CRUX - Techtile USB Storage Pouch

A personal USB library that brings greater ease and convenience to the storage, usage and management of multiple USB thumbdrives


CRUX is a personal USB library that brings greater ease and convenience to the storage, usage and management of multiple USB thumbdrives. It integrates the functionality of a multi-USB hub with the charm of craft and fabric to bring you a techtile solution. 

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"Awesome USB storage pouch - say goodbye to missing thumbdrives!"Stereo Electronics Singapore 

"The CRUX solves the problem!" - Culturepush

"It integrates the functionality of a multi-USB hub with the charm of craft and fabric to bring you a techtile solution." - Materialicious

"Why abuse a device that house such important data. CRUX will reverse it!" - Design Sojourn

"Selected Top 5 gadgets of the week" - GadgetFlow

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CRUX - Techtile Pouch


USB thumbdrive acts as a vital mid-term data storage solution. It is an intermediate medium for the transfer of information that is pivotal in allowing numerous communications, sharing as well as electronic processes to take place smoothly. Therefore, it is not uncommon to spot users who own several USB thumbdrives that cater towards their individual works and habits.

By merging the charm of fabric with simple technology, we aim to offer executives and students a personal lifestyle pouch that integrates their multiple USB thumbdrives, offering quick access to all the content in a single bundle.


How Does CRUX Work

After plugging in your USB thumbdrives into CRUX, access to all your storage content is reduced to a simple step of sliding the attached USB cable into your computer. 

A simple button buckle makes it easy for you to secure and retrieve your thumbdrive when any adjustment is required.


What CRUX Allows


Organisation of multiple USB thumbdrives for quick locating  


Contains and protects the thumbdrive from shock and damage

3Content Acessiblity

Simultaneous access to content in multiple USB thumbdrives in a single plug in


Without CRUX


  • Limited number of USB ports
  • Unsuitable storage options
  • Misplacement & Locating
  • Clutter & Lack organisation

Alternative Use


With so many electronic devices fighting for your computer's USB ports, CRUX can also be your solution to this headache. Compatible with any of your USB-enabled devices, you can plug in your mouse receiver, Wifi dongle or phone chargers to ease the USB crunch.




Minimalist Design

Easy Use

Compact Size




With an exterior surface that is lined with suede, Crux looks elegant and feels nice to the touch. It comes in three colors of Mocha Brown, Midnight Blue and Scarlet Red to suit individual preferences.

Its interior is made of neoprene, a material that is often used for applications ranging from diving wetsuits to laptop sleeves. This material resists degradation more than natural rubber, offering durability of use. In addition, its flexibility and softness also makes it ideal to accommodate and safely cushion thumbdrives of varying shapes and sizes.

A leather strap is used to hold the USB cable, enabling easy access by allowing your thumb to slide it out quickly from the side of CRUX.


Product Developlements




We have tested and experimented extensively with varying types of materials to deliver the most beautiful and durable product for you. Prototypes are also tested repeatedly and put through daily use.

Materials & Manufacturing

We have fabric suppliers on hand that are able to offer bulk quantity of the specific fabric and materials required for manufacturing. We will also be partnering an established local craft and bag initiative that is capable of manufacturing CRUX with high level of quality according to the specifications.




CRUX $25 








Personalisation Details


Projected Schedule

This is our intended scheudule to prepare shipment by June.

April: Final refinement of product details

May: Finalise manufacturing details and material procurement

End May: Begin production of CRUX

June: Ship out CRUX


Your Contribution


As we continue to refine the final details of CRUX to make it even better for you, we are also gearing up towards making this product a reality. Your contribution will be the final push towards paying for the cost of material, manufacturing, packaging and shipping of our first production run.  


The Team


We are a group of young industrial designers that comprises of Eason, Elyn and Yee Jek. We embarked on this design with a simple goal to make the everyday a little more convenient and a little better. And now we will be pleased to make it a reality for you with your help.



What is the size of CRUX?

Crux measure Length 9cm, Width 6cm and Thickness 2.2cm.
That is approximately the length and width of a credit card.

What are the sizes of USB thumbdrives that can fit into CRUX?

CRUX can fit any thumbdrive that up to 6cm long.
Most popular brands currently stock thumbdrives design that are no longer than 5cm.

What are the shipping charges?

Local shipping in Singapore will be free.
For international shipping, kindly add an additional $10.

How do I indicate my choice of color and choice of words for the personalization of CRUX?

We will be emailing all our contributors nearing the end of our campaign to verify the details. So do watch out for our updates!


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