Cuba - A Musical Tour

To capture Cuba's finest music, and put it back in the hands of the musicians for THEM to sell.


Four of us (three audio engineers and a cinematographer) will be travelling to Cuba on Dec. 5 for eighteen days.  We have prearranged recording sessions with some of the best undiscovered talent the country has to offer. This is an incredible opportunity to capture some of Cuba's finest music in it's most authentic form.  These groups will reflect the distinct musical styles of the various regions they were recorded in.  This will be the first time that most of these musicians will get to hear themselves on a recording, and we're thrilled to be able to share the entire process with you.  We're taking a Nagra VI recorder, and small arsenal of Neumann microphones to ensure the sonic integrity of these recordings.  Once we've assembled the final product, we will put it back in the hands of the musicians to sell, and use as promotional material to book to performances and tours throughout Cuba, and the rest of Latin America.

What We Need & What You Get

We need you to help us get there, and survive while we work on the project!  Here's a breakdown of the funds:

  • $4300 for transportation
  • $3000 for food and accommodations
  • $1000 for equipment rentals
  • $900 to pay the folks at Indiegogo
  • $800 for strings, reeds, percussion instruments etc.

Check out an example of the live session video in the Gallery at the top of the page ^^^^

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute, but believe in what we are trying to do, please spread the word!  Indiegogo has some great share tools built right in.  Your help is SO greatly appreciated!

Example of session videos from our perks section

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