to invent new game mechanisms, but today I just see FPS and games without any innovating ideas. So I want to introduce to you my game - Cubes and Zombies.


About the game:

Cubes and Zombies is a Fantasy Zombie Survival RPG game where you must protect a crystal in middle of the map and survive zombies attacks. As in any RPG, you keep leveling up, assigning stat points for strength, agility, intellect and develop your character by perks/traits/talents. Day and night have different tasks: during the day, the player tries to collect enough food to survive and some resources to prepare for the night when he must fight with the zombies. The player can build ramparts, watch towers, and so forth, to protect both the crystal and himself. Because I love cubes and randomness, you can expect randomly generated items and, most important, a changing world. I am not talking about a procedurally generated world like many games on the market but about something very, very different and, I believe, absolutely unique.

The World is constantly changing:

In the game we have one large central cube with crystal that the player tries to protect. Around this big cube are small cubes that are randomly generated. Each side of the cube has a randomly generated terrain with randomly generated trees, flowers, rocks, and so forth, on them. These cubes are ROTATING over time. This element have huge impact to game play. For example, when grassland is on most of cubes, the player has lots of food and resources to prepare for night. On the other hand, when most of the terrain is desert, food is very rare and the player must discover different ways to prepare and survive.


To see how the world cube is generated and rotated, click here.


What is done and will be done until and after release:


- camera and player controll

- randomly generated items

- inventory and equipment

- player stats

- world cubes generation and rotation


What will be done before beta and release:

- enemy AI

- function for build

- perks

- classes


Plans after release:

- dungeons

- crafting

- event "quests"

- bug fixes

- more code optimalization

- I will listen voice of community for and more content ideas

- and much much more


I dont know when but I will add multiplayer to this game. After release you can expect free content patches.


Why do I need money?

I will love to work on this project as a full time job so that I can have the time to improve the game even further.

I believe this game deserves your attention.

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