Cu Chi Compassionate Home

The Cu Chi Compassionate Home gives stability, sustenance, and education to street children in Vietnam. Help us to support the facility for a year.


The Project

Cu Chi is a district in Vietnam near the Cambodian border. Many of the adults in Cu Chi return after failed attempts at lives in Cambodia. Thus, the area is known to many as "foreigners land." 

The Cu Chi Compassionate Home is a daycare facility for the poorest of the poor children in Cu Chi. Each day co Tu, the nun who runs the facility, goes into the city and rounds up “street children.” These are often the children of street peddlers. They are not in school, lack adult supervision, and are often left to fend for themselves while their parents work. Co Tu brings the children to the Cu Chi Compassionate Home where she provides them with two meals and basic reading and writing classes. Co Tu and the other nuns who run the school often go without food themselves in order to feed the children. These nuns serve as moms, dads, grandparents, counselors, and teachers to these children.

Your money will go to funding the Cu Chi Compassionate Home for one year. Each day, the children will recieve two meals, transportation to the faciiity, and lessons in reading and writing. It will cost about $6000 to fund the facility for one year. Additionally, it will cost about $500 to launch the campaign and mail gifts to donors. Even if we do not make our goal, all proceeds will go to the Cu Chi Compassionate Home. If we exceed our goal, we will fund the facility for as long as possible. 

Who We Are:

Children of Peace International (COPI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in Vietnam. We do this through providing education, healthcare, and life skills training. COPI currently supports 18 orphanages, two schools, four hospitals, three clinics, and over 7200 children in Vietnam.

In August 2011, a COPI medical team visited the Cu Chi Compassionate Home for the first time. 

The Impact

This is a life saving project. Children are not only protected from the dangers of the streets but are provided a loving and nurturing environment. We are not only providing a safe haven for the children but also empowering them through literacy. Please join us in this campaign.


Ways You Can Help

  • Contribute what you can. Any amount helps and will be appreciated!
  • Spread the word! Tell people about our project and find out more about us at childrenofpeace.org

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