CrossOver: Alaskan Sci-Fi Fantasy

Filmed in Alaska, CrossOver chronicles first contact between two civilizations, one mystical, the other technological.
Shawn Weixelman
Fairbanks, Alaska
United States
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CrossOver chronicles first contact between two civilizations, one mystical, the other technological.


It is based on a comic book I wrote, illustrated, and self published in 2007 for sale in bookstores and comic shops in my home town of Fairbanks Alaska.



I've written a screenplay adaptation, and I'm now working with a team of 24 actors and filmmakers to create a pilot episode, with which we can pitch a full series.





We can make CrossOver on any budget, but the more we raise, the better it will be!



The story takes place on an alien world. Humans were brought here from Earth during the Dark Ages by the planet's native inhabitants, called the "Masters".

Here they joined other races from all across the galaxy, and were taught to bend reality to their will. As the Masters dwindled, their power faded, and when the last Master died the planet's rotation slowed to a halt, leaving one half always in daylight, the other in darkness.

On the Dayside oceans boiled and forests burned. The other races fled toward the border or moved underground, but by studying the wisdom of the Masters, Men built a grand civilization in an oasis under the sun.

On the Nightside forests withered and oceans froze. None survived, and it came to be thought of as the "Underside" of the world. Back on Earth, humans developed technology as powerful as any magic, and built ships that could cross the stars.

One such vessel, a penal colony transport, crash landed on the Nightside, and the convict laborers built a mighty metropolis in the shadow of the world.

Our story begins when these two cultures meet for the first time in the borderlands between Night and Day.



I wrote the screenplay with specific Alaskan locations in mind. Much of the pilot can be filmed in Fairbanks, in Alaska's interior. We have arranged to film in the Museum of the North, and the Georgeson Botanical Gardens.

The road North leads to the arctic circle and Eagle Summit, where we'll film the prologue. These tall treeless mountains are often shrouded in fast moving clouds, and provide an eerie and alien landscape.

To the West lie the 25 miles of sand dunes. We can film the dunes to make it look like they stretch on forever, and the forest is just an oasis.

To the South the Harding Icefield stretches over 300 square miles, spawning 40 glaciers, including Grewingk Glacier, across the bay from the town of Homer.

This will be our longest location shoot, a week of camping and hiking along the coast and up into the mountains.



We've completed 100% of the 3D models we'll need to create the pilot.

Aircraft figure prominently in the plot of CrossOver, and there are many shapes and sizes.

This solar collector (bottom right) was built on the border soon after the crash landing, but abandoned after repeated attacks by a deadly and mysterious race called "Sylph" who live along the border.

We have both a latex suit for close-ups (left) and an army of digital doubles for wide shots (right).

This is just one of many props and costumes we've  completed.

This laser gun was fabricated with our 3D printer.

These arrowheads (bottom) each have a special function, and will be indicated by different colored fletching. The key (center) opens a portal from the Dayside to the Border.


Your money will go toward...

  • We have Alaska. We need to get out into it. The dunes are only accessible by air. All other destinations by road or water taxi. Our budget calls for 6 hotel rooms and a lot of camping gear.
  • We have cameramen, gaffers, grips, and audio techs, all with basic equipment. We need to rent the fancy stuff.
  • We have a costume shop and a costume designer. We need fabric and thread.
  • We have a 3D printer for props. We need raw plastic.
  • We have a smith. We need metal and leather.
  • We have stomachs. They need food. We've budgeted for camping food, delivery, and enough coffee to drink all day long the entire shoot.

In Return...

  • You'll receive the one hour pilot episode.
  • 64 full color pages of artwork compiled from hundreds of concept sketches, test renders, screenshots and photo composites, as well as two comic books from the CrossOver universe.
  • The Special Edition DVD: The HD pilot episode, tons of extras, and the short film “Frozen” another part of the CrossOver universe.
  • Producer credit, an original piece of concept art, a poster, and all items signed.
  • A trip to Alaska! We'll buy your ticket from anywhere in the USA, Canada, or Europe, and take you out into the wilderness. It won't be luxury, but it will be an adventure! Plus all items will be signed by the cast and crew.

*Update! We've added the original soundtrack to fill the $3 and $20 spots!

 *Update! We've added postcards to our perks to fill the $10 and $50 spots. Here are the six pieces of concept art featured:



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  • $1USD
    CrossOver - First Episode

    1 hour pilot episode (digital download).

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    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $5USD
    CrossOver Theme Music

    Main theme from the original sound track composed by Andrew Scott Bell. (Digital Download)

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  • $10USD
    Postcard with Concept Art

    One of six location concepts (random) on a 5x7 postcard, signed by series creator Shawn Weixelman.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $20USD
    CrossOver Original Sound Track

    The entire original score composed by Andrew Scott Bell. (Digital Download)

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $25USD
    The Art of CrossOver Book

    Concept art, photos, 3D renderings, and two comic books! 64 full color pages!

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $50USD
    Postcard set of 6

    All six location concepts (one free!) on 5x7 postcards, signed by series creator Shawn Weixelman.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $75USD
    Special Edition DVD

    Includes "Making of" featurette, with behind the scenes footage, video journals, bloopers and outtakes, as well as the short film "Frozen".

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    Estimated delivery: December 2014
  • $1,000USD
    Producer Pack

    An original concept drawing, a 24x36 poster, all items signed, and your name in the credits.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2013
  • $15,000USD
    Executive Producer Trip

    Come watch us spend your money! We will fly you to Alaska from anywhere in the USA, Canada or Europe. You'll receive Executive Producer credit, and all items will be signed by the cast and crew.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
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